FIFA 23: Complete Shooting Guide, Controls, Tips and Tricks

In this article, we look at all aspects of shooting from hints, tips and tricks to help you get on the scoresheet.

FIFA 23-Shooting Guide

Scoring goals is what football is all about and to do that, your shooting has to be accurate. But just accuracy isn’t enough. Before that, you have to beat defenders and the keeper to even get sight of the goal. Knowing the options your player has in their locker to score can turn chances into goals.

Learn how to perform shooting and get familiar with all shooting and finishing techniques and controls in FIFA 23.

Full Shooting Controls for Playstation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (xbox one and series x)

FIFA 23 Shot Types PlayStation Controls Xbox Controls
Shoot/ Header / Volley O B
Timed Shot O + O (Timed) B + B (Timed)
Chip Shot L1 + O LB + B
Finesse Shot R1 + O RB + B
Power Shot R1 + L1 + O (Tap) RB + LB + B (Tap)
Fake Shot O then X + Direction B then A + Direction
Flair Shot L2 + O LT + B
Penalty L Stick (Aim) + O (Shoot) L Stick (Aim) + O (Shoot)

How Do You Do a Long Shot in FIFA 23?

Erling Halland lining up to take a long-range shot in FIFA 23

Taking shots from range can be tricky at first but given time can catch your opponent and the keeper off guard. They also look amazing when they find the net.

To take a long shot, press and hold (O/B) whilst aiming at the goal. This will fill the power gauge for the shot meter up and it is down to you to judge the distance by how much power the shot needs. Generally, the greater the distance from the goal, the more power your shot will require.

How to Do Timed Finishing in FIFA 23?

To use a timed finish, power your initial shot by using (O/B) and aim at the goal. When your player is just about to hit the ball, tap (O/B) a second time.

If you have timed your second press perfectly, a green light will surround your player indicator and your shot will be very accurate. If you mistime your second press, a yellow, red or white indicator will show above your player which will result in a less accurate shot.

How Do You Shoot a Volley in FIFA 23?

To hit a ball on the volley, the ball must be in the air and roughly at waist height. Press (O/B) and aim towards the goal to hit the perfect volley.

How Do You Shoot a Power Shot?

The power shot is performed by pressing (R1+L1+O/RB+LB+B). Your player will pause and then take a short run-up before blasting the ball towards the goal. As this shot is manually aimed, the margin for error is much greater than other shots since there is no aim assist. Get this shot on target and the keeper is going to struggle to stop the net from bulging.

How Do You Shoot a Header in FIFA 23?

Heading the ball goalward is performed when the ball is in the air above head height, often from a cross or a lofted through ball (Square/L1+Triangle or X/LB+Y). Power it up by using (O/B). Similar to a shot, aim the Left stick towards the middle of the goal moving slightly in the desired direction when the player’s head makes contact with the ball.

How to Score Penalties in FIFA 23?

Taking penalties is achieved by using the Left Stick to aim the direction of your shot. The controller will vibrate if you are nearing the post or aiming wide of the goal. Press (O/B) and hold it depending on how much power you want to apply to the shot. If you are feeling brave, you can use a Panenka or chip shot using (L1+O/LB+B) but do so at your own risk as if the goalkeeper stays stationary, it’s a simple catch and an embarrassing miss.

How Do You Do a Finesse Shot in FIFA 23?

Finesse shots are performed by pressing (R1+O/RB+B) which helps to place the ball in the corner of the net, well out of the reach of a diving keeper. The key to this shot is to aim for the corners. Other factors to consider are the players’ strongest foot, the angle of the shot and the range you are shooting from.

How Do You Do a Chip Shot in FIFA 23?

To do a Chip Shot, press (L1+O/LB+O) to perform a chip to lift the ball just over a rushing goalkeeper. Timing is everything for this shot. Too early, the keeper catches the ball easily and too late, the goalkeeper has closed your player down and swept the ball up.

How to Get Better at Shooting in FIFA 23?

Allan Saint-Maximin shooting in FIFA 23

Below are five pointers you can use to improve your shooting in FIFA 23:

1. Keep It Simple – Just Tap It In

Try to get shots on goal as accurately as possible and in the simplest fashion. Fancy flicks and stylish finishing will come in time. If in doubt, keep it simple.

2. Choose Your Shot

When bearing down on goal make a choice on which shot you are going to make given the situation your player is in. Could you lob the keeper with a Chip Shot or would it be easier to bend the ball into the bottom with a Finesse Shot?

3. Power Your Shots

When shooting consider the distance from the goal which may need more power but be cautious as too much and the ball will likely fly high and wide. Equally not applying enough power means the ball will trickle towards the goal making it incredibly easy for the shot stopper.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Playing in the practice arena and using skill games can massively improve your accuracy with all the shots at your disposal. Also playing multiple games both offline and online will give you different scenarios allowing you to learn which shot is most effective in various situations.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s incredibly cliched but if a shot goes horrendously wrong, look at the factors that impacted it. Was there too much or too little power? Was the keeper too close? Was your player using their weaker foot? Look at all of the aspects and adjust to improve.

Who is the Best Finisher in FIFA 23?

Top 10 Finishers in FIFA 23:

1. Robert Lewandowski – 94 Finishing

2. Erling Haaland – 94 Finishing

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – 93 Finishing

4. Kylian Mbappé – 93 Finishing

5. Harry Kane – 93 Finishing

6. Mohamed Salah – 93 Finishing

7. Karim Benzema – 92 Finishing

8. Ciro Immobile – 91 Finishing

9. Heung Min Son – 91 Finishing

10. Lionel Messi – 90 Finishing

To find the back of the net with ease, be sure to look up any of the names above who are experts in their craft. Maybe even test out some of the tips in the article to perfect your game.

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