FIFA 21 Career Mode: Best Centre Midfielders (CM)

Looking for a dominant force in midfield with the ability to dictate the tempo of the game? Check out these CMs in Career Mode of FIFA 21.

Gone are the days of teams having two central midfielders to control the movements of a four-four-two formation, with one asked to be more attacking while the other tends to their defensive duties.

Now, a CM can be told to work box-to-box, to cover a channel of the midfield, or to be a deep-lying playmaker, with the collection of the best centre midfielders having distinctly different strengths.

At the foot of this page, you’ll be able to find all of the best CMs of FIFA 21’s Career Mode in a table, as well as get a closer look at those with the highest overall ratings.

Toni Kroos (88 OVR)

Team: Real Madrid
Age: 30
Overall Rating: 88
Nationality: German
Skill Moves: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 93 Long Passing, 93 Short Passing, 90 Vision

Real Madrid’s midfield mainstay since 2014, Toni Kroos continues to be a crucial part of the line-up; he’s rock solid in possession, strong in the tackle, and good for a bunch of goals and assists in each campaign.

The German does it all, effortlessly switching the tempo and moving from defensive duties to joining the attack, with his efforts landing six goals and nine assists through 45 games last season.

In FIFA 21, Kroos is built as a player to patrol the middle of the park, with his medium work rate in attack, defence, and five-star weak foot allowing him to play anywhere along the CM line.

Kroos’ attribute ratings are pretty well-rounded, boasting 89 shot power, 86 long shots, 90 vision, 88 crossing, 93 short passing, 93 long passing, 89 reactions, 89 ball control, 88 composure, 73 standing tackle, and 73 strength.

Luka Modrić (87 OVR)

Team: Real Madrid
Age: 35
Overall Rating: 87
Nationality: Croatian
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 92 Composure, 92 Balance, 91 Short Passing

Like Kroos, Luka Modrić has been a mainstay in the Los Blancos line-up for years, currently sitting on over 340 caps, 22 goals, and 55 assists for the reigning La Liga champions.

Now, however, the Croatian is in the twilight of his career, with the 35-year-old being gradually phased towards a more bench-centric role.

Modrić isn’t the best player to sign for a long-term role in your Career Mode team, but as it stands, he still has a lot of use as the second-highest rated CM in FIFA 21.

The vast majority of Modrić’s attributes clock-in above 80, with the highlights being his 90 vision, 91 short passing, 89 long passing, 86 crossing, 90 ball control, and 84 stamina.

Paul Pogba (86 OVR)

Team: Manchester United
Age: 27
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: French
Skill Moves: Five-Star
Best Attributes: 91 Long Passing, 90 Ball Control, 90 Shot Power

Standing nearly 6’3’’, Paul Pogba is a dominant force in the middle of the park, both in the air and on the ground.

The Frenchman’s statistics for regaining possession in the middle-third is unmatched in the Premier League and, when he’s fit, Pogba’s a regular goal threat and a superb passer of the ball.

Manchester United’s CM is part of the elite club of players with a five-star skill moves rating, while also boasting a high attack work rate and four-star weak foot.

Pogba’s FIFA 21 attributes feature several very user-friendly ratings, such as 90 shot power, 84 volleys, 88 vision, 91 long passing, 90 ball control, 87 dribbling, 89 strength, and 82 jumping.

Marco Verratti (86 OVR)

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 28
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Italian
Skill Moves: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Balance, 94 Composure, 91 Agility

People may look at Marco Verratti’s stat sheet and wonder how such a gifted midfielder in the talent-stacked team of Paris Saint-Germain could only muster six assists in 37 games last season.

The Italian hasn’t ever been one for gaudy numbers, averaging 7.6 direct goal contributions (goals and assists) per year since joining in 2012. Still, each manager recognises his effectiveness in the middle of the park.

The FIFA 21 ratings team must have struggled with Verratti, much as they would with Thomas Müller, as the key traits needed to be a top player in the game aren’t exactly the CM’s strong suits on the pitch.

Verratti has several somewhat worrying numbers in necessary attributes, but his 94 balance, 91 agility, 88 vision, 90 short passing, 89 long passing, 90 ball control, 94 composure, 82 standing tackle, 83 sliding tackle, and 89 aggression certainly come in handy.

Koke (85 OVR)

Team: Atlético Madrid
Age: 28
Overall Rating: 85
Nationality: Spanish
Skill Moves: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 94 Stamina, 88 Reactions, 87 Short Passing

Having broken into the Atlético Madrid ranks predominantly as a wide player with flair, Koke has become recognised for his versatility across the midfield and on either wing.

Last season, the club captain played 42 games, scoring five goals and six assists, boasting one of the best pass percentages for Atlético while also being a trusty, high-volume tackler in midfield.

In FIFA 21’s Career Mode, Koke’s non-stop running, high-intensity play, and bottomless fuel tank have been emphasised in his attribute ratings.

The Spaniard’s best numbers are his 94 stamina, 88 reactions, 87 short passing, 85 vision, 85 long passing, 85 crossing, 85 curve, 84 ball control, and 84 composure.

All the Best Centre Midfielders (CM) in FIFA 21

Here’s the list of all of the highest-rated centre midfielders in FIFA 21 for you to sign on Career Mode.

Name Overall Age Team Best Attributes
Toni Kroos 88 30 Real Madrid 93 Long Passing, 93 Short Passing, 90 Vision
Luka Modrić 87 35 Real Madrid 92 Composure, 92 Balance, 91 Short Passing
Paul Pogba 86 27 Manchester United 91 Long Passing, 90 Ball Control, 90 Shot Power
Marco Verratti 86 28 Paris Saint-Germain 94 Balance, 94 Composure, 91 Agility
Koke 85 28 Atlético Madrid 94 Stamina, 88 Reactions, 87 Short Passing
Thiago Alcântara 85 29 Liverpool 91 Agility, 91 Ball Control, 90 Dribbling
Sergej Milinković-Savić 85 25 SS Lazio 88 Strength, 88 Ball Control, 86 Dribbling
Georginio Wijnaldum 85 30 Liverpool 93 Stamina, 88 Ball Control, 88 Balance
Miralem Pjanić 85 30 FC Barcelona 92 Free-Kick Accuracy, 90 Short Passing, 89 Ball Control
Parejo 85 31 Villarreal CF 93 Free-Kick Accuracy, 92 Short Passing, 90 Long Passing
Frenkie de Jong 85 23 FC Barcelona 90 Stamina, 90 Composure, 90 Short Passing
Saúl Ñíguez 84 26 Atlético Madrid 87 Stamina, 85 Ball Control, 85 Short Passing
Leon Goretzka 84 25 Bayern Munich 87 Reactions, 85 Ball Control, 84 Short Passing
Thomas Partey 84 27 Atlético Madrid 92 Stamina, 86 Composure, 86 Short Passing
Arthur 84 24 Juventus 90 Balance, 90 Composure, 89 Ball Control
João Moutinho 83 34 Wolverhampton Wanderers 89 Composure, 87 Short Passing, 87 Vision
Renato Augusto 83 32 Beijing Guoan 86 Reactions, 85 Short Passing, 85 Stamina
Éver Banega 83 32 Al-Shabab 85 Vision, 85 Short Passing, 84 Ball Control
Arturo Vidal 83 33 Inter Milan 86 Standing Tackle, 86 Stamina, 85 Reactions
İlkay Gündoğan 83 30 Manchester City 88 Ball Control, 88 Short Passing, 87 Composure
Paulinho 83 32 Guangzhou Evergrande 92 Stamina, 92 Jumping, 85 Heading Accuracy
Allan 83 29 Everton 92 Stamina, 90 Aggression, 88 Interceptions
Marcel Sabitzer 83 26 RB Leipzig 88 Shot Power, 88 Long Shots, 86 Reactions
Jorginho 83 29 Chelsea 91 Penalties, 89 Short Passing, 88 Long Passing
Mateo Kovačić 83 26 Chelsea 90 Short Passing, 89 Ball Control, 88 Dribbling
Donny van de Beek 83 23 Manchester United 92 Stamina, 85 Ball Control, 85 Composure
Federico Valverde 83 22 Real Madrid 89 Sprint Speed, 86 Stamina, 85 Short Passing

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