Edouard Mendy FIFA 23

So whether you are a Chelsea fan or just a football enthusiast in general, keep an eye out for Edouard Mendy when playing FIFA 23 - it's sure to be quite the experience.

Player Ratings Edouard Mendy in FIFA 23 Complete Guide

Chelsea fans everywhere are rejoicing at the news that Edouard Mendy, their newly-signed goalkeeper, has received an 82 rating in FIFA 23. As one of the most sought-after keepers in Europe this season, it is no surprise that he has been awarded such an impressive score and card.

Mendy comes to Chelsea from French side Reims, where he had been a key figure in their promotion to Ligue 1 last year, helping them remain competitive despite being on a much smaller budget than other teams in the division. His excellent reflexes, shot-stopping ability, and distribution have made him a standout performer for club and country.

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As part of his new FIFA 23 card, Mendy has been awarded the following stats:

  • 82 OVR
  • 72 Goalkeeping (GK)
  • 62 Defense
  • 75 Passing
  • 64 Physicality

Mendy is also one of the rare few to receive a five-star weak foot as part of his card. This means that he can effectively use either his feet to distribute the ball or make saves, giving him an extra edge in goalkeeping.

The signature move on his FIFA 23 card is “Sweeper Keeper,” allowing him to race out and clear any danger away from his goal swiftly. He will be able to do this quickly and accurately, eliminating any potential danger posed to his goal.

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It is no surprise that Mendy FIFA 23 score has been so high. His excellent performances for Reims and the Senegalese national team have attracted a lot of attention, leading to his transfer to Chelsea earlier this season.

Mendy will be hoping to help propel Chelsea further up the Premier League table in the coming weeks and months, and with such an impressive rating on FIFA 23, he should certainly be able to do just that. As a result, fans will now be eagerly awaiting his first game in a Blues shirt – it could well turn out to be one of the most thrilling matches of the season!

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With Edouard Mendy receiving a FIFA 23 rating of 82, Chelsea has certainly added one of Europe’s premier goalkeepers to their ranks. While time will tell whether or not he can help the side reach its goals this season, Mendy is sure to be an exciting addition, and his card reflects that. So whether you are a Chelsea fan or just a football enthusiast in general, keep an eye out for Edouard Mendy when playing FIFA 23 – it’s sure to be quite the experience.

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