How to complete Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 (Sewers)

Now you know how to navigate Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4.

How to complete Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4 (Sewers)? Complete Guide Explained

Apeirophobia is currently high in demand due to the thrilling mysteries and horror awaiting players in endless corridors and backrooms. Thus, it is pertinent to gather as much information and guidelines as you progress in the game.

In this article, you will find a walkthrough on how to navigate Level 4 of Apeirophobia, which is the fifth level of the game. 

Level 4 takes place in the sewer system and it is the third easiest level in the game as it is also without any harmful entities, much like in Level 2.

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Navigating Aeirophobia Level 4

Once level 4 begins, make sure to head for the left and run straight into the dark hallway ahead. 

At the end of the hallway, you will find a couple of poolrooms and ascend the stairs after the last room where you will then find yourself walking on an invisible glass surface. Remember that there is no danger in Level 4 so you can take your time to explore the environment.

In this complicated second part of the maze, you will have to note the few pointers that lead you to the exit. Keep left and follow the colored pipes until you come to a glitchy white light door that will bring you to the next level.

In order to obtain the Simulation Core while exploring the second part of Level 4, you can turn right after entering the pipe maze and look for a Simulation Core a few corners away.

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Now you know how to navigate Apeirophobia Roblox Level 4.

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