Breathedge: Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Learn how to survive the depths of space with the Breathedge controls for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Breathedge puts you into the middle of a wreckage deep in space, forcing you to scavenge, salvage, and craft to survive while uncovering the conspiracy behind the destruction.

Featuring a tonne of dumb ways to die, navigating the harsh environments of Breathedge can be difficult, so to give you a head start, this Breathedge guide goes through all of the controls and assistance with the core game mechanics.

Breathedge Controls for PlayStation (PS4 / PS5)

  • Look: Right Analogue
  • Move Up: R3
  • Jump: R3
  • Move: Left Analogue
  • Move Down: L3
  • Left Hand: X
  • Right Hand: O
  • Fly: Square
  • Flashlight: Triangle
  • Bank Left (Normandy): L1
  • Bank Right (Normandy): R1
  • Stabilisation: L2
  • Accelerate / Shoot: R2
  • Equip Item from Slot: D-Pad
  • Menu: TouchPad
  • Inventory: Options

Whether you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, the above buttons are the default Breathedge controls. To access the controls view in-game, open the menu and select settings, followed by controls.

Breathedge Controls for Xbox (Xbox One / Series X|S)

  • Look: Right Analogue
  • Move Up: R3
  • Jump: R3
  • Move: Left Analogue
  • Move Down: L3
  • Left Hand: A
  • Right Hand: B
  • Fly: X
  • Flashlight: Y
  • Bank Left (Normandy): LB
  • Bank Right (Normandy): RB
  • Stabilisation: LT
  • Accelerate: RT
  • Shoot: RT
  • Equip Item from Slot: D-Pad
  • Menu: View
  • Inventory: Menu

The Breathedge controls above are the default settings for the game on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

How to save and load your game in Breathedge

Breathedge does have an autosave feature, but you can manually save the game at any point while exploring the vast wreckage that you now call home.

To save the game in Breathedge:

  • Open the menu;
  • Select the ‘Save’ option;
  • Create a manual save file.

You can save up to four games and load them by choosing either manual save or autosave files from the menu.

Breathedge guide to crafting

Crafting is the key to your survival in the depths of deep space: without the ability to create new tools and nutrition, you’d be doomed.

You’ll be able to find blueprints for different objects as you explore your new surroundings, along with plenty of different types of resources floating around. Some of these resources can only be collected by using certain tools that you’ll unlock as you progress further along the story, enhancing your chances of survival.

In your home base, you’ll find the Processor; this machine is essential to you as it enables you to view all of the blueprints that you’ve collected so far and what resources you need to build them.

To use the Processor, simply walk near it and hold X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox), ensure that you’re selecting from the Processor side of the screen on the right by pressing Triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox), and then navigate to the item that you wish to create and press O (PlayStation) or B (Xbox). The created item will then be stored in your inventory automatically.

For some extra resources, you can go into the toilet – which is on your left as you enter the cabin – and holding Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox). Once the bar on your screen is full, you’ll get a random resource item, but this does come at a cost to your water levels, mind you.

How to increase oxygen levels in Breathedge

Oxygen is a key aspect of Breathedge: it defines how far and how long you can explore the outside wreckage. So, making improvements to your oxygen is necessary to continue the storyline and survive this ordeal.

There are a few ways that you can do this: you can use Oxygen Candles to provide 40 Oxygen instantly; you can build an Oxygen Balloon, which acts as a portable refill station while you’re exploring; or you can upgrade your suit’s oxygen capacity.

To unlock the Oxygen Candles and Oxygen Balloon, dive straight down as you exit your base and head to the wreckage directly beneath your cabin. As seen in the screenshot above, this will give you an added boost early on in the game. Now that you have read the Breathedge guide for controls and gameplay basics, go and see if you can survive in the outer reaches of space.





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