FIFA 22: Shooting Controls, How to Shoot, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to shoot in FIFA 22 with all the techniques, tips and tricks.

FIFA 22: Shooting Controls, How to Shoot, Tips and Tricks

It’s not a secret that if you don’t score, you can’t win games of football. Needless to say, the only way that you’re going to win games is by converting your chances. So, to help you become more clinical in FIFA 22, we’ve compiled the ultimate shooting guide.

With so many shooting variations on FIFA 22, it’s imperative that you know not just how to perform these different shooting techniques, but when the best time to use each technique is in-game. Whether it be finesse, chipped, or long shots, every type of finish has distinct advantages for different situations.

Here’s everything that you need to know about shooting in FIFA 22.

Full shooting controls for PlayStation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (Xbox One/Series X|S)

FIFA 22 Shot TypesPlayStation ControlsXbox Controls
Shoot / Header / VolleyOB
Timed ShotO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
Chip ShotL1 + OLB + B
Finesse ShotR1 + ORB + B
Driven Shot / Downward HeaderL1 + R1 + O (tap)LB + RB + B (tap)
Fake ShotO then X + directionB then A + direction
Flair ShotL2 + OLT + B
PenaltyL Stick (Aim) + O (Shoot)L Stick (Aim) + B (Shoot)

How to shoot

To shoot in FIFA 22, press Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox. You need to gauge the power level required by factoring in your players ability, distance from goal and position on the pitch.

How do you do a long shot in FIFA 22?

To perform long shots in FIFA 22, you need to press shoot (O/B), holding down the button to apply the correct amount of power from distance.

Knowing how much power to apply to your shots will take time to learn. Generally, the further out that you are, the more power that you need. However, don’t fill up the power bar fully as it will almost guarantee that you overhit the shot and it’ll go over the bar. 

Your player’s ability plays a significant role in the range and accuracy of your shots, so try to shoot with footballers that possess strong shooting ratings.

Where to aim the shot is entirely circumstantial. That said, aiming where there is a clear path to goal and often targeting the shot towards the far post is your best bet for converting a long-range effort.

How to do a flair shot

Flair shots can be performed using the following controls:

  • PS4/PS5: L2 + O
  • Xbox One/Series X|S: LT + B

Flare shots are stunning powerful shots but significantly less accurate. Use this shot type wisely during a match.

How to use timed finishing in FIFA 22

To perform a timed finish shot, power your initial shot and aim it goalward. Once your player is just about to strike the ball tap (O/B) for the second time.

A green light above the shooter will indicate a perfectly timed finished, a yellow or red light will indicate that you’ve mistimed the shot and, as a result, your shot will be less accurate.

The ideal situations in which to use timed finishing is for ambitious shots, such as volleys, half-volleys, and long-range strikes. Perfect timing will improve your scoring chances on these shots, which are normally more difficult to score from. 

As a fairly new edition to FIFA, it seems like many players are either still mastering this technique or don’t use it at all. Performed correctly, the timed finish can be deadly and greatly improve the accuracy, and therefore the scoring chance from the shot.

How to volley

To execute a volley in FIFA 22, press Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox when the ball is in the air at roughly waist height

You can also use flair volley shots (L2+O/LT+B) to turn heading opportunities into something a bit more spectacular too, which is a technique worth learning as you can apply more power to a volley than you can a header. 

How to chip

To perform a chip shot, press L1 + Circle on PlayStation and LB + B on Xbox. Make sure there is a good amount of distance between the goalkeeper and the goal to improve your chances of scoring a chip shot.

How do you shoot a header?

To head the ball, you need to tap shoot (O/B) when the ball is around chest or head height from a lofted pass or cross (L1+Triangle or Square/LB+Y or X).

Headers represent a good opportunity to score from set pieces, in particular corners, and once you’re more comfortable with timed finishing, you can use the timed technique on headers to make them more difficult to save.

How to take penalties in FIFA 22

Basic penalties require you to aim (L Stick) and then shoot (O/B) with the requisite power. It’s best to time the penalty (pressing O/B) as the penalty taker is just about to strike the ball to reduce the target size of your penalty. This makes the shot less likely to miss by being off target.

How to do a chipped or Panenka penalty

If you’re feeling brave, you can use the cheeky Panenka penalty technique (L1+O/LB+B) which chips the ball slowly towards goal, fooling the keeper as they mistime their save. However, get it wrong and Panenka’s are very easy to save or miss, so use them sparingly. 

How to do a finesse shot in FIFA 22

Finesse shots are performed by pressing R1+O/RB+B to place the ball beyond the keeper’s reach and into one of the corners of the goal. These are best used when you want to increase the accuracy of your shot by sacrificing its speed.

The general rule is to always aim or bend the shot around the keeper, which is often best done by aiming the shot towards the far corner. This rule is dependent on your player’s footedness and body position, but mostly, this is a solid approach to shooting from inside and just outside the box.

Finesse shots are a crucial shooting technique in FIFA 22 which you’ll need to master if you’re going to successfully convert chances.

Shooting tips for FIFA 22

Below are tips and tricks to help you improve your shooting skills.

1. Don’t overcomplicate shooting

It may sound obvious, but whenever you shoot, you’re trying to score. Don’t try and go for the stylish finish and risk missing when a simpler technique will do. For example, depending on the situation, finesse shots are often more deadly than chipped efforts – even if they don’t always look as impressive. Always use the best shooting technique for the situation, not the shooting technique that you think looks best.

2. Learn from your misses

Missing shots is natural on FIFA – you can’t score them all. However, think about why your shots aren’t going in. If the keeper is making simple saves, are you aiming your shot towards the correct corner? Does the ball keep going over the bar? If so, maybe take some power off of your shots. Driven shots are going wide? Use a different technique. Learning from your missed shots is a great way to develop your shooting skills and decision-making.

3. Know the shot that you want to take before you shoot

When presented with an opportunity to shoot, it’s easy to panic – especially in those big moments when the game is still up for grabs. If you assess the situation in front of you and picture what type of shot you want before you even take it, you’ll find that you become a lot more clinical in these big situations. This way, you’ll begin to understand which technique, aim, and power you’ll want for your upcoming, maybe game-winning, shot.

4. Power your shots carefully – don’t overdo it or under hit them

Getting the correct aim on the correct type of shot is important, but only half of the job. Power is arguably the most crucial aspect of shooting because every technique, the position of the shot, and where you want the finish to go requires a different amount of power. If you can understand how much power you need, you’ll be much less wasteful in front of the goal.

5. Practice in and out of games

It might seem a bit boring, but practicing the different shooting techniques in the Skill Games mode – in addition to competitive offline and online games – is a worthwhile use of your time. 

Techniques such as timed shooting and volleys will not start going in overnight and they will need a fair bit of practice. So, whilst you can always learn from your misses during games, more dedicated practice is highly recommended to take your shooting to the next level. 

Who is the best finisher in FIFA 22?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best finisher in FIFA 22 with a 95 finishing rating, as is Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 95 Finishing
  2. Lionel Messi – 95 Finishing
  3. Robert Lewandowski – 95 Finishing
  4. Harry Kane – 94 Finishing
  5. Erling Haaland – 94 Finishing
  6. Kylian Mbappé – 93 Finishing
  7. Luis Suárez – 93 Finishing
  8. Sergio Agüero – 93 Finishing
  9. Romelu Lukaku – 92 Finishing
  10. Ciro Immobile – 91 Finishing

Shooting is such an important skill in FIFA and we hope that you’ve gleaned something from this guide to help you hit new heights in front of goal.

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