Clash of Clans Super Troops

Learn all about Super Troops, which can be a powerful addition to your army.

Clash of Clans Super Troops

Clash of Clans Super Troops are a powerful addition to your army, capable of destroying even the toughest of defenses. This guide has everything you need to know about their cherry-on-the-top-like enhancements.

This guide will cover:

  • Brief description about Clash of Clans Super Troops
  • List of all the Super Troops
  • Short description on all the Super Troops

About Clash of Clans Super Troops

Super Troops are upgraded versions of regular troops and have unique abilities that make them extremely effective in battle. They can essentially be highly skilled strike teams.

List of Clash of Clans Super Troops

List of Super Troops

Below is a list and description of Clash of Clans Super Troops.

Super Barbarian

The Super Barbarian is a beefed-up version of the regular Barbarian, with increased health and damage. This makes him a formidable tank that can absorb a lot of damage while wreaking havoc on enemy defenses.

Super Archer

The Super Archer is a powerful ranged attacker with increased health and damage compared to the regular Archer. She can take out enemy defenses from a safe distance, making her a valuable addition to any army. Its special ability gives her arrows of laser-like light beams, which allow her to damage multiple buildings in one short.

Super Giant

The Super Giant is a formidable force on the battlefield. With its massive size and high hitpoints, it can take a lot of punishment. However, it cannot damage multiple defenses at once, making it best suited for taking down a single, heavily fortified structure or as a tank troop.

Sneaky Goblin

The Sneaky Goblin has the unique ability to stay invisible initially, allowing it to sneak past defenses and take out resource buildings. Its special ability makes it an excellent choice for taking down resource storage that is tucked away in the corner of the base.

Super Wall Breaker

The Super Wall Breaker is an upgraded version of the regular Wall Breaker with increased health and damage. Super Wall Breaker just blasts big groups of walls within splash range, allowing other troops to move in and attack.

Rocket Balloon

The Rocket Balloon is a powerful air troop with a devastating area-of-effect attack. It is great for taking out multiple defenses at once, making it a valuable addition to any raiding army. The upgraded version of Balloons moves faster and takes down defenses more easily.

Super Wizard

The Super Wizard is a ranged troop that can attack both air and ground units. Its high damage output makes it an effective choice for taking out defenses and other buildings. In his special ability, he uses more powerful fire shots, which damage other nearby buildings of the target as well.

Super Dragon

The Super Dragon is a powerful air attacker with increased health and damage compared to the regular Dragon. In his special ability, he is entirely made out of fire and breathes even more powerful fire on the enemies’ buildings.

Inferno Dragon

The Inferno Dragon is a flying troop that unleashes a flame attack on its target. Inferno Dragon keeps increasing its damage power which helps him to take down buildings at rapid speed.

Super Miner

The Super Miner carries a drill on its back which allows him to dig even faster and travel at breakneck speed. Its upgraded drill even allows it to deal more damage and make it more efficient in luring damage.

Super Minion

The Super Minion is a larger and more powerful version of the regular Minion. Its big forehead allows it to take more damage, and it deals more damage than the regular Minion.

Super Valkyrie

The Super Valkyrie is an angry, rage-filled version of the regular Valkyrie. She can take out multiple defenses at once and is great for distracting enemy defenses while other troops attack. Super Valkyrie’s special ability is that it drops a rage spell upon dying, which helps other nearby troops get some rage and deal more damage.

Super Witch (Big Boy)

The Super Witch is a powerful ground attack that spawns Skeleton minions to attack enemy defenses. This time, big skeletons (Big Boys) are released, which are more powerful and have high hit points as compared to normal Witches.

Ice Hound (Ice Pup)

The Ice Hound is a variant of the Lava Hound. It ices down the defenses. However, Super Ice Hound has some great abilities, such as increased hitpoints and additional Ice Pups that make enemy defenses even slower.

Super Bowler

Super Bowler has bigger boulders and a proper outfit which allows him to cause even more destruction and damage in the game. Bowlers also get more colorful as the outfit they get is a bit attractive and unique.

Bottom line

That was the list of all Clash of Clans Super Troops as of this writing. As a final note, it’s worth mentioning that new Super Troops are contributing immense excitement to the game.





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