Chivalry 2: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

Get an edge in the art of war before even stepping into the fray with this controls guide.

Torn Banner Studios’ medieval multiplayer game first besieged stores on 8 June 2021, launching on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The hack and slash game is the highly-anticipated sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, which came out back in 2012 and quickly acquired a cult following.

In this article, we detail all of the controls in Chivalry II for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S so that you can get the upper hand on the battleground.

Chivalry 2 default PlayStation and Xbox controls

ActionPS4 & PS5 ControlsXbox One & Series X|S Controls
Alternate AttackL3 (hold)L3 (hold)
CrouchR3 (hold)R3 (hold)
JabR3 (press)R3 (press)
DodgeX + (L)A + (L)
Use / CancelSquareX
BattlecrySquare (double-tap)X (double-tap)
Emote MenuSquare (hold)X (hold)
Slash / ShootR2RT
ZoomL2 (hold)LT (hold)
Bandage (Accept)UpUp
AcceptUp (hold)Up (hold)
Special ItemDown (toggle)Down (toggle)
DenyDown (hold)Down (hold)
Previous ItemLeftLeft
Next WeaponRightRight
InventoryRight (hold)Right (hold)
Toggle Third PersonTouchPadView
ScoreboardTouchPad (hold)View (hold)
In-Game MenuOptionsMenu
ControlsOptions (hold)Menu (hold)

In this Chivalry 2 controls guide, the analogue stick on either console controller is shown as (L) and(R), pressing down on each analogue stick is referred to as L3 and R3, with the buttons on either d-pad denoted as Up, Down, Left, and Right.

CombinationPS4 & PS5 ControlsXbox One & Series X|S Controls
ThrowL1 + R1LB + RB
Flourish(L) + Square(L) + X
SuicideL1 + L2 + R2 + R1LB + LT + RT + RB
Next Weapon(L) + Triangle(L) + Y

To access the control layout screen in-game, simply scroll across the tabs of the main menu to the Settings tab and select Control Layout. Above the Control Layout button is the Options menu; here, you can adjust the Audio, Visual, and Game Settings, along with analogue sensitivity and dead zones.

How stamina works in Chivalry 2

The stamina bar in Chivalry II, situated underneath your health bar in the bottom left of your HUD, represents how well you’ll be able to defend yourself against incoming attacks. If your stamina runs out while you are blocking, you’ll be disarmed and left with your secondary, meaning that you will be wide open to enemy attacks on the battlefield.

Holding a parry or blocking strikes will heavily deplete your stamina defensively, while heavy attacks, specials, dashing, and feints will drain your stamina when on offence. Landing strikes on an opponent, even if they are blocked, will replenish some of your stamina bar, creating a balanced combat experience that encourages decisive strike selection and defensive tact to survive the battlefield.

In the News & Info tab on the main screen, under the Combat Info option, you can learn most of the basics found in the tutorial while getting some hands-on experience.

What to expect from the Chivalry II gameplay

The game focuses on putting players deep into the heart of mass multiplayer skirmishes, in both team deathmatches and objective-driven game modes, of either 64 or 40 players.

The combat system resembles that of a bar fight more than a civilised duel, with players able to pick a variety of items to weaponise in-game, including the dismembered limbs of enemies. There are loads of medieval weapons to choose from, depending on how you want to approach the battle, ranging from bows to axes, swords, hammers, and spears – most of which you’ll have to unlock by levelling up.

When you get into a game, you can choose between four different types of unit: these are the Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each of these units has its own set of four subclasses and weapons that you can unlock and customise as you progress through the levels.

Now, you’re ready to face the endless hordes of medieval foes in Chivalry II.






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