FIFA 21 Career Mode: Best Left Backs (LB & LWB)

Need a strong left back who can stifle tricky right wingers and send some crosses into the box? These are FIFA 21’s best LB and LWB players in Career Mode.

As has been the case in FIFA games of the past, FIFA 21 doesn’t rate left backs or left wing-backs too highly at all.

In the latest game, the highest-rated full back on the left side has an 87 overall rating, while only seven left backs have a rating of 84 or higher.

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Here, we’re taking a looking at the five best left backs on Career Mode in FIFA 21, with a table of all of the top-rated LB and LWB players at the bottom of the page.

Andrew Robertson (87 OVR)

Team: Liverpool
Best Position: LB
Age: 26
Overall Rating: 87
Nationality: Scottish
Weak Foot: Two-Star
Best Attributes: 95 Stamina, 90 Crossing, 85 Aggression

One of the cheaper signings of Jurgen Klopp’s Reds revolution, Andrew Robertson signed as an unassuming left back from Hull City for a mere £8.1 million in 2017.

Now, the Scot is seen as one of the mightiest left backs in the Premier League, never sacrificing defence for offence while getting up the pitch more than enough, as his three goals and 12 assists last season would suggest.

In FIFA 21, Robertson has all of the tools required to be a favoured two-way full back in the game. He’s the highest-rated LB in FIFA this year, boasting very well-rounded attribute ratings.

His 95 stamina means that you can hold down the sprint button whenever he has the ball, while his 90 crossing and 84 standing tackle show that Robertson works well at both ends of the pitch.

Jordi Alba (86 OVR)

Team: FC Barcelona
Best Position: LB
Age: 31
Overall Rating: 86
Nationality: Spanish
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 90 Agility, 88 Sprint Speed, 88 Acceleration

Playing on the opposite side of the pitch for the other perennial La Liga title contender to Dani Carvajal, compatriot Jordi Alba has been in the conversation for the best full back in the world almost since he joined Barça in 2012.

Last season, Alba suffered a few bouts of injury, but the Spaniard still managed to fire in two goals and set-up another nine through 36 games.

With ratings of 88 acceleration, 88 sprint speed, 90 agility, 88 stamina, and 85 crossing, Alba is a potent threat down the left flank in FIFA 21.

His overall rating of 86 means that these gaudy numbers see many of his defensive fundamentals take a hit, such as with his sliding tackle (82), standing tackle (80), marking (74), and composure (80). Still, as always in FIFA, speed is king.

Alex Sandro (85 OVR)

Team: Juventus
Best Position: LB
Age: 29
Overall Rating: 85
Nationality: Brazilian
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 90 Stamina, 84 Reactions, 84 Crossing

FC Porto makes a habit of building a wonderkid-stacked team, finding success, and then selling all of their products on; Alex Sandro was a part of the 2014/15 batch of Dragões starlets who made it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Coming through with fellow top prospects Ricardo Pereira, Danilo, Bruno Martins Indi, Casemiro, Rúben Neves, and Óliver Torres, Sandro landed a move to Juventus and is nearing his 200th appearance for the Italian giants.

In FIFA 21, the defensive side of the Brazilian’s game is emphasised, but his penchant for dribbling up the line, laying down key passes, and playing long balls is also noted.

As one of the highest-rated left backs in Career Mode, Sandro has several favourable attribute ratings, including his 84 crossing, 90 stamina, 83 sprint speed, and 82 aggression.

Alejandro Grimaldo (84 OVR)

Team: SL Benfica
Best Position: LB
Age: 25
Overall Rating: 84
Nationality: Spanish
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 90 Stamina, 86 Balance, 86 Acceleration

Signed straight from the Barça B team before he could play for the La Liga giants, Alejandro Grimaldo immediately became SL Benfica’s first-choice left back – only to be hindered by a long-term injury.

Last season, the Spaniard started 41 games for the eventual Liga NOS runners-up – scoring once and setting up eight more – but missed all-but two league games after the pause due to injury.

Grimaldo boasts a high attacking work rate to his medium defensive work rate in FIFA 21, with his attribute ratings lending him to being the type of left back that bombs down the flank and crosses into the box.

The Benfica left back’s strengths are in his 86 acceleration, 84 sprint speed, 84 crossing, 85 curve, 86 balance, 84 agility, 84 dribbling, and 90 stamina.

Lucas Digne (84 OVR)

Team: Everton
Best Position: LB
Age: 27
Overall Rating: 84
Nationality: French
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 92 Jumping, 87 Crossing, 85 Stamina

Everton have thrown a lot of money at a lot of players over the last few years, and while a lot of it looks to be wasted cash, Lucas Digne is one of the gems to emerge from the onslaught of signings.

The Frenchman joined for the relatively cheap fee of £18 million from Barcelona. Since then, he’s been a true force down the left side, reeling in 14 assists and five goals for the Toffees so far.

Digne ranks as one of the best left backs in FIFA 21’s Career Mode, and the highest-rated player for Everton at launch.

His best attribute ratings include 92 jumping, 85 stamina, 84 sliding tackle, 87 crossing, 83 curve, 83 ball control, and 83 free-kick accuracy.

All the Best Left Backs (LB & LWB) in FIFA 21

In the table below, you can find all of the highest-rated left backs and left wing-backs in FIFA 21’s Career Mode.

Name Overall Age Position Team Best Attributes
Andrew Robertson 87 26 LB Liverpool 95 Stamina, 90 Crossing, 84 Sprint Speed
Jordi Alba 86 31 LB FC Barcelona 90 Agility, 88 Acceleration, 88 Sprint Speed
Alex Sandro 85 29 LB Juventus 90 Stamina, 84 Crossing, 84 Reactions
Alejandro Grimaldo 84 25 LB SL Benfica 90 Stamina, 86 Balance, 86 Acceleration
Lucas Digne 84 27 LB Everton 92 Jumping, 87 Crossing, 85 Stamina
Nicolás Tagliafico 84 28 LB Ajax 90 Jumping, 85 Stamina, 84 Aggression
Alex Telles 84 28 LB FC Porto 91 Stamina, 89 Crossing, 87 Long Passing
Marcelo 83 32 LB Real Madrid 91 Ball Control, 89 Dribbling, 85 Balance
Yuri Berchiche 83 30 LB Athletic Bilbao 86 Stamina, 85 Jumping, 85 Aggression
Juan Bernat 83 27 LB Paris Saint-Germain 88 Balance, 85 Agility, 85 Crossing
José Luis Gayà 83 25 LB Valencia CF 86 Sprint Speed, 84 Sliding Tackle, 84 Stamina
Marcos Acuña 83 29 LB Sevilla 90 Stamina, 87 Dribbling, 87 Crossing
Ferland Mendy 83 25 LB Real Madrid 92 Sprint Speed, 91 Acceleration, 88 Stamina
Aleksandar Kolarov 82 35 LB Inter Milan 95 Shot Power, 90 Crossing, 90 Composure
Marcel Halstenberg 82 29 LB RB Leipzig 85 Jumping, 83 Stamina, 82 Crossing
Sergio Reguilón 82 24 LB Tottenham Hotspur 87 Sprint Speed, 82 Acceleration, 81 Ball Control
Jonny 81 26 LWB Wolverhampton Wanderers 82 Aggression, 82 Stamina, 81 Standing Tackle

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