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Elevate your FIFA team with the best secondary position players. Uncover hidden gems to bolster your lineup and conquer the pitch like never before.

Explore FIFA's top secondary position players

If there’s one thing every FIFA enthusiast knows, it’s the joy of discovering those hidden gems that transform your squad. The players who can play not just their primary position but shine in secondary roles too. And FIFA 23 has just turned that joy up a notch. Curious? Let’s jump in!


  • The revamp of FIFA 23’s position changes means more diverse squad builds.
  • Messi and Ronaldo, legendary forwards, thrive in secondary winger roles.
  • FIFA World Cup star Kylian Mbappé’s versatility showcased as a right winger.
  • New consumables in FIFA 23 allow for quick position switches.
  • Master your team strategy by understanding player secondary positions.

Secondary positions are not gimmick

Long gone are the days of strict position plays in FIFA. In a bid to give FUT fans more control and versatility, FIFA 23 has completely revamped its positioning system. Now, positions are not solely dependent on the card you have, but more on real-life roles that players take up on the field.

Some may argue that secondary positions are just another gimmick, but seasoned players know better. It’s an evolution in the gameplay that demands a fresh approach to team selection and on-field tactics.

For instance, playing Messi as a right-winger might give you a speed and dribbling advantage down the flanks, but it might also leave a void in the center-forward position that needs to be filled adeptly.

Position modifiers

Position switching in FIFA 23 is smoother, thanks to a brand-new consumable that has replaced the older specific modifiers. This single item, obtainable through packs or the transfer market, allows managers to quickly shift players to their preferred secondary positions.

Unearth the ultimate secondary position players in FIFA

Who to Look Out For

When crafting your squad in FIFA 23, versatility is the name of the game. Here are some secondary positions that could truly revolutionize your team strategy:

  • Phil Foden as CAM
  • Sadio Mane playing CF
  • Kylian Mbappe shining in LW
  • Alphonso Davies at LM
  • Raheem Sterling rocking RW

Exploring top players further

  • Alphonso Davies (LM): Known for his blistering speed, Davies can exploit gaps in the opposition’s defense from a more central position.
  • Raheem Sterling (RW): His agility and precise finishing make Sterling a threat not just from the left but also from the right-wing.
  • Marcus Rashford (ST): Primarily a winger, Rashford’s ability to cut inside and shoot makes him a formidable striker as well.

The rationale behind secondary positions

With every iteration of FIFA, EA SPORTS aims to make the gameplay closer to real-life football dynamics. The inclusion of secondary positions is a leap in that direction.

In real-life football, players are often required to adapt to different roles based on the team’s strategy, injuries, or specific match scenarios. This change allows FIFA 23 to capture that fluidity and dynamism, offering players a richer and more nuanced gameplay experience.

Benefits to squad building

The flexibility of player positions in FIFA 23 means squad building has never been more strategic. Managers can now harness the prowess of players in multiple roles, allowing for deeper and more varied gameplay strategies.

This means that creating hybrid squads, where players from different leagues and nations are combined, becomes a more viable and exciting option. It also adds a layer of unpredictability to matches, as opponents can’t always anticipate a player’s position based solely on their known primary role.

The future implications for eSports

The introduction of secondary positions in FIFA 23 is a statement on where eSports is heading. As the line between virtual football and its real-life counterpart blurs, gamers seek an experience that is as authentic and unpredictable as an actual match. Tournaments will now witness a surge in tactical battles, where a manager’s understanding of a player’s versatility can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

This change also signals EA SPORTS’ commitment to keeping the FIFA series innovative. It challenges seasoned FIFA pros to rethink strategies, ensuring that the game remains fresh and engaging year after year. 

Final words

FIFA 23 is a testament to EA SPORTS’ dedication to reflecting real-life football’s dynamic nature. The inclusion of secondary positions and the revamped position modifiers empower players to craft unique, flexible squads.


What’s the biggest change in FIFA 23 regarding player positions?

FIFA 23 has revamped its positioning system, allowing players to have secondary roles based on their real-life performance and not just their card positions.

How do the new position modifiers work?

They are a single consumable item that lets you switch player positions to any of their listed secondary roles.

Who are some top players with interesting secondary positions?

Some standouts include Lionel Messi as a right winger, Cristiano Ronaldo as a left winger, and Kylian Mbappe as a right winger.

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