Best Cheat Codes in GTA 5 on PC

Also, since Rockstar wants to sell Shark Cards, it isn’t like they’re going to just let you spawn free helicopters and planes in GTA Online.

Best Cheat Codes in GTA 5 on PC Complete Guide

Like the previous games, there are some really fun cheat codes in GTA 5. You can activate them on PC by either bringing up the cheat console with “~” or by using the in-game phone. The phone will also save the code and make it easier to use later if you want. Either way, here are the best cheat codes in GTA 5 for PC.

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Spawn Vehicle Cheat Codes

If you need a certain vehicle fast you can use a cheat code in GTA 5. Well, it actually depends on what you need since your selection is limited to a few vehicles. Still, these vehicles can come in handy, especially the helicopter, which can be annoying to obtain by other means. Here is a list of the vehicle cheat codes:

Spawn Limo: VINEWOOD

Spawn Stunt Plane: BARNSTORM

Spawn Comet: COMET

Spawn Rapid GT: RAPIDGT

Spawn Buzzard: BUZZOFF

Spawn Caddy: HOLEIN1

Spawn PCJ-600: ROCKET

Spawn Duster: FLYSPRAY


Spawn Sanchez: OFFROAD

Spawn Trashmaster: TRASHED

Change Environment Cheat Codes

Other cheat codes in GTA 5 allow you to alter the environment in some way. This can lead to some pretty wild scenarios that could make the game more difficult to play, but are still a lot of fun. Here is a list of codes that change the in-game environment:

Raise Wanted Level: FUGITIVE

Moon Gravity: FLOATER

Change Weather: MAKEITRAIN

Skyfall: SKYFALL (this teleports you into the sky)

Director Mode: JRTALENT

Slow Motion: SLOWMO

Lower Wanted Level: LAWYERUP

Slippery Cars: SNOWDAY

Drunk Mode: LIQUOR

Upgrade Cheat Codes

These cheat codes will upgrade your character in some way or another. Become invincible, gain explosive attacks, or get max health and armor are a few. Here is a list:

Slow Motion Aim: DEADEYE

Explosive Ammo Rounds: HIGHEX

Max Health & Armor: TURTLE



Flaming Bullets: INCENDIARY

Invincibility / God Mode: PAINKILLER

Recharge Ability: POWERUP

Super Jump: HOPTOIT

Explosive Melee Attacks: HOTHANDS

Spawn Items

Lastly, there are the spawn item cheat codes. There aren’t many of these, but the ones there are can be extremely useful, such as spawning a parachute after using the SKYFALL code. The weapons code, on the other hand, gives you one of every weapon on the wheel making it useful in a pinch.

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Here’s the list:

Parachute: SKYDIVE

Weapons and Guns: TOOLUP

When trying to use these codes, just remember that you can’t use them when playing a story mode mission, or when playing GTA Online. That would basically make the game easy mode and would make mutiplayer too chaotic. Also, since Rockstar wants to sell Shark Cards, it isn’t like they’re going to just let you spawn free helicopters and planes in GTA Online.

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