FIFA 21 Career Mode: Best Full Backs (LB, LWB, RWB, RB)

Do you need to reinforce down the defensive flanks to stave off those pesky wingers? Check out FIFA 21’s best LB, LWB, RWB, RB players in Career Mode.

The full back positions of left back, right back, left wing-back, and right wing-back have famously been underrated by EA Sports over the years.

This year, it’s much of the same, with the top 100 ratings on FIFA 21 only featuring seven full backs rated at 85 or higher, with the ceiling being an 87 OVR at the start of the new game.

On this page, you’ll find a list of all of the top-rated full backs of FIFA 21 who have had their attributes revealed – with more being named alongside their OVR on this page – below the five featured best at LB, RB, RWB, and LWB.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, 87 OVR (RB)

Team: Liverpool
Best Position: RB
Age: 21
Overall Rating: 87
Nationality: English
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 93 Crossing, 89 Long Passing, 88 Curve

Over the last five years – although, less so during the previous two seasons – Jurgen Klopp has meticulously signed players to build a squad in his image. What he probably didn’t expect, however, was an academy player to quickly break into the ranks.

After being teased into the side in the 2016/17 season, Trent Alexander-Arnold cemented himself as Klopp’s go-to right back from the start of the 2017/18 campaign, remaining there as one of Liverpool’s most dependable and exciting players ever since.

Last season, the whippet down the right wing was solid defensively but also put up strong attacking stats, claiming four goals and 15 assists from right back in 49 games.

The 22-year-old stands as FIFA 21’s joint-best full back and the game’s best RB, toting an 87 overall rating.

Alexander-Arnold is a very well-rounded player in the game, thanks to attributes like 93 crossing, 89 long passing, 88 curve, 82 interceptions, 88 stamina, and 83 standing tackle.

Andrew Robertson, 87 OVR (LB)

Team: Liverpool
Best Position: LB
Age: 26
Overall Rating: 87
Nationality: Scottish
Weak Foot: Two-Star
Best Attributes: 95 Stamina, 90 Crossing, 85 Aggression

One of the cheaper signings of Klopp’s Reds revolution, Andrew Robertson signed as an unassuming left back from Hull City for a mere £8.1 million in 2017.

Now, the Scot is seen as one of the mightiest left backs in the Premier League, never sacrificing defence for offence while getting up the pitch more than enough, as his three goals and 12 assists last season would suggest.

In FIFA 21, Robertson has all of the tools required to be a favoured two-way full back in the game. He’s the highest-rated LB in FIFA this year, boasting very well-rounded attribute ratings.

His 95 stamina means that you can hold down the sprint button whenever he has the ball, while his 90 crossing and 84 standing tackle show that Robertson works well at both ends of the pitch.

Daniel Carvajal, 86 OVR (RB)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: RB
Age: 28
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Spanish
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 89 Stamina, 85 Sliding Tackle, 84 Crossing

Born in Leganés, developed in Madrid, Daniel Carvajal came through the youth ranks of the Santiago Bernabéu only to be signed by Bayer Leverkusen on a five-year deal, and then brought straight back to Real Madrid in the following season via his buy-back clause.

Now, the right-back has amassed 279 appearances for the Spanish giants, despite nearly yearly battles with injury, managing to feature in 42 matches last season, scoring once and teeing-up eight more.

In FIFA 21, Carvajal boasts a high work rate in attack and defence to accompany his lofty (for a full back) overall rating of 86.

The Spaniard’s attribute ratings are very balanced, with his 89 stamina, 84 aggression, 85 sliding tackle, 84 reactions, 84 ball control, 84 crossing, and 83 short passing being among his highest-rated skills.

Jordi Alba, 86 OVR (LB)

Team: FC Barcelona
Best Position: LB
Age: 31
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Spanish
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 90 Agility, 88 Sprint Speed, 88 Acceleration

Playing on the opposite side of the pitch for the other perennial La Liga title contender to Dani Carvajal, compatriot Jordi Alba has been in the conversation for the best full back in the world almost since he joined Barça in 2012.

Last season, Alba suffered a few bouts of injury, but the Spaniard still managed to fire in two goals and set-up another nine through 36 games.

With ratings of 88 acceleration, 88 sprint speed, 90 agility, 88 stamina, and 85 crossing, Alba is a potent threat down the left flank in FIFA 21.

His overall rating of 86 means that these gaudy numbers see many of his defensive fundamentals take a hit, such as with his sliding tackle (82), standing tackle (80), marking (74), and composure (80). Still, as always in FIFA, speed is king.

Ricardo Pereira, 85 OVR (RB)

Team: Leicester City
Best Position: RB
Age: 27
Overall Rating: 85
Nationality: Portuguese
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 88 Stamina, 85 Reactions, 84 Acceleration

Ricardo Pereira is proving to be one of Leicester City’s best signings since they won the Premier League in 2016, dominating the right side defensively and in attack.

Putting in Player of the Season-grade performances throughout 2019/20, which included four goals and three assists, the Lisboa-native’s season was cut short due to a cruciate ligament injury that he was still recovering from when the new season got underway.

It’s not often that EA Sports give strong ratings to players not at clubs contending in the Champions League, but Pereira is fully deserving of his lofty ranking among full backs at 85 OVR.

A high defensive and attacking work rate, the Foxes’ full back boasts 84 acceleration, 83 sprint speed, 83 short passing, 85 reactions, 88 stamina, 83 sliding tackle, and 84 standing tackle.

All the Best Full Backs (LB, LWB, RWB, RB) in FIFA 21

Here’s the list of all of the best LB, RB, LWB, and RWB players in FIFA 21, with the table to be updated when the full game releases in October.

NameOverallAgePositionTeamBest Attributes
Trent Alexander-Arnold8722RBLiverpool93 Crossing, 89 Long Passing, 88 Curve
Andrew Robertson8726LBLiverpool95 Stamina, 90 Crossing, 84 Sprint Speed
Daniel Carvajal8628RBReal Madrid89 Stamina, 85 Sliding Tackle, 84 Ball Control
Jordi Alba8631LBFC Barcelona90 Agility, 88 Acceleration, 88 Sprint Speed
Ricardo Pereira8527RBLeicester City88 Stamina, 85 Reactions, 84 Acceleration
Kyle Walker8530RBManchester City94 Sprint Speed, 90 Acceleration, 89 Stamina
Alex Sandro8529LBJuventus90 Stamina, 84 Crossing, 84 Reactions

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