What Is the Fastest Tuner Car in GTA 5?

This fast car is impressive for such a compact car, and its price tag is also impressive.

What Is the Fastest Tuner Car in GTA 5? Guide

GTA is all about fast cars and fast living, but gamers want to know what is the fastest tuner car in GTA 5? There are plenty of tuner cars to choose from, but ultimately in the end there is only one that is the absolute fastest. Which one is the fastest tuner car, and what sets it apart from the rest?

What is a Tuner Car in GTA 5?

Tuner cars are produced in massive quantities, so it takes time to figure out which ones you’re going to fall in love with. However, the trade off is that they generally have less than 300hp.

1) Jester RR

Ever had the Dinka Jester? This one leaves gamers breathless as a three-door liftback coupe, and part of the Los Santos updates. The fifth generation Toyota Supra brought this one to life, leaving its impression with a high-performance twin-cam engine. This tops out at 125 mph and can be purchased starting at $1,970,000 as the fastest tuner car in GTA 5.

2) Comet S2

The Pfister Comet S2 is impressive, and it’s a two door. The design is taken from the fearless Porsche 911. This also has a flat 6 engine and a 7 speed gearbox. Coming in at second place, it has stellar acceleration and it tops out at 123 mph. The Comet S2 starts at $1,878,000 and up, second in the lineup for the fastest tuner car in GTA 5.

3) Growler

A growler just isn’t a beer you can grab quickly, but it does get its name from the Growler in GTA. The Pfister Growler makes the top three cars, and it’s fashioned after the ever popular Porsche 718 Cayman. How does it perform? The growler has a flat 6 engine, but it also features a 7-speed gearbox with a rear engine and rear wheel drive. Topping out with a speed of nearly 122 mph, it also can brake quickly, making it an impressive car to squeal out with. The price tag starts at $1,627,000 and up.

4) Karin Calico GTF

One of the top tuners in the lineup is the Karin Calico GTF. This is yet another liftback, and comes from the sexy tuners update. Remember the Toyota Celica? The Calico is nearly a twin. With an inline 6 engine, and a 5-speed with AWD, this car is a sure bet among favorites when it comes to being one of the fastest tuner car in GTA. This price tag ranges from $1,9995,000 and up.

5) Futo GTX

The start of the list for the fastest tuner car in GTA 5 is the Futo GTX. While this particular model is a coupe with only three doors, it makes the list. This vehicle is based on the old Toyota Sprinter Trueno liftback. This car was popular during its time when it first came out between 1983-1987.

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The car operates on four cylinders, but it also has a slip-differential and has four throttle bodies. The Futo GTX comes in at a high speed of nearly 120 mph. This fast car is impressive for such a compact car, and its price tag is also impressive. The price comes in at $1,590,000, up from $1,192,500.

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