Attack on Titan Episode 76 Judgement: Episode Synopsis and What You Need to Know

The second half of the Final Season of Attack on Titan has begun! Here’s your overview of the first episode, Judgement.

The highly anticipated second half of the Final Season of Attack on Season finally returned! This last half should prove to be the most intense of the anime as the previous three and a half seasons coalesce into the final battles.

Read below for an overview of the first episode in this Final Season, episode 76: “Judgement.”

Previous episode synopsis

Hange and Floch’s group hear the sound of Thunder Spears from Zeke igniting one while being led away in a cart by Levi. A female Pure Titan arrives and transports Zeke’s mangled body in her abdomen. Meanwhile, back in Shinganshina, the Volunteers imprison the Survey Corps, who unknowingly drank wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid. They explain the mass euthanasia plan.

Eren comes across Gabi and Pieck, the latter surprisingly agreeing to help him. However, once they reach the rooftop, she reveals she was playing Eren as Porco – in his Jaw form – emerges from underground to eat Eren, only getting his legs. Eren transforms into the Attack Titan (which also includes the Founding and War Hammer), preparing for battle.

“Judgement” synopsis

The episode opened with Hange holding Levi’s lifeless body. She says Levi’s dead, but Floch asks to check himself. They’re distracted by steam emerging from the felled Female Pure Titan, which allows Hange to escape with Levi’s body through the river.

After the intro, the Survey Corps is shown underground as the Jaw protects Gabi and Pieck. Marley’s airships arrive to the position of the smoke from Eren’s transformation. Porco severs Pieck’s arm that was chained, causing her to transform into the Cart; she takes Gabi into her mouth and escapes.

The Jeagerists, led by Yelena, beg for Eren to withdraw, but he continues. His arms are covered in armor as he spots Reiner, who transforms. Eren said it must have been Reiner to convince Marley to “do something this stupid“. Eren and Reiner engage in another battle, destroying buildings all around them.

Pieck safely transports Gabi, and General Magath shows his care for her with a big hug before lecturing her. Colt shows up and asks about Falco, to which Gabi said he ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid and is being detained. Pieck said he’s being held with about 300 soldiers who also drank the fluid. Pieck says the Founding Titan’s power is the trump card. Gabi recalls Zeke saying, “Now we have both the Founding Titan and a Titan of Royal Blood.” They come to realize Zeke has royal blood.

Unlike in their past battles, Eren – using the power of his armored fists – gets the better of Reiner, even landing a stiff upkick. He then fends off the Jaw for a bit with some hardening and the spikes of the War Hammer, but was caught in Reiner’s grasp. However, he extended the War Hammer spikes to impale both foes. Suddenly, Pieck shoots Eren through the head with a big artillery shell from the cannon on her back (the mid-episode graphic was on the cannon). Yelena places her utmost faith in Eren, who is still immobile from the artillery shot, but still summons spikes to fend off the Jaw. He gets hit with another shell, but remains standing. Reiner grabs a spike and runs Eren through.

Onyakopon is shown in the dungeons as the rest of the crew ask him what’s happening. He informs them, then unlocks the cell asking for their help. Onyakopon said he didn’t know about the euthanasia plan. Armin believes him extending his hand, and Jean also gives him his approval. Armin asks Mikasa her thoughts, but she says as an Ackerman, her will isn’t her own. Armin said it’s a lie Eren came up with, but Mikasa asked why Eren would lie. Armin asks if everyone really thinks Eren wants everyone to be sterile. Armin then fights off arguments and said from the moment Yelena made the proposal, he couldn’t refuse as Eren is basically playing both sides.

Back in the battle, Eren lets out a big yell as the Marely army lays waste. The show ends with Eren yelling.

Here are some quick answers to questions you may have coming out of episode 76, “Judgement.”

Which named characters were in the episode?

The following characters appeared in “Judgement,” the first episode of the second half:

  • Hange
  • Levi
  • Floch
  • Zeke
  • Eren
  • Yelena
  • Gabi
  • Pieck
  • Onyakopon
  • Porco
  • Reiner
  • Magath
  • Conny
  • Jean
  • Armin
  • Mikasa
  • Pixis

Did any named characters die?

The only named character to die was Levi Ackerman, although it was never confirmed beyond Hange’s statement. However, many unnamed characters on both sides were killed.

Were any new named characters introduced?

While not yet named, the young girl Zeke saw in his vision that molded his body back to form will play a pivotal role throughout the rest of the season. Manga readers know exactly her importance and role she plays. However, other named characters were not introduced.

Were there any battles?

Eren fought not only Reiner one-on-one, he then had to fight Reiner and Porco two-on-one. Further, he ended the episode taking two artillery shells through the head from Pieck’s cannon, essentially marred in a three-on-one battle.

Soldiers on both sides engaged in battle with deaths on both sides, but mostly of the Jeagerists.

What is the euthanasia plan?

The plan constantly referenced by Yelena and reiterated by Onyakopon is Eren and Zeke’s master plan to end existence of Titans. Using the power of the Founding Titan (Eren) with one of Royal Blood (Zeke), they could cause the Rumbling, wiping out nearly all of humanity. Further, as Onyakopon and Armin discussed, they would seek to make all Eldians sterile so that no Titans could ever be formed.

What does the ending mean for the next episode?

Eren yelling out suggests he is recovered from the artillery shells and will reengage his battle with the three Titans. The release of the Survey Corps probably means they make their appearance on the battlefield as well.

Attack on Titan airs every Sunday. You can catch in on Crunchyroll outside of Japan for English-speaking countries around midday.

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