FIFA 21 Career Mode: Best Attacking Midfielders (CAM)

Need to bring in a creative talent to set-up and score some goals in FIFA 21 Career Mode? Check out the best CAMs in the game right here.

Attacking midfielders have risen to prominence over the last couple of decades, with space between traditional central midfielders and the defensive line offering plenty of room to explore for savvy attackers.

The tsunami of ratings unveiled by EA Sports for FIFA 21 has given us a look at who the best players at the CAM position are in the new game.

At the foot of the page, you can find a table of all of FIFA 21’s best attacking midfielders, with the highest-rated stars being featured above.

Kevin De Bruyne (91 OVR)

Team: Manchester City
Best Position: CAM
Age: 29
Overall Rating: 91
Nationality: Belgian
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Vision, 94 Crossing, 93 Long Passing

Very few would deny that Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best playmakers in the world right now. Once again, he’s been pivotal to Manchester City’s attack, playing inch-perfect passes in every game.

In 2019/20, the Belgian put up 16 goals and 23 assists through 48 games, with 33 of those goal contributions coming in the Premier League.

In FIFA 21, De Bruyne is graded as the best CAM in the game, boasting a lofty 91 OVR that’s a mere point off of Cristiano Ronaldo and just two back from Lionel Messi.

As an attacking midfielder, perhaps the only aspects lacking are De Bruyne’s acceleration (77) and sprint speed (76).

That said, his 91 shot power, 91 long shots, 94 short passing, 93 long passing, 94 crossing, 94 vision, and 91 reactions mean that he’ll rarely be required to sprint up the field to make a play.

Bruno Fernandes (87 OVR)

Team: Manchester United
Best Position: CAM
Age: 26
Overall Rating: 87
Nationality: Portuguese
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Stamina, 91 Penalties, 90 Vision

The early stages of last season proved that Manchester United have one of the most exciting young attacks in the Premier League, but it also showed that playing a high back line can stifle the forwards: then came Bruno Fernandes.

The midfield maestro came in and immediately started unlocking defences for United’s speedsters up top, finishing his first half-season stint in the Premier League with a mighty eight goals and seven assists in just 14 games.

Fernandes’ 87 OVR is somewhat misleading on FIFA 21 as the CAM boasts so many vital attributes rated very close to or above 90.

The Portuguese playmaker’s best ratings include: 89 shot power, 89 long shots, 91 penalties, 90 vision, 88 short passing, 87 long passing, 88 ball control, and 94 stamina.

Thomas Müller (86 OVR)

Team: Bayern Munich
Best Position: CAM
Age: 31
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: German
Skill Moves: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Positioning, 94 Reactions, 86 Stamina

Thomas Müller is modern football’s enigma. In a game that’s evolved to be all about passing, skilful players, and high-energy, Müller continues to stuff the stat sheet without having any of the skills now deemed to be essential.

The German must be one of the most frustrating players in the world to come up against: he could start in any position and will always be a goal threat. Still going strong for Bayern Munich, Müller notched another 14 goals and 26 assists en route to his ninth Bundesliga title and second Champions League trophy.

As reported by VG24/7, Müller is one of the players who EA Sports feel they have to adjust their ratings for as, through their calculations, his performance statistics don’t create a good enough overall rating.

In FIFA 21, the 86 OVR CAM boasts high work rates in defence and attack, 94 positioning, 85 finishing, 85 vision, 86 stamina, and 94 reactions.

Alejandro Gómez (86 OVR)

Team: Atalanta
Best Position: CAM
Age: 32
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Argentine
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Acceleration, 94 Balance, 93 Agility

Having been at Atalanta since 2014, ‘Papu’ Gómez has become the club’s talisman through to their recent explosion of success, which has seen them finish third in Serie A in back-to-back seasons and get to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

As the team’s captain, the diminutive Argentine speedster has been dictating the relentless attack of Atalanta from just behind the strikers, stacking-up eight goals and 18 assists last season.

In FIFA 21, the 32-year-old has earned his 86 OVR, with his four-star skill moves, 86 sprint speed, 94 acceleration, 93 agility, and 86 ball control being Gómez’s primary attributes.

David Silva (86 OVR)

Team: Real Sociedad
Best Position: CAM
Age: 34
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Spanish
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 92 Short Passing, 92 Composure, 91 Ball Control

One of the players who will be cemented in the history books of Manchester City as an architect of their build to become a European powerhouse, David Silva, will be showcasing his skills for Real Sociedad this season.

Still of use to City last season, wearing the captain’s armband whenever he started a game, Silva added six goals and 11 assists to bring his record as an Etihad Stadium resident to 436 games, 77 goals, and 140 assists.

Despite the move, EA Sports have upheld a strong rating for the 34-year-old Spaniard, giving him an 86 OVR in FIFA 21.

That said, David Silva in FIFA 21 is all about making attacking plays from where he stands, with his physical and defensive attributes being incredibly low. He makes up for this, though, with ratings like 91 vision, 92 short passing, 92 composure, and 91 ball control.

All the Best Attacking Midfielders (CAM) in FIFA 21

Here’s the list of all of the best CAM players in FIFA 21. More will be added when the full game launches to reveal the attributes of other highly-rated attacking midfielders.

Name Overall Age Team Best Attributes
Kevin De Bruyne 91 29 Manchester City 94 Vision, 94 Crossing, 94 Short Passing
Bruno Fernandes 87 26 Manchester United 94 Stamina, 91 Penalties, 90 Vision
Thomas Müller 86 31 Bayern Munich 94 Positioning, 94 Reactions, 86 Stamina
Alejandro Gómez 86 32 Atalanta 94 Acceleration, 94 Balance, 93 Agility
David Silva 86 34 Real Sociedad 92 Short Passing, 91 Vision, 91 Ball Control
Kai Havertz 85 21 Chelsea 88 Sprint Speed, 87 Ball Control, 86 Dribbling
Luis Alberto 85 28 SS Lazio 90 Short Passing, 89 Long Passing, 88 Ball Control
Hakim Ziyech 85 27 Chelsea 90 Curve, 89 Long Passing, 89 Vision
Marco Reus 85 31 Borussia Dortmund 91 Penalties, 89 Volleys, 88 Curve
Christian Eriksen 85 28 Inter Milan 90 Ball Control, 90 Visio, 90 Short Passing
Isco 84 28 Real Madrid 92 Dribbling, 91 Ball Control, 90 Balance
Julian Brandt 84 24 Borussia Dortmund 88 Dribbling, 86 Ball Control, 85 Long Passing
Radja Nainggolan 83 32 Inter Milan 90 Sliding Tackle, 89 Stamina, 88 Aggression
Oscar 83 29 Shanghai SIPG 88 Agility, 86 Balance, 86 Short Passing
Coutinho 83 28 FC Barcelona 93 Balance, 91 Agility, 90 Curve
Dele Alli 83 24 Tottenham Hotspur 89 Stamina, 87 Composure, 86 Positioning
Nabil Fekir 83 27 Real Betis 89 Composure, 88 Dribbling, 87 Ball Control
Martin Ødegaard 83 21 Real Madrid 86 Dribbling, 85 Ball Control, 85 Agility
Mesut Özil 82 31 Arsenal 90 Vision, 88 Ball Control, 88 Short Passing
James Rodríguez 82 29 Everton 92 Long Shots, 90 Volleys, 90 Crossing
Quincy Promes 82 28 Ajax 90 Sprint Speed, 87 Acceleration, 85 Agility
Anderson Talisca 82 26 Guangzhou Evergrande 87 Agility, 87 Free-Kick Accuracy, 87 Long Shots

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