Valkyrie Clash of Clans: Best Ways to Use the Lethal Unit

Find out all about the power of Valkyrie and how to get the most out of her.

Valkyrie stats - Clash of Clans

The Valkyrie, a dangerous lady carrying her axe, is a powerful Dark Elixir troop that just knows how to destroy things upon release in Clash of Clans. Here’s how you can put the Valkyrie Clash of Clans to the best use for your raiding.

This post will cover:

  • An overview of Valkyrie Clash of Clans
  • Best Ways to use Valkyrie Clash of Clans
  • Army and scouting strategies
  • Spell combinations for Valkyrie-based army
  • Brief description about Super Valkyries

With high damage capacity and low hit points, she unlocks at Town Hall 8. Valkyrie’s strength is her good speed, allowing her to move quickly throughout a base and destroy multiple defenses within her axe’s arc.

Best ways to use Valkyrie

When using the Valkyrie, it is best to deploy her in a way that directly gets to the center of the base. This allows her to quickly take out defenses and make way easy for other troops.

Here are some of the best strategies that Clash of Clan players use when using Valkyries:

  • Bowlers + Valkyries: Bowlers clear the initial buildings to make way for the Valkyries in the base.
  • Queen Walk: In this strategy, Queen is deployed with a group of Healers with the motive to remove the initial buildings and make way for the Valkyries to reach the core of the base.
  • Hog Riders + Valkyries: Another effective strategy is to use the Valkyrie in combination with Hog Riders, as the Hog Riders quickly take down defenses while the Valkyries cause destruction all over the base.

Scouting with a Valkyrie-centred army

When choosing a base layout to attack with a Valkyrie, it is important to focus on layouts that have multiple defenses in close proximity to each other. This allows the Valkyrie to quickly take out multiple defenses with her axe.

Using spells like the Rage Spell and Jump Spell can enhance Valkyrie’s destructive capabilities.

  • Rage Spell: The Rage Spell increases her attack speed and damage. As a result, already angry Valkyries get more rage – leading to bad indications for defenders.
  • Jump Spell: Jump Spell allows her to jump over walls and continue her destruction.
  • Earthquake Spells: The Earthquake Spell can also be useful in combination with a group of Valkyries, as it can open up the base and make it easier for the Valkyries to move and take out buildings.

Super Valkyries

At Town Hall 11 and Valkyrie Level 7, players can activate the Super Valkyrie, a new addition to the game. The Super Valkyrie is even more powerful and carries a rage spell on her back, which drops upon her death and causes even more destruction.

Bottom line

The Valkyrie is a powerful and versatile troop in Clash of Clans that can be used effectively in a variety of strategies. Players should take advantage of her good speed and ability to destroy multiple defenses and use her in combination with other troops and spells for maximum destruction.

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