FIFA 23 SBC Solutions

One of the game modes that has been popular in recent years, particularly with FIFA 23, is the Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

Best FIFA 23 SBC Solutions

Over the years, FIFA is known for its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) which is constantly evolving with each version of the game. One of the game modes that has been popular in recent years, particularly with FIFA 23, is the Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

You may not be familiar with SBC if you are new to FIFA Ultimate Team. Fortunately, SBC is as simple as it gets. Squad Building Challenges is a game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team that is made up of a series of objectives involving squad building.

In exchange for completing the objectives, you will gain rewards in form of player cards, special kits, packs, and other exciting rewards. While there are a variety of challenges, most SBC in FIFA 23 involves creating a specific team that comes with various guidelines.

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How to play SBC

Once you are in FIFA Ultimate Team, the first step to participate in the Squad Building Challenges is to simply click on the SBC menu icon. You will find tabs where you can choose the challenges you want to complete.

You can see the SBC reward when you click on the SBC. Once you are settled on a challenge, it is time for you to start completing the objectives.

The best FIFA 23 SBC Solutions

Solutions for the Squad Building Challenges

After picking on one of the challenges, you will face a single challenge or a collection of tasks depending on which SBC you chose. In case of group challenges, you will have to complete each objective individually or simultaneously whenever it is possible.

An SBC can only be completed once you fulfil every objective required. The best way to start is by planning your strategy for filling up your team. You can build your team from scratch or use the squad creator, which is always a helpful tool.

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Start building your squad

After understanding the objectives of the challenges, it is time for you to start building your lineup. You can always automatically form your squad with the Squad Builder, but you still have to search for missing players by purchasing them off the market.

Tip – try to make your lineup as cheap as possible!

Purchasing players off the market is not an easy task, some players are hard to find in the market while others may be overpriced, so make sure to plan and choose your players wisely.

In any case that you failed to complete the challenges within the given time, you will receive all your players back. On the other hand, players will not be returned once you completed the SBC, that is why it is important to allocate the right players for your squad.

There will be more articles covering solutions for specific SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. In the meantime, try exploring the SBCs and start to plan your strategies, best of luck!

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