Clash of Clans Wizards: Here Comes the Fire!

With the right strategy and proper use of their abilities, they can be valuable assets in any battle.

Clash of Clans Wizard

Archers, Barbarians, Goblins, and Minions are great, but Wizards have a huge fanbase when it comes to Support Troops in Clash of Clans. Read on to find out more about the mystical Clash of Clans Wizards!

In the given article, you will read:

  • Brief explanation of Clash of Clans Wizards
  • Army strategies for Wizards
  • Description of Super Wizard and its ability

About Wizards

Wizards are mystical melee troops who carry fireballs with them and blast those off to damage the enemy’s buildings. These troops are unlocked at Town Hall 5 and come under the supporter category. These are also fast-moving units, making them great for quickly taking out enemy defenses and buildings.

When using Wizards in battle, it’s important to take into account their abilities and how they can be used effectively.

The special thing about Wizards is they can throw fire at flying units as well. As a result, one strategy that many players use is to send a group of Wizards in to check the enemy’s clan castle troops. Even if the defender has a group of troops in their clan castle, Wizards can wipe them out for you very easily.

Strategies for using Clash of Clans Wizards


Troops used: Golem or Giants and Wizards

Preferred Spells: Rage, Healing, Jump

Technique: Another popular strategy for using Wizards in battle is called “GoWizards.” This strategy involves sending in a group of Wizards along with a group of Giants, with the Giants taking the brunt of the enemy’s defenses while the Wizards take out the enemy’s buildings.

PEKKA + Wizards

Troops use PEKKA, Wizards,

Preferred Spells: Rage, Haste, Healing, Jump

Technique: In this, PEKKAs are made to enter the core of the base by using a handful of supporting troops to make way. Following that, Wizards are deployed behind her to clear the rest of the buildings and support PEKKA’s keep moving ahead. As PEKKA is a high-health unit, it soaks up damage and even sustains all the traps, which saves Wizards coming under the radar of defenses.

The above two are just examples. You can consider Wizards as supporting troops and combine them with any tank troops like the above strategies. This might not be deployable every time, but they are likely to make their worth in your army.

Super Wizard

From Town Hall 11, players can train a new and upgraded version of the Wizard known as the Super Wizard. This unit uses flash to take down multiple buildings at once, making it even more powerful and effective in battle.


Wizards are an incredibly powerful and effective unit in Clash of Clans. With the right strategy and proper use of their abilities, they can be valuable assets in any battle. Look for best results with Clash of Clans Wizards when used in conjunction with tank troops, such as Giants or Pekka.





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