Clash of Clans Giant Centred Army: Become Raid Master!

Find out everything about Giants and Strategies for using Giants.

Clash of Clans Giant

If you’ve played Clash of Clans, you definitely have used Giant before now. Chances are, though, you may not have used the unit in the right way. Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of the wall-like tall Giants!

This post will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Giants
  • Army compositions for Giant-centered armies
  • Strategies for using Giants
  • Additional Tips
  • Brief explanation of Super Giants

One of the main features in Clash of Clans is the ability to utilize a variety of armies, and the Giant is a particularly potent and flexible force. Players who want to obtain resources through base raiding can benefit greatly from focusing their armies around Giants.

About Giants

Giants are unique troops that are used as tank troops that target defenses directly, leaving other buildings alone for others. This makes them an ideal unit to use when attacking other players’ bases, as they can take out a significant portion of the enemy’s defenses while other troops attack the remaining buildings.

Additionally, Giants have high hitpoints, making them difficult for defenses to take down. This makes them a valuable asset in any army composition.

Clash of Clans Giant-centered army compositions

When building a Clash of Clans Giant army, it is important to include a good amount of Giants since they have low damage capacity. In addition, do not forget to have support troops such as Wizards, Bowlers, Archers, and Wall Breakers in your army.

These troops can attack other buildings while the Giants act as a distraction. Wall Breakers are used to open up walls and create a path for the Giants to enter the enemy base. This composition allows the Giants to focus on destroying defenses while the support troops take out other buildings.

There are different strategies for using a Giant-centered army, such as the “Giant-Healer” and “Giant-Wizard” strategies:

  • The “Giant-Healer” strategy involves using a combination of Giants and Healers/healing spells to keep the Giants alive longer and deal more damage to the enemy base.
  • The “Giant-Wizard” strategy involves using a combination of Giants and Wizards to take out defenses quickly while the Wizards deal additional damage to other buildings.
  • Others: Giants can be combined with any other troops which can lure damage or attack from distance. This way, Giants also may find it easy to take down defenses and ultimately lead successful 3-star raids.

Things to keep in mind

In order to effectively use Giants in battle, players should pay attention to timing and positioning. Giants should be deployed at the right time in order to maximize their impact on the enemy base. Additionally, they should be positioned in a way that allows them to target defenses while being supported by other troops.

Super Giants

At Town Hall 11, players get the option to activate the Super Giant for a specific time by spending Dark Elixir, which has even greater damage and hitpoints than the regular Giant. This addition to the Giant-centered army can give players an even greater edge in battle.

Final thoughts

To summarize, building a Clash of Clans Giant army can be a powerful strategy for raiding other players’ bases. Giants are unique troops that target defenses directly, making them an ideal unit for attacking. By including support troops such as Wizards, bowlers, Archers, and wall breakers, players can create a well-rounded and effective army composition.

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