FIFA 23 Top 10 International Teams

To enjoy the best gameplay experience on FIFA 23, you have to use the best teams. Here, we discuss the best teams fifa 23

There is no place where passion is expressed more than at international football matches. Andres Iniesta scoring the world cup winner in 2010, David Beckham scoring a last-minute freekick against Greece to lead England to the World Cup, and Lionel Messi finally giving Argentina that long-awaited World Cup were all highlights of breath-taking moments in international football. The great news is that FIFA allows you a chance to replicate such iconic moments and even better. Ready to enjoy FIFA in all its glory and excitement, here are the top ten national teams in FIFA 23 to check out.

1. France (85 OVR)

France squad - best teams fifa 23

World Cup Titles: 2 (1998 and 2018)

Best Players: Karim Benzema(91 OVR), Kylian Mbappé (91 OVR), N’Golo Kanté (89 OVR)

Perfection! That is the only word that can be used to describe the current French national team. There has never been a team as perfectly balanced as the current French team. There is essentially no Achilles heel when it comes to the current national French team and reaching two consecutive World Cup finals is a testament to how good this team is. EA did not miss when they rated them the best national team in the latest edition of their FIFA franchise. 

The French Defense is so good that Ameyric Laporte had to switch nationalities. With the likes of Jules Kuonde(84 OVR) being part of the fray, it is easy to see why Les Blues get a high-end 83 rating in Defense. Aurélien Tchouaméni (82 OVR) and Eduardo Camavinga(80 OVR) make up part of the Midfield for Les Blues and an 85 rating might not even be justice for the Les Blues Midfield considering how packed it is. When it comes to Attacking, Kylian Mbappé (91 OVR) effect is quite evident. The most valuable player at the moment bolsters the French Attack and propels it to a record 88 rating. The 85 overall rating puts France in the untouchable number one spot on this list.

2. Germany (85 OVR)

Germany Squad - best teams fifa 23

World Cup Titles: 4 (1954;1974;1990;2014)

Best Players: Manuel Neuer (90 OVR), Joshua Kimmich (89 OVR), Marc-André ter Stegen (88 OVR)

For a team that prides itself in teamwork rather than individual success, the German national team has managed to maintain its grip on world football with relative ease. With a proven track record on the biggest international football stages and a well-established never-die attitude even in friendly matches, it is clear to see why most nations envy the Der Mannschaft.

In terms of technical ability, the German national team is the team to look up to. This is easily highlighted by the 85-Midfield rating. With dynamic players like Joshua Kimmich(89 OVR) in the midfield, it is easy the claim that Germany is the most technically gifted team on the planet to stand. In terms of Attack, the German team might not have the most flowery names but they have proven to deliver consistently. The likes of Kai Havertz (83 OVR), Timo Werner (82 OVR), and the prodigy Jamal Musiala (83 OVR) will be banging in goals for years and years to come. The Overall 85 rating is genuinely a fair rating for the German national side.

3.England(84 OVR)

England - best teams fifa 23

World Cup Titles: 1 (1966)

Best Players: Harry Kane (89 OVR), Trent Alexander-Arnold (86), Phil Foden (85 OVR)

If it is ever coming home, then this current generation of English players will be the ones to bring it home. It is very rare to see that much young talent with so much potential in one team and for that reason, the Three Lions make it onto this list sitting at a comfortable third.  

The English Defense is a brick wall. With Jordan Pickford ( 82 OVR) in goal, Captain Harry Maguire (80 OVR) at the center, and speedy Kyle Walker (85 OVR) on the right, there is nothing more you can ask for in terms of stopping the opposition. Generational talent Declan Rice (84 OVR) and one of the most sought-after player at the moment, Jude Bellingham (84 OVR), make up the Midfield. To complete the team, Marcus Rashford (81 OVR) and the record breaker Harry Kane (89 OVR) make up the formidable Attack. With this insane talent, England scores an overly impressive 84 Overall Rating.

4.Portugal (84 OVR)

Portugal - best teams fifa 23

World Cup Titles: O

Best Players: Christiano Ronaldo (90 OVR), Rúben Dias (88 OVR) , João Cancelo (88 OVR)

With their icon in the team, Ronaldo, who has netted over 118 international goals, there is every reason for Portugal to feature on this list. Portugal might not be the biggest country in terms of landmass but the story is quite different when it comes to football talent. There is everything to love about Portugal especially if you are using them in FIFA 23.

The biggest threat when it comes to Portugal is the Attack. The team has some of the best-attacking talent available in football at the moment. João Félix (83 OVR), Diogo Jota (85 OVR), and the greatest goal scorer of all time Cristiano Ronaldo (90 OVR) make up part of the Portugal attack roster. As a result of this talent, Portugal bags an amazing 84 Attack rating. The Midfield though is the highest-scoring element in this Portuguese team with an 85 rating. That is the Bruno Fernandes(86 OVR) effect.

5. Italy (84 OVR)

Italy - best teams fifa 23

World Cup Titles: 4 (1934,1938,1982, and 2006)

Best Players: Gianluigi Donnarumma (88 OVR), Marco Verratti (87 OVR), Nicolò Barella (86 OVR)

The 2006 World Cup Final stands out as one of the best football moments in History and we have Italy to thank for that. The current team might not have a World Cup trophy to its name but that does not discount the talent the team has in its ranks. The Italian team has been known to be hard-hitting while maintaining tactical discipline and that is mimicked perfectly in FIFA 23.

Italy bags an Overall Rating of 84 and they have the likes of Gianluigi Donnarumma (88 OVR) to thank for that. The 82 Defense rating is impressive but the 84 Attack rating is even more impressive. The Midfield is also quite wholesome. It is common knowledge that when people mention the best midfielders in the world, Marco Verratti((87 OVR) features in that conversation and Azzuri is lucky to have him on board. If you have been following the Serie A, you already know how impressive the likes of Federico Chiesa(84 OVR) have been in the past years. With Italy, you have got a complete team from defense to attack. As such it makes sense why it makes this list of best teams FIFA 23.

6. Spain (84 OVR)

Spain Squad - best teams FIFA 23

World Cup Titles: 1 (2010)

Best Players: Rodri (87 OVR), David De Gea (87 OVR), Aymeric Laporte (86 OVR)

Spain has set the football sphere alight and in terms of success, and there are very few teams that measure up to the Spaniards. Although the Spanish team has not added any silverware since 2012, they are still arguably one of the most talented teams in the world. If you choose to play with Spain in FIFA 23, you are assured of the forever likable smooth Tiki Taka style of play.

The Spanish Midfield is rated 84, which is quite expected based on how amazing the midfield is in real life. With young superstars like Pedri (85 OVR) and Gavi (79 OVR), the future looks blindingly bright for Spain in the Midfield area. Tiki Taka is not dying anytime soon in the Spanish national team. The Spanish Attack with the likes of Ansu Fati (79 OVR) and Ferran Torres (82 OVR) is also something to marvel at. It is only right that it was rated 82 and with the ages of the attackers, it can only get better from here.

7.Argentina (83 OVR)

The current Argentine squad

World Cup Titles: 3 (1978,1986, and 2002)

Best Players: Lionel Messi (91 OVR), Lautaro Martínez (86 OVR), Angel Di Maria (84 OVR)

Argentina is the current World Cup winner with the greatest player of all time in their fold but when it comes to FIFA 23, the formidable team is ranked seventh. There is a consensus amongst the football community that Argentina is a household name when it comes to international football and a spot on this list is only an act of justice. If you choose Argentina on FIFA 23, you are assured of nothing short of a football masterpiece.

La Albiceleste has an 81-Defense rating. The Argentine Defense has always been the weakest point of the team but that does not mean it is terrible in any way. The Midfield with the likes of Enzo Jeremías Fernández (81 OVR) at the fore pushes the rating to a quite impressive 81. As expected, the Argentine Attack is the highest scoring with an amazing 86 rating. With the likes of Lionel Messi (91 OVR), Angel Di Maria (84 OVR) and Julián Álvarez (79 OVR), it would be delusional to expect anything less.

8. Belgium (82 OVR)

The Belgium national team

World Cup Titles:0

Best Players: Kevin De Bruyne (91 OVR), Thibaut Courtois (90 OVR), Romelu Lukaku (85 OVR)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-finalists make it to a comfortable eighth position on this list. Based on individual talent, the team is one of the most competitive teams in the world right now and it is no surprise that makes this top 10 rankings as one of the best teams FIFA 23.  

The Defense and the Midfield are both rated 80 and with most of the stars over the past decade retired, it is understandable. However, what Belgium lacks in Defense, it makes up in the Attack. With the likes of Eden Hazard (83 OVR) and Romelu Lukaku(85 OVR), scoring goals becomes no worry for the team. If you love your football fast and exciting, you have to go with Belgium.

9. Netherlands (82 OVR)

The Netherlands Squad

World Cup Titles: 0

Best Players: Virgil Van Dijk (89 OVR), Frenkie De Jong (87 OVR), Matthijs de Ligt (85 OVR),

When it comes to international football, there are very few teams with a bigger reputation than the Netherlands. Even though the Orange army has not won a World Cup yet, the team has been a key part of the greatest international football moments in the past two decades. Remember when Robin van Persie performed the flying Dutchman? Well, that is not even half of what the Dutch team offers on FIFA 23. It is only befitting that the team has a spot on this list.

The Netherlands has had a resurgence over the past years. With talents like Frenkie de Jong, Matthijs de Ligt (85 OVR), and Cody Gapko (83 OVR), it is easy to see why the Orange are an impressive 81 OVR. The team also has a formidable 83 Defense rating. The last thing you have to worry about is conceding goals if you choose the Netherlands. The Midfield has an 81 rating and the 82 Attack rating gives the team a lot of leverage going forward. If you love your football technical, you can’t go wrong with this Netherlands squad.

10. Brazil (80 OVR)

The Brazil Squad

World Cup Titles: 5(1958;1962; 1970; 1994; 2002)

Best Players: Laure Santiero(83 OVR),Lucas Mantela(82 OVR), Nailton Suzuki(81 OVR)

You cannot talk about football without mentioning the Samba Boys. With a record five World Cup trophies, there is no denying that Brazil is international football royalty. With that in mind, you might be wondering why they are ranked tenth on this list. The main reason for this is that Brazil is not licensed in FIFA 23, all credits to FIFA and CONNEMBOL bureaucracy. This means that you will not have a chance to use the like of Vinicius Jr. or Neymar in this edition of the franchise. Despite the omission of popular Brazilian players, you still get some skillful fictional players, though.

In terms of performance, the Brazil side, although fictional, is quite a force to be reckoned with. With an 80 Defense rating, you are assured that the team will not be easily penetrable. The Midfield is also quite solid with an 81 rating. Just like the actual Brazil team, you are also assured of a stinging Attack with an 81 rating. The Brazil team in FIFA 23 has a rating of 80 OVR. This might seem low for Brazil, but considering that the team has not won the World Cup for the past 20 years, it might just be accurate.

Team Overall Rating Defense Midfield Attack
France 85 83 85 88
Germany 85 82 85 82
England 84 83 83 85
Portugal 84 84 85 84
Italy 84 84 84 82
Spain 84 82 84 83
Argentina 83 86 82 81
Belgium 82 86 80 80
Netherlands 82 82 81 83
Brazil 80 81 81 80

International football is the peak of sporting passion. FIFA 23 has managed to replicate all the emotions and skills sthat make international football the holy cradle of football. If you are looking to enjoy FIFA 23, you need to try out the FIFA 23 Top Ten international teams listed here. If it is on the pitch it is definitely in the game, enjoy!

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