Evil Dead The Game: Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Here’s your complete controls guide and tips for beginners for Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game is the first video game in the Evil Dead franchise. The franchise dates to 1981 with the first movie, followed by two more in the original trilogy. A reboot film followed in 2013, then a television series – Ash vs Evil Dead – that lasted for three seasons. Evil Dead: The Game is a survival horror game where you can play as one of four classes of humans or one of three classes of demons.

Below, you will find a controls guide for Evil Dead: The Game. The game has a single and multiplayer mode, but the guide will focus on the solo play mode. Gameplay tips for beginners and solo players will follow the controls.

Note that there is a Deluxe Edition of the game that includes the Season Pass, but the Standard Edition for PS5 was played for these guides.

Evil Dead: The Game Survivor (Human) controls for PS4 & PS5

  • Move: L
  • Camera: R
  • Sprint: L3
  • Dodge: X
  • Active Skill: Circle
  • Interact: Triangle (hold)
  • Reload: Square
  • Light Attack: R1
  • Heavy Attack: R2
  • Finishing Attack: R3 (when icon appears)
  • Aim Ranged Weapon: L2
  • Shoot Ranged Weapon: R2
  • Communication Wheel: L1 (hold)
  • Drink Shemp’s (Heal): D-Pad↑
  • Flashlight: D-Pad←
  • Apply Shield: D-Pad→
  • Upgrade Menu: D-Pad↓
  • Map and Inventory: Touchpad
  • Settings: Options

Evil Dead: The Game Demon controls for PS4 & PS5

  • Move: L
  • Camera: R
  • Sprint: R3
  • Portal Selection (Basic Unit): L2 (hold; more below)
  • Portal Selection (Elite Unit): R2 (hold; more below)
  • Possess and Unpossess: L1 (hold)
  • Demon Dash: R1
  • Active Skill: Circle
  • Interact: Triangle (hold)
  • Place Proximity Portal: Square
  • Spawn Portal: X
  • Map: Touchpad
  • Settings: Options
  • Summon Boss: L2+R2
  • Spawn Basic Portal: L2+X
  • Place Basic Proximity Portal: L2+Square
  • Spawn Elite Portal: R2+X
  • Place Elite Proximity Portal: R2+Square

Evil Dead: The Game Survivor (Human) controls for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

  • Move: L
  • Camera: R
  • Sprint: L3
  • Dodge: A
  • Active Skill: B
  • Interact: Y (hold)
  • Reload: X
  • Light Attack: RB
  • Heavy Attack: RT
  • Finishing Attack: R3 (when icon appears)
  • Aim Ranged Weapon: LT
  • Shoot Ranged Weapon: RT
  • Communication Wheel: LB (hold)
  • Drink Shemp’s (Heal): D-Pad↑
  • Flashlight: D-Pad←
  • Apply Shield: D-Pad→
  • Upgrade Menu: D-Pad↓
  • Map and Inventory: Back
  • Settings: Start

Evil Dead: The Game Demon controls for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

  • Move: L
  • Camera: R
  • Sprint: R3
  • Portal Selection (Basic Unit): LT (hold; more below)
  • Portal Selection (Elite Unit): RT (hold; more below)
  • Possess and Unpossess: LB (hold)
  • Demon Dash: RB
  • Active Skill: B
  • Interact: Y (hold)
  • Place Proximity Portal: X
  • Spawn Portal: A
  • Map: Back
  • Settings: Start
  • Summon Boss: LT+RT
  • Spawn Basic Portal: LT+A
  • Place Basic Proximity Portal: LT+X
  • Spawn Elite Portal: RT+A
  • Place Elite Proximity Portal: RT+X

Note that the left and right joysticks for both PlayStation and Xbox controls are denoted as L and R, respectively. L3 and R3 indicate needing to press the respective joystick.

Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Below, you will find gameplay tips for playing Evil Dead. Again, these will be focused on solo play and for beginners to Evil Dead and survival horror games in general.

1. Play the Tutorial as both a Survivor and a Demon

The main menu and game modes in Evil Dead: The Game.

After you load the game the first time, you will be forced to play the Tutorial before you can play other modes. You can play as both a Survivor (human) or a Kandarian Demon. You only need to play through it once to unlock the other modes. However, it’s ideal to play through with at least each type of Demon to gain a basic understanding of the abilities and characteristics of each type.

The Demon characters and classes at game launch.

The Tutorial will guide you along, presenting you with a decent number of Deadites to practice your attacks and dodging. Eventually, you will need to retrieve three pieces of a map, the Necronomicon, and the Kandarian Dagger. Finding the three map pieces leads to unlocking the locations of the latter two items (in the main play modes as well!).

Note the page icon at the top filling in blue, an indication of how much more is needed to unlock the Necronomicon.

Note that in the main play mode, you must stay within the visible radius of each of the last two to fully acquire them. You’ll see a blue meter at the top of the screen filling for both items, though waves of Demons will be sent your way. Do your best to stay within the radius at all times.

The Survivor characters and classes at game launch.

To finish the Tutorial, you wither have to destroy the Necronomicon (Demons) or protect the text (Survivor). As a Survivor, you will need to use the Kandarian Dagger to defeat the bosses surrounding the Necronomicon. Beware: they’ll send Deadites at you!

Using the Kandarian Dagger to attack the bosses surrounding the Necronomicon.

As a Survivor, once the bosses are gone, you must protect the Necronomicon from oncoming Deadites. Once defended long enough, you’ll win – both the Tutorial and in regular play. As a Demon, you simply must summon a boss when prompted in the Tutorial and then destroy the text. Of course, if you’re playing as a Demon against human-controlled Survivors, then you must destroy it while also fending off the Survivors.

Getting ready to summon the boss.

Once that’s done, proceed to either the Survivor vs. Demon or Missions game modes. The former mode gives you five different options to play: two with human-controlled players, two against AI-controlled Demons with one mode (Play as Survivor) encompassing human-controlled players, and one Private Match option for you and your friends. You can only play as a Demon against human-controlled Survivors.

Missions are specific to characters and completing them (in sequential order) will unlock more characters, among other unlockables. However, as you’ll be essentially solo for most, if not all Missions, you can easily become overwhelmed, so proceed with caution.

The rest of the tips that follow will be based on the Play Solo mode with AI-controlled team members and AI-controlled Demons.

2. Make sure to search thoroughly

Finding ammo in a back room of an abandoned house.

As a survival horror game, it is imperative that you search through structures thoroughly. The game will suggest as much as you play. To help, use your flashlight with D-Pad← to highlight items in darkened areas. However, your flashlight does have limited battery, so keep an eye on the percentage in the bottom-right corner.

Finding two amulets, which offers a small shield effect.

Some of the items you can find include:

  • Shemp’s: A soda that recovers health.
  • Amulets: An item that adds a shield effect.
  • Ammo: Whether you have a revolver, long gun, or even crossbow, ammo will be lying around and simply walk over it to collect.
  • Weapons: Both melee and ranged weapons can be found with the stats adjusted based on rarity.
  • Supply Crates: Crates filled with items, including upgrade points.
Supply crates in the Tutorial.

Items and supply crates come in four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. They also have associated colors: Grey (or White), Blue, Purple, and Gold.

Four hand axes, the stats increasing with each rarity.

The same weapon can be found in all rarities, like the pictured hand axe. As you approach an item, its stats will appear and you can decided to take it or not by holding Triangle or Y. Pay attention to the stats that are shown to make your decision. Of course, the higher the rarity, the more damage you will inflict. However, some weapons may be slower at higher rarities.

3. Switch between melee and ranged attacks

Landing a light melee attack with a sword.

It’s best to switch between melee and ranged attacks. Some characters, like Ash, will have a double barrel as his stock gun, meaning the range is small and ammo capacity even smaller at two; reloading after every two shots can get annoying, especially if Deadites are rushing you. Ammo is also scarce, so switching between ranged and melee attacks is the best way to survive.

Apart from gathering the Necronomicon, Kandarian Dagger, and fighting bosses, you shouldn’t face more than three or so Demons at once. Conserve ammo and use your light and heavy melee attacks to cut down your foes. While the heavy attack deals significantly more damage, it is slow and the attacking mechanisms – especially the directional outcomes – can be frustrating, making the light attack (R1 or RB) a fine option.

4. Use Finishing attacks whenever possible

Smashing the demon’s head into a shovel for a finishing move.

As you attack the Demons, you’ll notice an icon with “R3” appear above their heads. When this happens, it means you can land a finisher with your melee weapon. Now, not all enemies will be defeated with one finisher; in fact, most will take multiple presses of R3.

Each demon will have a health bar in red with a balance bar in white beneath. Once the balance bar is depleted, R3 should show up for a finisher. However, most Demons, even the standard grunt types, will have more health than the damage you inflict, dependent on the weapon and rarity.

6. Find a fire source when your fear is high

The red icon in the background indicates a fire source, though you need matches to light the source.

On the bottom-left of the screen, you’ll see three bars. The first, small bar is your shield. The second and main bar is your health (orange in the picture because it’s a little low). The meter below that is your fear meter in purple. You want to keep the meter as low as possible. When it rises, the screen becomes a bit blurry until being bathed in red along the outlines when you reach high fear levels.

With a high fear, you’ll be less effective and as such, more susceptible to the Demons. There are some skills that can help diminish the fear meter, but the best way to deplete your fear meter is to find a light (fire) source and bask in the glow. The two main sources you’ll find are hanging lanterns and fireplaces (though the latter could be in a barrel as well).

However, you will need matches to light the sources. You’ll have to find them around the map and unfortunately, you can only carry three at a time. To light the source, hold Triangle or Y when prompted. Then, stand in the light and watch your fear meter deplete.

Note that when playing as a Demon, your upgrade points come from having a high fear level rather than finding items to upgrade your skills. You’ll also be able to use the higher fear level to summon even stronger minions.

Evil Dead: The Game is challenging as one would expect from a survival horror game. Use the above tips to enhance your survival and show those Demons who’s boss!

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