Cyberpunk 2077: How to Neutralize Taki Kenmachi, Troublesome Neighbors Guide

Need some quick help working out how to ‘Neutralize Taki Kenmachi’ and carry her to the fixer’s transport? Here’s what you need to know for the Troublesome Neighbors gig.

Among the many gigs that Regina Jones will call you up for, ‘Troublesome Neighbors’ can be the most difficult to complete – especially if you try to tackle it early in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Gun for Hire gig tasks you with locating a local Tygress by some pachinko machines, after which, you need to ‘Neutralize Taki Kenmachi,’ and then ‘Carry Taki Kenmachi to the fixer’s transport’ – if you don’t flatline the target.

Here’s everything that you need to know to navigate the Troublesome Neighbors gig in Cyberpunk 2077, including how to neutralise Taki Kenmachi.

As is the case with most Cyberpunk 2077 gigs, Troublesome Neighbors can be completed in several ways. Below, you’ll find the step-by-step method to complete the gig in one of the sneakier ways.

How to get the Troublesome Neighbors gig in Cyberpunk 2077

The Troublesome Neighbors gig comes your way via a phone call from Regina Jones. You may need to pass through the Kabuki area of the Night City map, but as you only need Street Cred Tier 1, you should receive the call quite soon into your Cyberpunk 2077 journey.

If you don’t activate the mission during the call with Jones, by pressing Left on the d-pad, you can do so through the game menu. Press TouchPad on a PlayStation controller or View on an Xbox controller and then navigate to the Journal page. You’ll find the Troublesome Neighbors mission listed under ‘Gigs.’

After you’ve selected ‘Track Job,’ you’ll be directed to the residence building at Cortes and Kennedy Street, tasked to ‘Approach the pachinko machines.’

Where to locate Taki Kenmachi in Cyberpunk 2077

If you drive to the location via the main road, you’ll be able to see corrugated steel sheets blocking the entrance to the residence, as shown above.

For the best way to approach the pachinko machines and locate Taki Kenmachi in the Troublesome Neighbors gig, you’ll want to enter the area by pressing Square/X on the steel sheets.

On the other side of the steel sheets, activate stealth mode (O/B), take an immediate left and hop through the window – if the shutters are down, you can open them by pressing Square/X.

Next, go to the other side of the room, exit through the door on the right, and then take an immediate left to go through another door. Ensure that you’re still in stealth for all of this as the next area is hostile.

When you enter the area, you’ll have cover to your right and some across an open space to your left. You’ll be able to scan (hold L1/LB) to locate Taki Kenmachi in the glowing pachinko parlour, either playing games or standing outside.

Best way to Neutralize Taki Kenmachi in Cyberpunk 2077

As shown below, there are four potential enemies in the area, but you can avoid a fight with all of them if you time your moves right.

You’ll see a guard on the near side of the pachinko parlour; then, there’s another on the other side, and a third behind the fence across the area.

To have enough time to take out the two guards in the vicinity of Taki Kenmachi, you’ll need to wait for the Tygress to step out of the pachinko parlour for a bit, and then return to the games. This will give you the largest window to neutralise the guards while she’s distracted.

From behind the cover to the right of the entrance, hold L1/LB to bring up Scanning Mode and target the radio opposite. Press execute (Square/X) on the ‘Distract Enemies’ option.

Wait for the guard to head over, sneak up from behind, and then press Square/X to grab the enemy. You can either kill them by pressing Square/X or perform a non-lethal takedown with Triangle/Y.

With the guard down, pick-up the body (hold Triangle/Y) and then dump it opposite the area entrance, behind the low wall shown below. This is to give you more time should Taki Kenmachi turn around.

Remaining in stealth, look across the area in Scanning Mode to reveal the location of the second guard and focus on the generator. Execute the ‘Distract Enemies’ quickhack to draw the guard into the open.

When the guard goes to investigate the generator, sneak over, grab him (Square/X), and neutralise him. Once he’s down, pick-up the body (hold Triangle/Y), turn around, and dump it in the pachinko parlour where your target was playing.

Next, you can complete the Neutralize Taki Kenmachi segment of the gig. The Tygress will either still be playing or looking for the other guard by the opposite entrance to the parlour.

So, sneak towards the target, grab her (Square/X), and then perform a non-lethal takedown (Triangle/Y) or a lethal takedown (Square/X).

There’s a chance that the guard on the other side of the fence will have been altered by your activity. So, remain in sneak after you complete the Neutralize Taki Kenmachi task, and check back.

If the guard comes through, they’ll likely go to the body in the pachinko parlour, enabling you to hide behind the cover of the parlour, sneak around, and neutralise them.

How to put Taki Kenmachi in the fixer’s transport

If you flatline Taki Kenmachi after grabbing her, the Troublesome Neighbors gig will end at that moment, with Jones calling you to confirm. If you just neutralise the Tygress, you’ll be asked to ‘Carry Taki Kenmachi to the fixer’s vehicle.’

So, pick-up Kenmachi, leave through the same door that you entered the area via, and head straight out of the doorway opposite. Next, take a sharp right to depart through the steel sheet door that you came in through initially, turn left up the path, and head around the corner.

You’ll see the fixer’s vehicle, but the driver won’t communicate with you, nor will you be able to open any of the doors. What you need to do is head to the back of the car and open the boot, pressing Square/X to dump the body.

After you’ve put Taki Kenmachi in the back of the fixer’s vehicle, Jones will give you a call to confirm that the gig is complete.

Rewards for completing Troublesome Neighbors in Cyberpunk 2077

Whether you decide to flatline Taki Kenmachi or carry the neutralised target to the fixer’s vehicle, you’ll receive the same rewards from Jones.

In both instances, you’ll get a Street Cred boost, some xp along the way, and a €$1,240 reward.

Now you know a verified sneaking method to find the target and complete the Neutralise Taki Kenmachi part of the Troublesome Neighbors gig.

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