Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wincestre Mysteries and Artifacts Guide

Need to find and solve the Mysteries and Artifacts of Wincestre in AC Valhalla? Here’s the full guide to help you tick those tasks off of the list.

King Aelfred’s Saxon stronghold of Wincestre sits in the heart of Wessex within the county of Hamtunscire.

While the city itself has a suggested power of 250, Hamtunscire has a much higher power level of 340, so expect to face difficult enemies, or spend plenty of time sneaking through the streets if your power level sits anything lower than 250 or 340.

Wincestre is home to four Mysteries and five Artifacts for you to complete and find. In this guide, we detail exactly how to complete each of these Wincestre tasks.

Mysteries of Wincestre: Asser

In the south of Wincestre is a Chapel with a priest named Asser. Head inside the Chapel and the priest will be asking for a sign of illumination. If you look up at the windows opposite the priest and his scriptures, you will see two windows that have been blocked.

Go outside and climb the scaffolding to the left. You will see four moveable crates, which you need to move out of the way to unblock the windows and give Asser the sign that he seeks.

Once you’ve done this, re-enter the Chapel to hear the priest explain his meaning in life and then leave; you have now completed this Mystery in Wincestre.

Mysteries of Wincestre: Aelfred’s Jewel

To the south-east of Saint Peter’s Church, you can find a man named Cedric berating a jeweller’s home. When you speak to the man, he will claim that the jeweller is withholding an item commissioned by King Aelfred.

Once you have spoken to Cedric, go to the back of the house. You will find a wooden barricade blocking a window – shoot the barricade and enter.

Inside, you’ll find the jeweller annoyed about the finances of the deal he struck. You can either pay him 230 coins or, if you have level four charisma, you can persuade him to give you Aelfred’s jewel.

Now that you have the jewel, go back outside to either give it Cedric or keep it for yourself, completing the Aelfred’s Jewel Mystery.

Mysteries of Wincestre: Romeo and Aethelflaed

On the northern side of the Nuns Minster, you will find a big tree with some children playing underneath. The children are egging on a boy named Esobert to use the nearby building’s zipline to reach a tree branch.

You can either accomplish this heroic feat yourself or just climb the tree to reach the branch covered in ivy. Once you’re on the branch of the tree, you will see an interaction prompt: interact with it, and you’ll pick-up the flower that Esobert desires.

Next, climb down the tree and speak to the child with the dialogue box above his head to complete the mission.

Mysteries of Wincestre: Mildberg the Miracle Legs

Near the stables in the north-eastern corner of Wincestre, just outside the city walls, you can find Mildburg the Miracle Legs challenging people to a race. Speak to her and accept her challenge. She will lead you to the east, along a path to two houses shown in the screenshot on the map.

She will beat you regardless of how fast you may run, but she claims that you are the winner at the finish line. Afterwards, she gifts you with her diary of the places that she has visited around Wessex while running, completing the Mystery.

Possessing the diary will reveal the places that she’s visited on your map that were previously covered by fog.

Artifacts of Wincestre: Wincestre Bishopric Hoard Map

Location: In the south-east of Wincestre, in the same building as you find the Thegn’s Cloak.

The Bishopric Hoard Map will be in the room barricaded by a breakable wooden door on the second floor. You’ll need to shoot the lock to get the item, as shown in the screenshots below.

Solution: On the Isle of Wight, around 200 metres south-east from the lake, is a set of stones in the shape of two parentheses.

In the centre of these lies your treasure, the Seer Scheme Shields set for your Longship.

Artifacts of Wincestre: Wincestre Seminary Hoard Map

Location: South of the Old Minster is the Seminary Library: you can gain entry by smashing the stain glass window on the main building’s eastern side, on the lower roof.

Inside the Seminary Library building, you can find the Seminary Hoard Map on a table of scrolls next to the eastern wall.

Solution: At the northern border of Hamtunscire, there’s an image resembling a horse carved into the hillside – north-east of Uffentune. Near the base of the horse’s tail is a rock circle placed around the treasure.

Once collected, you will have the Seer Scheme Figurehead to use on your Longship.

Artifacts of Wincestre: Flying Paper #1

West of the Nun’s Minster viewpoint is a Flying Paper. These Artifacts reward you with a tattoo scheme once you’ve caught it by tracking its route.

This flying paper starts atop of a building’s ruins. If you approach it from the tightrope of the next building, you may be able to snatch it before it flies too far.

If you missed it here, you still have a chance to grab the Flying Paper by following the route shown and detailed below. The red ‘X’ marks the start of its route, with the yellow ‘X’ showing its destination.

Follow the aforementioned tightrope to the next building, running over the top of the wall to then jump to the building with the tiled roof.

Next, turn left, climb up to the slightly higher roof, and follow the tightrope over the ruined wall and onto the next tiled roof in front of you. The Flying Paper rests upon the protruding beam from this roof.

Artifacts of Wincestre: Flying Paper #2

On the northern side of the Witan Hall complex is a post on which this Flying Paper sits, reaching it at the end of its route will grant you a tattoo scheme to use at your settlement.

The route that the Flying Paper takes is shown and detailed below, with a red ‘X’ marking the start and a yellow ‘X’ signalling the end of the route.

To grab the Flying Paper, start on the protruding beam from the Witan Hall building and then jump onto the post that the Flying Paper starts on and run across the rope to the thatched house.

Follow the roof beam around to the left and jump to the tiled roof opposite. Next, run over the tiled roof to the wooden platform and onto the next thatched roof. From here, run straight over the wooden beam of the thatched roof, follow the tightrope, and climb up the broken stone wall.

The Flying Paper will rest just off of the protruding beam to your right. So, dive into the hay below and press grab (Y/Triangle) as you pass through the paper to collect it.

Artifacts of Wincestre: Flying Paper #3

The third Flying Paper sits on a north-facing beam at the top of the four-columned structure near the market entrance. Collecting the Flying Paper will unlock a tattoo scheme for you to use at your tattoo shop in the settlement.

Below, you can see the route that the Flying Paper takes in Wincestre, as well as details on how to pin it down and grab the Artifact. The red ‘X’ marks its start location, with its route taking it to the yellow marker.

Starting on the beam that the Flying Paper sits on, jump onto the wooded plank bridge in front of you and turn left. Turn right at the end of the bridge and then jump over the gap.

Follow the stone wall and turn right, run to the slight divot in the stonework, and on your left will be a stone column that you need to jump on. From this column, there’s a wooden plank: follow it and jump onto the column at the end, turn right, and then jump onto the next section of stonework.

Keep moving forward to reach the drop, jump onto the rope below, and follow it up to the next column. From here, there’s a rope connected to your right. About halfway across the rope, the Flying Paper will stop in the air to the right of you, just above the haystack below.

So, dive into it, pressing grab (Y/Triangle) as you pass through the Flying Paper to collect the Artifact.

Now you know where to find and how to get all of the Mysteries and Artifacts in Wincestre on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.





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