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Are you looking to get ahead in the game of Impostor Roblox? If so, you’re in luck! This guide compiles a comprehensive list of codes that can help you get some major points.

This blog highlights;

  • What Impostor Roblox entails and how to play the game
  • The active and inactive codes for Impostor Roblox
  • How to use codes for Impostor Roblox
  • What to expect after using the codes for Impostor Roblox

What is Impostor Roblox?

First off, what is Impostor Roblox? It’s a game where players become the imposters in a spaceship with tasks to sabotage and fool other crew members. As the imitator, it’s your job to kill as many people as possible before they discover who you are. The crew mates must then figure out who the impostor is by completing various tasks and voting off any suspicious players.

How do you play Impostor roblox?

To play Impostor Roblox, you must first select a game mode. Each game mode has different rules and objectives, but the overall goal is still the same: the imposters have to sabotage and kill their fellow crewmates without being found out while everyone else must identify and vote off suspicious players.

Once you’ve chosen your game type, it’s time to get playing. As an imposter, your job is to murder as many crew members as possible before they discover who you are. You can sabotage tasks, use vent systems for stealthy kills, or even lie about who you saw last. Crewmates must then figure out who the impostor is by completing tasks and voting off any suspicious players.

Codes for Impostor Roblox

Here is a list of codes that will give you an advantage:

  • Rocktober
  • Beta
  • Gamer
  • ilikeyacutg

Note that the above is the active codes, so be aware of the expired codes, which are:

  • Sorryforthedelay
  • halloweed2020
  • Socialdistance

Why your codes for Impostor Roblox aren’t working

These codes may not be working due to a few possible reasons. The first is the code has expired or doesn’t exist anymore; these codes usually don’t last long and are replaced with new ones. Another reason could be that they were incorrectly entered, so make sure that you check your spelling and capitalization! Lastly, some codes only apply to certain versions of Impostor Roblox, which means you need to download a certain version for them to work.

How to use your codes for Impostor Roblox

Once you have acquired an active code, there are a few ways to redeem it for rewards. First, enter the code in-game on the top left corner of your screen, which is the Code Redemption section. If you are using a mobile device, you can go to the store and enter it in the Redeem Code button at the top of your screen. After correctly entering the code, you will be rewarded with prizes such as coins or skins.

What rewards will I get from using codes for Impostor Roblox?

The rewards vary from code to code, but most often include coins, skins, and other items that give minor boosts in-game. Although these rewards might not seem particularly powerful, they can become a great advantage when combined with other strategies. Make sure to use all available codes for maximum benefits.

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