Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind Guide: Find a Way into the Control Room

Struggling to find a way into the control room during Don't Lose Your Mind in Cyberpunk 2077? Here's everything you need to know.

Cyberpunk 2077 comes with many interesting Side Jobs, but one of the most fascinating is Don’t Lose Your Mind, which comes after you complete the Epistrophy missions. If you’re struggling to find a way into the control room, we’re here to help.

This can be a difficult side job, with several optional objectives throughout that require you to find ways through a dangerous electrified area. This guide will give you all the details on how to find a way into the control room, and you might just get a Delamain Cab when the side job is complete.

If you’re looking to prepare before heading into the fray, there are some ideal Attribute scores and a Perk that will make Don’t Lose Your Mind much easier on you. The details on these can be found near the end of this guide.

How to get the Don’t Lose Your Mind side job in Cyberpunk 2077

Find a way into the control room

Don’t Lose Your Mind won’t be accessible as a side job until you’ve completed the Epistrophy side jobs for Delamain. If you’re struggling with any of these, we have a complete guide to finding and returning all seven Delamain cabs.

It’s unclear how long it will take after completing these for Delamain to make contact with you and trigger the Don’t Lose Your Mind side job. If it isn’t available, keep doing other side jobs, gigs, or Reported Crimes to help pass the time and stock up on money.

Once Delamain gets in touch, he’ll ask you to head back to Delamain HQ to help him out as he believes he’s figured out the reason for his divergent forms you had to track down during Epistrophy. The mission will begin once you arrive and enter the building.

Complete Guide to Don’t Lose Your Mind in Cyberpunk 2077

Find a way into the control room

This complete guide to Don’t Lose Your Mind in Cyberpunk 2077 will cover different ways to complete some of the various objectives, as well as what your outcomes could be when you make a final decision at the end of the side job.

If you’re just trying to make that final decision, you can skip ahead to that section from here. If you’re just getting started with this side job, there are some Attributes and a Perk that’ll help you along the way, which can be found near the end of this guide.

Find a way inside Delamain HQ

Once you enter the front door of Delamain HQ, you’ll notice the double doors you used last time you were here are on the fritz. With them malfunctioning, you’ll have to find a way inside Delamain HQ from somewhere else.

Walk back outside and follow the path to the right of the building beside the entrance. There are two ways in, and the first is easiest but only if you’ve got a Technical Ability of 8.

Find a way into the control room

If you can’t enter through that door, keep going towards the back of the building. You’ll have to head around the corner to the left and climb some boxes to reach the top of the building, at which point you can climb down this entrance.

Search the office for a way to open the door

The next task you’re given is to search the office for a way to open the door. If you’ve got an Intelligence of 8, you can quickly hack the computer to access it and move on to the next step.

If you don’t have an Intelligence of 8, there is a way to get the code. You’ll have to go to another computer in the main room and read through the messages, one of which indicates the code was reset to 1234. This will grant you access to open the door.

The next area where you need to find a way into the workshop seems the same, but you can actually just open the double doors without having to hack the computer, so don’t fret if you don’t have the needed Intelligence score.

Find a way into the control room

Find a way into the control room

The bulk of this side job will be the goal to find a way into the control room. If you’ve got the perk Insulation, you can waltz across the electrified floor towards the control room. However, there is a way there if you don’t have that perk.

Regardless of how you work your way through this area, you will have to deal with multiple drones. Considering they maintain flight, melee weapons won’t be of any help here.

Any ranged weapon can work to take them down, but smart weapons are particularly helpful here. The drones can move quickly and erratically, and the homing ability of smart weapons makes dealing with them much easier.

Find a way to the stairs

Find a way into the control room

After you enter the workshop, there is a door to your left that goes to a front garage area. You’ll have to take out another drone here, so keep an eye out.

The task of finding a way to the stairs is confusing, and the game’s yellow quest path and marker are particularly unhelpful here. They seem to be pointing to a ground floor room, but there’s nothing in there that’ll help you.

Instead, there’s a small piece of equipment shown in the center of the above image. You’ll need to climb that, and then climb up onto that second level from there.

It’s a bit tricky, but you don’t need any special jumping or climbing abilities to manage it. Once you’re up there, there’s a window to the right of where you climb up that’ll take you to the stairs and get you closer to being able to find a way into the control room.

Cross the room

After you use the stairs, you’ll follow one catwalk across the room and use this ladder entrance to climb back down to the ground floor. Now you’ll be given the task to cross the room, which is much easier said than done.

Find a way into the control room

Just behind this car is a grate to go to a lower level, which requires a Body of 5 or Technical Ability of 5 to open. If you can get that open, you can go down a level and avoid having to traverse this room.

If you can’t, you’ll have to push the car into the center of the room. From there, you’ll have two difficult but manageable jumps. Save often here, because one wrong step into the electrified floor will instantly flatline you.

You’ll have to jump onto the car, which having a running start can help with. You’ll then need to jump directly across into the bay with red lasers that has a car being worked on to get one step closer to being able to find a way into the control room.

Go on the catwalk

Find a way into the control room

Once you’ve reached the other side of the room, whether you went underground or used the car to cross, your next task is to go on the catwalk. Follow the catwalk further through the workshop, but watch out for another jump.

There’s an area of the catwalk that is missing, so you’ll want to get a running start here as well and make the leap to the next part of the catwalk. Continue until you can climb up and head to the hangar.

Enter the shaft to find a way into the control room

Find a way into the control room

Once you’re in the hangar, you’re at the final difficult area before you can finally find a way into the control room. There are multiple Delamain cabs driving erratically through this area, and you’ll need to reach the other side of the room.

Find a way into the control room

Save again before hopping down to the floor here, because there’s always a chance you get stuck, get hit by too many cars, and flatline. You want to get off the floor as quickly as possible, and there’s some shelving you can climb onto from the floor, which you can see a view from above.

Find a way into the control room

Once you turn around, hop down to this catwalk and follow the path until you reach a door. You can enter that room and grab a few things, but it’s not going to get you into the shaft needed to progress.

Find a way into the control room

Instead, you’ll need to hop onto these pipes to the right of that door. Climb up at the end of the pipe, and you’ll then be able to climb down onto some more pipes that put you right in front of the shaft.

After you’ve gone through the shaft, you’ll come out on top of the control room. There’s an opening in the top that you can drop down through, at which point you’ll have to hear out the Delamains.

What should you do with Delamain’s core after you find a way into the control room?

Find a way into the control room

After you find a way into the control room and hear out the Delamains, you just need to walk back towards Delamain’s core. You’ve essentially finished the mission at this point, but now you’ve got a difficult decision to make.

After speaking to Johnny, you’ll be presented with three choices in how to handle Delamain’s core. Before you decide, rest assured that your ultimate reward will not change. Any of the three choices will end with you getting experience and Street Cred for finishing this side job, and you’ll always get a Delamain Cab as your own personal vehicle at the end.

The difference will come in how things work out for Delamain, how Johnny feels about your decision, and the personality your Delamain Cab will have. The one choice Johnny doesn’t like is to reset Delamain’s core and preserve its integrity. This will leave you with a pretty standard sounding Delamain Cab as a gift from Delamain for helping him out.

If you choose to destroy the core to liberate the divergent Delamains, you need to take your weapon and attack the core. Give it a few good shots, and it’ll shatter and finish things.

Find a way into the control room

After it is destroyed, the divergent Delamains will flee from the hangar and be let loose on Night City. With this choice, you’ll get a Delamain Cab that calls itself Excelsior and is a slightly different remnant of Delamain.

Finally, if you’ve got an Intelligence of 11, you’ll have the choice to hack the core to merge all of the Delamains. This is the ideal option, as it brings things into balance and keeps Johnny happy.

In this case, your Delamain cab will call itself Junior, and be more like a friend when it talks to you. When you enter the hangar, regardless of your choice, hop in the Delamain cab to complete the side job and claim your new vehicle.

Perks and Attributes to find a way into the control room and complete Don’t Lose Your Mind easily

Find a way into the control room

While there aren’t any required Attribute scores for completing this mission, if you go in with certain totals then you’ll end up making life much easier on yourself. As mentioned above, there are several spots where you need a Body of 5 or Technical Ability of 5 to open grates.

On top of that, the initial entrance to the building can be made without climbing if you’ve got a Technical Ability of 8. The computers are hackable, saving you more time, but only if you’ve got an Intelligence of 8.

If you’ve got a Technical Ability of at least 14 and a spare Perk Point, there’s great news that’ll make much of it a breeze. With the perk Insulation, you’ll make your character completely immune to shock.

This means traversing the electrified floor is no longer dangerous. Rather than having to maneuver through ducts and climb things, you can walk straight across the floor some stairs on the left and use them to find a way into the control room and hop down to the end of the mission.

Lastly, having an Intelligence of 11 will provide the best choice when you have to decide what to do with the core. So with all that in mind, an Intelligence of 11 and Technical Ability of 14 (along with the Insulation perk) are the best things to have when you start Don’t Lose Your Mind.

Rewards for completing Don’t Lose Your Mind in Cyberpunk 2077

While the personality of the vehicle will change based on your final decision on how to handle Delamain’s core, your reward will be the same. For completing Don’t Lose Your Mind, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Delamain No. 21
  • Street Cred increase
  • Experience increase

There isn’t a money reward for this Side Job, and the Street Cred and Experience increase may give you a full level up, but it’ll depend where you’re at heading into the mission.

However, the most useful and worthwhile part of this is that you get the Delamain No. 21, and have the cab as your own personal vehicle that can be used through the rest of the game.

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