How to Drift in Need for Speed Payback

Here are some other tips as you figure out how to drift in Need for Speed Payback.

How to Drift in Need for Speed Payback? Complete Guide

Drifting is a popular Need for Speed Payback strategy that allows players to handle corners while keeping vehicle control at high speeds. It is a challenging but rewarding skill to acquire and can be a lot of fun. Here’s how to drift in Need for Speed Payback.

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1. Choose the proper vehicle

Not every car is appropriate for drifting. RWD cars are the most excellent choice since they are simpler to initiate a drift with and more prone to oversteer. The Nissan 240SX and Toyota Supra are popular drifting vehicles in Need for Speed Payback.

2. Position your controller or steering wheel

To begin a drift, you must be able to handle the throttle, brake, and steering rapidly and correctly. Check that your steering wheel or controller is configured so that you can do this effortlessly and comfortably.

3. Find an ideal location

Drifting is best done on vast, open highways with frequent curves. They may be found in the numerous open areas in Need for Speed Payback.

4. Get up to speed

Before approaching a turn, have your vehicle going at a comfortable speed. Consequently, you’ll have more speed, making initiating and sustaining a drift simpler.

 5. Brake and steer into turns

Use severe brakes as you approach a bend and navigate into the turn. The rear end of your vehicle will be pushed to swing outward, causing the skid to begin.

6. Counter-steer and use the throttle

When your car’s rear swings out, use the brakes and counter-steer in the opposite direction of the turn. This will assist in keeping the vehicle heading in the appropriate direction. Use the throttle to maintain speed while controlling the drift angle.

7. Maintain the drift

To keep the drift going, keep counter-steering and altering the angle of the car with the accelerator. You must keep your foot on the accelerator to retain speed and momentum.

8. Exiting the drift

As you prepare to stop sliding and exit the turn, straighten the steering wheel and softly push the gas pedal to restore traction.

Other tips on how to drift in Need for Speed Payback

Here are some other tips as you figure out how to drift in Need for Speed Payback.

Practice in an empty parking lot

Before attempting drifting in a race, it is best to practice in an empty parking lot. You may do this to get better acquainted with the controls and to learn how to drift in Need for Speed Payback. To begin a drift, use the brakes and take a quick turn opposite the planned turn. As a result of the back wheels slipping, you can steer around the bend.

Apply the handbrake

A handbrake is a vital tool for drifting. It is easier to lock the back wheels and commence a slide when this occurs. To use the handbrake, hit the appropriate button on your gaming controller (usually the X button on a PlayStation controller or the A button on an Xbox controller).

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Avoid excessive steering

Oversteering must be avoided during drifting since it might result in losing control. The steering wheel should be turned gradually and smoothly rather than quickly to prevent oversteering.

If you follow these tips on how to drift in Need for Speed Payback, you will quickly master the skill. A little time and effort can have you drifting like a pro in no time.

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