FIFA 23: Real Madrid Player Ratings

Outsider Gaming takes a look at the best Real Madrid player ratings in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23-Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world and inevitably has some of the best players around. Riding high from their 14th UEFA Champions League win in May that saw them beat PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, it is only right they are rewarded with some of the best ratings in the last edition of EA’s FIFA series.

They are also the team with the most La Liga titles in history with 35, their most recent having come in the 2021/2022 season. The predicted “fall” of Los Blancos after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo never happened. Instead, it gave birth to a new crop of stars and the development of already existing ones.

So, what are the Blancos stars’ new player ratings? Below we take a look at the top seven players in detail before providing a table at the foot of the article with all the best Real Madrid players in FIFA 23.

Karim Benzema (91 OVR – 91 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: CF
Age: 34
Overall Rating:
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 91 reactions, 90 finishing, 90 positioning

Karim Benzema must be one of the most underrated players over the last decade. But this year seems to be his year if his FIFA 23 ratings are anything to go by. Being the best-rated FIFA 23 player with an overall rating of 91 and a 91 potential rating, the French superstar will be pretty chuffed with his numbers.

The talismanic frontman is the true definition of a striker and as such he has all the exceptional traits in that department. That would be shooting, reactions and positioning. With an 88 shooting rating, scoring is ought to be a walk in the park.

There are other areas where the Frenchman managed to gain traction. This includes dribbling, where he has an impressive rating of 87. His passing is also impressive. With an 83 rating, assisting should be a piece of cake.

With his name miles ahead of the other Ballon d’Or prospects, saying Benzema’s 2021/22 season was fantastic will be an understatement. With successive hat tricks in the UCL knockout stages, there was no stopping the French international last season. The striker was directly involved in 59 goals in 46 matches (44 goals, 15 assists).

Thibaut Courtois (90 OVR – 91 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: GK
Age: 30
Overall Rating: 90
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 89 handling, 88 reflexes, 86 positioning

Thibaut Courtois’s overall rating of 90 is a slight upgrade from FIFA 22. The Real Madrid shot-stopper remains one of the best-rated goalkeepers not only in La Liga but across Europe and in FIFA 23.

With a handling rating of 89, very few shots will be able to make way past Courtois between the sticks. And with an 86 positioning rating, conceding goals whilst using Real Madrid is near impossible. The 88 reflex rating is also remarkable and allows the Belgian to maintain his position as one of the best keepers in the game.

With the man-of-the-match award in the UCL final, there is no denying that Courtois was the best goalkeeper in the 2021/22 season. With 22 clean sheets in 53 matches, it is clear why the former Chelsea goalkeeper is rated as one of the best players in the Real Madrid team.

Toni Kroos (88 OVR – 88 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: CDM
Age: 32
Overall Rating: 88
Weak Foot: Five-Star
Best Attributes:
93 short passing, 93 long passing, 90 reactions

The Real Madrid midfield has been one of the most consistent over the years and Toni Kroos has been an integral part of it. As a result of his consistency, the German maestro maintains an 88 overall rating and 88 potential rating from the 2022 edition of FIFA.

A 93 rating for both short and long passes is not only impressive, it is pure silk. If you have seen Kroos play though, you might deem it a bit low. That’s how good the former Bayern München player is. The 90 reactions rating makes it easier for the midfielder to make decisive runs and brilliant passes.

Last season Kroos added a fifth Champions League title to his tally, and he did it in style. The German international was directly involved in 6 goals in 45 games last season. We can only hope he takes that form to the new season and eventually to the World Cup.

Luka Modrić (88 OVR – 87 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: CM
Age: 36
Overall Rating: 88
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 92 composures, 92 balance, 91 Agility

The only Balloon d’Or winner aside from Messi and Ronaldo in the last decade has managed to prove again that age has nothing on him. The 36-year-old comes into the list with a comfortable overall rating of 88 and a potential rating of 88.

From a character perspective, you can tell that the Croatian captain is composed. The fact that he can easily transcend that to the football field is what makes him special. With a 92 composure rating, mistakes from the midfield will be a rarity.

The 93 balance rating is also great if you love a possession-intensive type of play. The 91 agility rating makes him dangerous going forward. If you love hitting the bins, Luka Modrić is the player for you.

Modrić will be heading into the World Cup with a huge smile, thanks to an amazing 2021/22 season. With one of the best assists in the UCL, the former Tottenham midfielder had everything to be proud about last season. With 15 goal involvement in 45 matches, the Croatian general put up quite a show.

Antonio Rüdiger (87 OVR – 87 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: CB
Age: 29
Overall Rating: 87
Weak Foot: Three-Star
Best Attributes: 92 aggression, 90 Strength, 88 Marking

Antonio Rüdiger was the biggest steal of the summer transfer window. Getting a defender. who is rated 87 in FIFA, on a free transfer is a testament to how good Real Madrid is when it comes to transfer business.

In this era of skilful and fast strikers, you will need a dominant defender with aggression. With a 92 aggression rating, Rüdiger gives you just that. But aggression isn’t good enough without strength and Rüdiger has that as well, with a 90 strength rating. In terms of overall quality, the German centre-back is well-rounded and will certainly give you an edge on the defensive side of things.

Before his switch to Madrid this summer, the German superstar had a magnificent season with Chelsea. With an impressive nine-goal involvement in 54 matches, the Berlin-born superstar cemented his status as a Chelsea legend.

David Alaba (86 OVR – 86 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: CB, LB
Age: 30
Overall Rating: 86
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 88 Reactions, 86 Interceptions, 87 Marking

David Alaba had an iconic season with Real Madrid and an even more iconic “chair celebration” in the Champions League. His performances last season earned him an overall rating of 86 and a similar potential rating.

The Austrian is one of the best defenders to grace the European football scene in the past decade. With a witty sense of play, it is easy to see why he was rated 88 in terms of reactions. With an 87 marking rating, making interceptions and winning the ball shouldn’t be difficult if you are playing with him. Add to that the 86 interceptions rating and you have yourself a marvel of a defender.

The former Bayern defensive powerhouse made a switch to Real Madrid in 2021 on a free transfer and proved to be quite pivotal in the Los Blancos’ golden season. With seven-goal involvement in 46 matches in his first season, it can only get better.

Vinícius Jr. (85 OVR – 91 POT)

Team: Real Madrid
Best Position: LW
Age: 22
Overall Rating: 85
Weak Foot: Four-Star
Best Attributes: 95 Sprint speed, 94 Agility, 90 Dribbling

For someone who scored the solitary goal in a tight Champions League final, it would have been a surprise if he didn’t get an upgrade. Getting an 86 overall rating and an even more impressive 91 potential rating, it is only a matter of time before Vinícius Jr completes his football takeover.

The young Brazilian is one of the fastest players in FIFA 23 with a 95 sprint speed rating. The 94 agility rating allows him a lot of body control and ball retention during his speed bursts. Add to that, the amazing 92 dribbling ratings and you have the best young prospect in the game. The dribbling gives the forward that “Brazilian flair” we have learned to love over the years.

After making a €45 million move from Flamengo, the first few seasons at Madrid did not go as well as he would have hoped. But the tides have gotten better though especially with last season in focus. The Brazilian speedster played 52 matches last season. The fact that a 21-year-old could get that much game time is utterly impressive.

Vinicius was directly involved in 42 goals in 52 matches last season. That’s a mighty achievement for a player of his age.

Thibaut CourtoisGK309091
Karim BenzemaCF ST349191
Toni KroosCM328888
Luka ModrićCM368888
Eden HazardLW308585
David AlabaCB LB308686
Federico ValverdeCM238389
Ferland MendyLB278386
Marco AsensioRW LW268386
Éder MilitãoCB248289
Nacho FernándezCB RB LB328181
Lucas VázquezRW RB RM318181
Vinícius Jr.LW228591
Eduardo CamavingaCM CDM197889
Dani CeballosCM CDM257780
Andriy LuninGK237485
BlancoCM CDM217183
MarvinRW RM RB226779
ArribasCAM RM LM206581
Luis CarbonellST LW196381
Luis LópezGK216376
Takuhiro NakaiCAM186183

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