The Best Obbys on Roblox

Ready for an adventure? Find out the best obstacle courses in this article.

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Obstacle courses, also known as Obby courses or Obbys, on Roblox are one of the evergreen types of games that keep players indulged as they allow users to create their own courses ranging from adventure maps, mini-games, or parodies of popular television shows.

Obby games challenge you to win an obstacle course while you will be required to run, jump, or climb. Given the unique interpretation, fun, and challenging gameplay, this article has sorted out the best Obbys on Roblox.

Tower of Hell

This Roblox obstacle course has been a very popular choice for several years now with over 12 billion visits to make it one of the top-played games in Roblox Experiences.

Tower of Hell has you climbing a tower which becomes more difficult in each level. The only way to win is by reaching the top of the map in a single run as the game lacks any sort of checkpoints.

The Really Easy Obby

This very challenging Obby highly contradicts its name as only the good selection of music makes it a pleasant experience.

Think you can take on the challenge? See if the Really Easy Obby is a match for you.

The Floor is Lava

The survival game sees you trying to escape the lava by getting to a higher place at the end of the game.

The Obby is exciting and plenty of fun as it presents you with a variety of challenges and added special bonuses you can buy in-game.

Escape Prison Obby

There are various fun elements you can explore in this game which provides a unique experience for players while trying to escape prison.

Escape Prison Obby resembles the Floor is Lava game and it is among the best of this genre.

Obby Creator

Obby Creator lets you build your own obstacle course with in-depth creator and controls, you can build unique obstacle courses for other players to play and rate.

In this game, you can play Obbies created by other users as well as your own and then invite your gaming buddies to try them out. The money you earn from creating Obbies can be expanded with more obstacles, spinning parts, water, and you can even buy more advanced tools and extra space to improve your work.


With dozens of Obby games to choose from, the games listed above are the best Obbys on Roblox.





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