The Chipotle Maze Roblox Controversy

Learn about the overview of Boorito Maze.

Chipotle Boorito Maze

Chipotle has had an interesting history with Roblox. While they’ve run several successful promotions on the site with their Chipotle Burrito Builder game, there has been some controversy surrounding their partnership with Roblox. The most notable of these would be the Chipotle maze Roblox hosted from October 28, 2021, to October 31, 2021 in celebration of Halloween. Appropriately, the game is called Boorito Maze.

Below, you will read:

  • An overview of Boorito Maze
  • Knockoffs of the Chipotle maze Roblox game
  • Controversy surrounding Chipotle’s partnership with Roblox

Chipotle Boorito Maze

If you’ve searched “Chipotle maze Roblox” in Google, then you’ll likely find info about the Boorito Maze game. The game was fairly simple and required you to reach the center of the maze while avoiding monsters and collecting burrito ingredients. You could make this easier by grabbing the corn item, which would allow you to see the entire maze for a few seconds and plan your route. Also of note is that instead of being a separate game, the maze was added to the Chipotle Burrito Builder game.


Since the release of the Boorito Maze, there have been several copycat games that allow you to play it without entering Chipotle Burrito Builder. These are actually no longer necessary though since the Boorito Maze is now a permanent part of Burrito Builder as long as you can find the hidden entrance that teleports you to the game.


The Chipotle maze Roblox event was massively popular when it was first released… until something went wrong. The problem was it was too popular and crashed the site. Or did it? While Roblox has claimed that Chipotle is not responsible for the 2021 Roblox outage, some still claim that it was. Evidence for this is that the outage coincided with the opening of the event.

Regardless, Roblox players wanted a scapegoat and Chipotle was in the crosshairs. As a result, the like rating for Burrito Builder dropped from 79.6 to 62.9 percent. While not a huge loss, it was still notable. As of this writing, the rating is sitting at 66 percent.

The big question now is whether or not there will be a Chipotle Roblox event in 2023. Since the 2021 outage incident didn’t stop Chipotle from running two events in 2022, it is possible. That said, there has been no word of a 2023 event yet.

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