Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: Full List of Characters

Wondering who all of the FNAF Security Breach characters are?

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: Full List of Characters

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is full of characters both familiar and new to the series. Not all characters present retain their purpose from previous game in Security Breach, but they leave an indelible mark.

Below, you will find a list of all of the FNAF Security Breach characters in alphabetical order. A brief description will follow, including if and how a character can be defeated. Certain characters will also have upgrades for Freddy Fazbear, which will also be noted. Plus at the end of the article, we give a little rundown of some products we chose that could keep you gaming longer, in style, and more comfortably.

The list begins with DJ Music Man.

1. DJ Music Man (animatronic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's DJ Music Man animatronic, foe character

As his name suggests, DJ Music Man is the DJ of Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex. He appears only briefly, though he leaves a lasting impression – just look at that face! DJ Music Man is the largest animatronic you will encounter in the game. He is also the only that has multiple legs, resembling a spider.

You will come upon the DJ in the Fazcade, first asleep. You will need to head here as part of completing Roxy Raceway. After you are given the mission to hit switches to restart the power, Music Man will make his presence known. He will try to trap you in the bathroom, the location of the first switch. He will then be seen scaling the walls and entering the massive tunnels with his arachnoid body. The creepiness is raised with his humanoid face.

You will have to escape him by sprinting away in a long hallway after hitting the last switch, though he will throw old arcade games at you to block your path. There should be more than enough space and time for you to escape into the nearby security room.

2. Endoskeletons (animatronics, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Endoskeletons animatronics, foe character

The interior bodies of animatronics, endoskeletons can wreck your day due to their unique nature.

They follow you when you’re not facing them, pointing your Flashlight at the bodies. Your first encounter with them is a bit chaotic as you have to eventually evade a horde of them in narrow spaces, only made worse with the amount of turns and doors needing to be switched open.

They will appear at other points in the game, usually rather suddenly, after completing a portion of a mission. For example, after obtaining a key item to defeat a boss from Bonnie Bowl, endoskeletons will litter the bowling alley and chase you until you exit – that is, should you exit.

3. Freddy Fazbear (animatronic, partner)

Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Fazbear animatronic, partner character
The namesake to the series and the Pizza Plex.

The titular character for the series and the setting of Security Breach, Freddy Fazbear actually aids you in your quest to make it through the night rather than trying to kill you. While he admits he cannot explain why he’s helping you, his assistance is valuable and critical nonetheless.

Fazbear has the ability to hide Gregory within him (press Square in front of Fazbear). You can call Fazbear to your location with L1. Since Fazbear is not an enemy to the bots and animatronics, he can freely move about without fear of being caught. However, he has a short charge and if the battery hits zero while you’re inside, he will kill you (cause a game over). Find recharge stations throughout the Pizza Plex and exit Fazbear earlier to avoid this scenario.

You will also have to opportunity to upgrade Fazbear with various parts that will aid in your night of tribulation (more below). Fazbear will also – for the most part – communicate with you at key points throughout the game to inform you of your next steps. Be aware that you cannot interact with any objects while within Fazbear; only Gregory can interact with items like gift boxes and buttons.

4. Glamrock Chica (animatronic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Glamrock Chica animatronic, foe character

A bandmate of Fazbear at the Pizza Plex, Glamrock Chica is as hungry to find you as she is to eat pizza! Of the three animatronic baddies, she tends to appear more frequently and in more cramped areas. Her signature, “Gregory!” call will chill you to the bone.

There is way to beat Chica (briefly) and obtain an upgrade for Fazbear. You don’t really have to do anything to defeat her besides watch a cut scene; it’s everything leading up to that point that is a pain. Chica’s voracious appetite – again, how does an animatronic eat real food? – leads to her literal downfall.

You can collect her Voice Box and upgrade Fazbear at Parts and Services. Installing the upgrade allows Fazbear to stun bots. This can be very useful in tight situations where you need to find space to release Gregory.

5. Gregory (human, main character)

Five Nights at Freddy's Gregory human, main character

The main character that you’ll only see in the ending scenes or on the cameras through your Faz-Watch, Gregory is a young child who finds himself trapped in the Pizza Plex. An orphan, it is likely Gregory snuck into the Pizza Plex to escape the outdoor conditions. However, this is where he learns the dark secret of the mall – the disappearance of children.

It is revealed that there are a lack of records of Gregory ever entering the Pizza Plex, leading to the belief of his having snuck into the place. You are not given any other information than he needs to make it to the morning when the doors open.

As Gregory, aside from the aforementioned ability to hide in Fazbear, you can also hide in a multitude of spots throughout the game. He can sprint (a blue bar at the bottom shows how long) and sneak, the latter making him quieter with the tradeoff of slower movement. A few items can be unlocked to help Gregory throughout his night, including the Flashlight and the Hoodie.

Gregory is also one of two fully-modeled humans in a Five Nights game, both appearing in Security Breach.

6. Map Bot (animatronic, neutral)

Five Nights at Freddy's Map Bot animatronic, neutral character
Jump scare all to give you a map!

The Map Bot, simply put, is there to provide you a map of the area. They give you a jump scare, making you think security’s going to sound the alarm, but instead just hold out a map for you to collect. This will happen several times throughout the game. While the maps are very basic, they at least indicate where charge stations and stairs are located.

An associated neutral bot are the access bots in front of Fazer Blast and Mazercise. Without a Party Pass, they will not let you through. However, showing them a Party Pass at one of these locations (you will only get one Party Pass) will result in the bot doing a little dance and then letting you proceed.

7. Montgomery Gator (animatronic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Montgomery Gator animatronic, foe character

Another of Fazbear’s buddies, Montgomery Gator is the most aggressive of the three main antagonistic animatronics. He carries the personality of a rock star down to the verbiage.

Gator is also the only real enemy you have to “defeat” in a more engaged way. Unlike the other two, you have to avoid him while also completing another task before the cutscene occurs that results in his scrapping. Crucially, he can leap to different areas of the field, sometimes right in front of you!

Gator drops the upgrade Monty’s Claws. With these claws, Fazbear can break through locked gates with the yellow chains around them. This will open up several new areas for Gregory and Fazbear to explore, and importantly is needed to access Roxy Raceway (more below).

8. Moonydrop (animatronic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Moonydrop animatronic, foe character

Moonydrop is the Hyde to Sunnydrop’s Jekyll. When the lights go out, Moonydrop appears and, outside of the children’s area, chases you down.

You’ll know Moonydrop is on your heels because at certain points in the game – including the end – not only do the lights go out, but a blue haze with stars borders the screen. Aside from the ending, you can escape Moonydrop by entering the nearest charge station. The first time you do this, you will actually see Moonydrop drag away and abduct Fazbear; just how much strength does that little animatronic possess?

For some reason, entering the charge station immediately ends Moonydrop’s search. When you exit the station, the lights will return to normal. However, at the end of the game, charge stations and save stations don’t work, so you will have to be quick in entering and exiting Fazbear to avoid Moonydrop.

9. Roxanne Wolf (animatronic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Roxanne Wolf animatronic, foe character

The last of Fazbear’s band mates, Roxanne Wolf is a tricky foe to evade. Somehow, this animatronic has a keen sense of smell and can potentially sniff out your hiding spot, causing a game over. You can actually see her on the cameras sniffing around, as well as hear her sniffing from your spot.

Wolf is another where it’s all about the process leading up to her “battle.” It is a long, backtracking path through Roxy Raceway and the Fazcade. Once you engage the cut scene, a humorous scene plays out that ends with you being able to retrieve another upgrade for Fazbear – Roxy’s Eyes. These will allow Fazbear to see collectible items through walls and in general, outlined in fuchsia.

She will still attack you in a blind state, using her sense of smell and hearing, in the underground. Use that to your advantage to finally escape and be done with Wolf.

10. Security Bots (robotic, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Bots robotic, foe character

The most frequent bane of Gregory’s existence, these bots patrol the entire Pizza Plex – even in kitchens and storage areas. While they cannot cause a game over, they will sound an alarm that, if they are near, will draw one or more of the three main animatronic foes.

Their routes are fairly defined, though the timing can be disrupted if they find you. In larger areas, they tend to overlap paths so that you have to find good timing or a different route to advance. You might even be able to run right by them, but if their flashlight so much as glances you, they will give you a jump scare and sound the alarm. You will also encounter a variation should you go into the sewers, but they just look like demented versions of the Driver Assist bots from Roxy Raceway.

Some areas will not have Chica, Gator, or Wolf answer the call of the bots, but these are rare. Still, avoid them as much as possible, and grab the Hoodie while you’re at it to make yourself even harder to detect.

11. Sunnydrop (animatronic, neutral)

Five Nights at Freddy's Sunnydrop animatronic, neutral character

You first meet Sunnydrop as you make it to the children’s play area. Head down the slide and into the ball pit to see a short scene where Sunnydrop dives off of an elevated spire and into the pit. He seems jolly enough, telling you the only thing you shouldn’t do is turn off the lights.

Like DJ Music Man, Sunnydrop plays a bit role in the game as his evil persona, Moonydrop, plays a more significant role. On the bright side, at least Sunnydrop isn’t trying to kill you!

12. Vanessa (human, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Vanessa human, foe character
Vanessa finding Gregory!

The other fully-modeled human in the game, Vanessa is the overnight security guard you must evade in the early stages of the game. She does eventually catch you in story (pictured), but after she refuses to repair Fazbear, she rarely appears for the rest of the game…or does she?

Vanessa mentions to Fazbear that there are a lack of records on Gregory, yet she knows his name because she keeps hearing his name come out of the Faz-Watch in Fazbear’s voice, which Fazbear tries to explain away. Eventually, she leaves, allowing you to repair Fazbear.

There is seemingly more than meets the eye with Vanessa, and you may find out more about her depending on your ending…

13. Vanny (???, foe)

Five Nights at Freddy's Vanny foe character
A hazy screen means evil bunny Vanny is near!

The main baddie in Security Breach, Vanny is…something that creepily skips around the place. You’ll know she’s near when the screen starts to go hazy and glitch out, meaning you need to sprint away fast!

There are multiple endings involving Vanny, including one that seemingly reveals her identity. However, that same ending may also debunk your initial thought at the identity of Vanny. This is one reason why a sequel to Security Breach specifically may be needed to tie up some loose ends created by not only the endings, but the events of the entire game. In any case, Vanny’s mission is to kill you, and she’s turned all the bots on you!

Now that you know the characters present in FNAF Security Breach, nothing should catch you by surprise – aside from those pesky jump scares. Will you unravel the mystery behind Vanessa, Vanny, and the rest of the animatronics in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex?

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