Attack on Titan Episode 82 Sunset: Episode Synopsis and What You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about Attack on Titan episode 82, "Sunset."

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Here’s everything you need to know about episode 82 of Attack on Titan, the seventh episode of the second half of The Final Season, “Sunset.”

Previous episode synopsis

Connie, Jean, Armin, and Mikasa had the unconscious Falco – who ate Porco, the previous Jaw Titan – as they discussed what to do next with the Rumbling happening around them. Connie took Falco to feed to his mom in Ragako Village before the others could stop him. The others get separated as Pure Titans (transformed by Zeke) attack.

Meanwhile Jean led the surviving members as they killed the Pure Titans – many of whom were their comrades. Armin, Mikasa, and Jean saw Pyxis as a Titan, had an emotional moment, then Armin killed Titan Pyxis after thanking him for all he’s done.

Gabi found shelter for Reiner, then saved Kaya from a Titan. She proceeded with the Braus family and then asked Armin and Mikasa to just hand back Falco and they’ll leave. They informed her of Connie’s plan, which crushed Gabi. She implored them to stop Connie. Gabi mentioned Reiner’s hardening being undone, which triggered Armin’s memory and a reveal that Annie Leonhart was no longer encased in her hardened crystal.

“Sunset” synopsis

Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.

The episode opens in Trost with Hitch and other soldiers helping an old woman from the wreckage of her home. In a shelter as she’s treating the woman, the woman says her home was destroyed by Eren Jeager. Other survivors argue over whether to blame Eren or think of the deaths as noble sacrifices for the good of all Eldians. Hitch thinks it can get out of hand so she goes to get riot gear for everyone. As she heads back, she realizes wet footprints coming from the basement.

She follows the footprints to a room, fully aware of what could await her. Annie grabs her from behind, but Hitch uses a judo throw to toss Annie to the ground and pin her. She notes that Annie is so weak, Hitch thought she was a grandma. Unfortunately, Annie already cut herself and told Hitch she has to do what she wants or she’ll turn into a Titan at any moment. Hitch said Annie’s too weak, but Annie said they won’t know until they try.

The opening credits play.

In the stables, Annie credits Hitch for her quick thinking in getting them out unseen. As they ride on horseback through Trost, Hitch asks Annie what it feels like to trample all those lives beneath their feet. Annie responds they were praised for killing enemies. She notes they were taught to kill anyone, combatant or civilian, beyond the border to “atone for the sins of us Eldians and to save the world.” Hitch asks if those lives were just minor sacrifices, but Annie said she never card about saving the world.

Mr. Leonhart finding the abandoned baby Annie (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Annie then recounts her life story to Hitch after having to listen to Hitch for four years. She was abandoned as a baby, her mother having had an affair with an Eldian, and was raised by her adopted father Mr. Leonhart. Apparently, the Eldian who came to Marley from overseas has a similar background to Annie in this regard.

They play scenes of her strict and tough training under her father to “beat the martial arts of his homeland into me,” which was shown in previous seasons, and her finally growing strong enough to defeat him. She said she made it so that “he’d never be able to walk straight again.” However, instead of despair, her father “rejoiced” and said now she can kill her enemies unarmed.

Annie promises her adopted father she’ll return home (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Annie says this led to a feeling that nothing mattered and life didn’t matter, including her own. That all changed the day before she left for Paradis as her father, on his knees, apologized to Annie and asked for forgiveness. He also implored her to return home, which caused the usually stoic Annie to shed tears and make the promise to her father. She says everyone has someone important to them and even though she’s committed irredeemable sins, she wants to return to her father.

The mid-episode infographic was on the Rumbling.

In Marley, Eldians in an internment zone are shown pleading with the guards to believe them about the coming Rumbling. Mr. Leonhart is shown at the head of the group, emphatically denying any accusations of conspiracy as he surmises Eldians all over the world are saying the same thing. The guards charge all Eldians with conspiracy and force them to their knees, but Mr. Leonhart fights back. The screen goes black with a gunshot as Shinganshina is shown.

Surma and others are bandaging up Keith Shadis, but Surma informs everyone that the Jeagerists have taken over. Shadis says he’s too old to live in the mountains away from society and will take what’s coming. He tells those with him to blend in and follow, but that there will be a time when they need to stand up and fight and until then, “don’t ever lose sight of who you are.”

Mikasa is shown imploring Armin to stay since he won’t make it to Ragako in time to stop Connie. She asks what he’s even going to do once he catches up with Connie. Armin says he’ll tell Connie not to turn his mom back and that he has to show Connie everything he can through action. He says he needs Gabi to trust them since she’s their best bet to negotiate with Reiner and the Cart Titan (Pieck). Armin adds the issue of inheriting the Nine Titans isn’t going away and in the worst case, they’ll just repeat the last two thousand years of conflict.

Mikasa asks what she should do, and Armin says to help Jean and to think for herself. She asks what about Eren, which triggers Armin as he erupts, saying he doesn’t know. Hange and Levi could be dead, Floch might turn his ire to them, Annie is back, the chain of command is broken, and Historia could be in danger, he adds. He says Eren is a lost cause and even Mikasa should know that much. She says sorry, then Armin says Commander Erwin wouldn’t have snapped at Mikasa like that. He walks away saying the answer is clear: Erwin Smith should have been the one to survive, not him.

Gabi and Kaya hugging before Gabi departs (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Nicolo is shown readying a horse for Gabi as the Braus family tries to encourage Gabi by saying Connie wouldn’t sacrifice a child. Gabi reveals her real name to Kaya, who says Gabi sounds weird and she likes Mia better. They hug after all they’ve been through. Nicolo tells Gabi he’s going to stay with the Braus family for a little longer.

They show Floch shooting an anti-Marley Volunteer through the hand. Jean tells him to stop, but Floch says this is to show them what happens when they step out of line. When Jean asks who made Floch boss, Floch reveals that Eren revealed his plan to him ten months ago and since then, Floch has done everything to help including gathering comrades. He tells the Volunteers that their homeland will be crushed, but they’ll be spared if they dedicate their life to the restoration of Eldia.

The man he shot calls Floch a lunatic, but Floch shoots him in the head, killing him. Floch then shoots him in the head two more times to Jean’s utter shock. He said there’s no need to die for pride anymore, and, “What’s so bad about submitting?” Mikasa runs upstairs and asks Jean what happened, but he’s in too much shock to respond.

Floch turns to Jean and says to answer his earlier question, he speaks on Eren’s behalf and this is freedom. He tells them they don’t have to fight anymore. He remembers that Jean wanted the life of the Military Police to live the comfortable life in the Central District, then implored him to do so as one of their heroes. Floch said it’s over so Jean can go back to being that “annoying, irresponsible, conceited bastard.” When Mikasa asks what happened to Hange and Levi, Floch says rather bluntly they were killed by Zeke.

Falco, trying to figure out where he’s seen Connie (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

As the end credits play, Connie and Falco are shown on horseback riding to Ragako Village. Falco thanks Connie for saving him, then asks why they’re heading north when everything is happening south. Connie – with a steely look on his face – says he’s taking Falco to a safe hospital in the north to treat his amnesia as Falco’s last memory was seeing Gabi and his elder brother, Colt. Falco’s inner thoughts mention that he’s seen “Mr. Connie” somewhere, but he’s not sure where.

Magath and Pieck are shown on top of the Cart, Pieck’s human body coming through the neck. They note the Marley airships are heading back to Marley, and Magath says this is smart to inform them of what’s coming. Suddenly, Hange appears from the side and approaches them. She convinces Pieck not to eat her, saying she’s unarmed, but Magath points his gun at her. Hange remarks not to be worried about the “completely harmless guy who barely escaped death” as Levi is shown under a blanket with nearly all of his face bandaged.

Who is Mr. Leonhart?

Mr. Leonhart fights back against the guards (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Annie’s father is a bit of an enigma as not much has been revealed about him. As Annie mentioned, he came from a different country and was relocated to the Marley internment zone after he was found to have Eldian blood. When Annie mentions they have similar backgrounds, this is what she means.

The most information that’s given about his history is about the martial arts he taught Annie from his homeland. Looking at the stance Annie employs, the emphasis on using punches, elbows, kicks, knees, and grappling when necessary, and her father’s darker complexion, it’s most likely that Annie was taught a version of Muy Thai from her adopted father.

While he was cold and ruthless with Annie, seeing her only value in becoming a Warrior candidate to better his life, he did soften before Annie left. He said everything he taught her was wrong in a scene reminiscent of Grisha apologizing to Zeke during Zeke and Eren’s travels through Grisha’s memories. Leonhart’s fate remains to be seen after the events of this episode.

Who is Floch?

Floch Forster’s character arc is one of the more interesting ones in the whole series. He joined the Survey Corps, then lamented his decision in the face of death and Titans. He feared he would die a meaningless death early in the series. He even argued against Erwin Smith’s plan to charge head long into the Beast Titan, knowing full well most, if not all of them would die; the battle was a bloody scene, after all.

During this battle, while most of those on horseback were simply obliterated by the stones thrown by Zeke as the Beast Titan, Floch was knocked off his horse and survived. He searched for survivors, finding Commander Smith and taking him to where Levi, Eren, and Mikasa were, then arguing over who to inject their one vial of Titan serum to so they could eat Bertolt and become the next Colossal Titan: Armin or Smith. Armin died in the battle to defeat Bertolt, sacrificing himself so the decisive blow could land, while Smith was clinging to life. Levi injected Armin, and Smith died.

Floch used this to really have more conviction and confidence in himself. He even stood up to Eren at one point, but then becomes the leader of the Jeagerists as he joins Eren in his quest to activate the Rumbling. Floch believes that Eren is the only person capable of creating a new Eldian empire.

What is Hange’s play in approaching Pieck and Magath?

Hange approaches Pieck (Cart Titan) and Magath (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

With the Jeagerists now in control and having narrowly escaped death by their hands, it seems Hange is looking for any allies she can recruit. At this point, only Jeagerists are in support of the Rumbling, so theoretically, everyone else should have one common enemy: Eren Jeager. Hange approaching unarmed is a sign of parley.

After all, even Armin noted in the episode that gaining the trust of Gabi was crucial so that they could negotiate with Reiner and Pieck. Hange is just skipping the step of gaining Gabi’s trust and going straight to Pieck because that’s her only play.

What does the ending mean for the next episode?

The Springer family (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

The next episode, “Pride,” will show the encounter between Armin and Connie as the former finally catches up to the latter in Ragako Village. The preview also showed Gabi riding on a separate horse with Armin to Ragako to confront Connie and hopefully save Falco. Connie is shown holding his sword to Falco’s head.

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