Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: How to Unlock the Flashlight, Fazer Blaster, and Faz Camera

There are three key usable items in FNAF Security Breach. Here’s your guide to unlock the Flashlight, Fazblaster, and Faz Camera.

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach is now available on PlayStation 4 and 5, and the jump scares are many. To assist little Gregory in his night of survival, there are three key items that you can unlock and equip in the Flashlight, Fazer Blaster, and Faz Camera.

Below, you will find the location of each item, how to unlock the items, and the function of each item. Each item plays a useful role for Gregory throughout the game.

How to unlock the Flashlight in FNAF Security Breach

These Freddy Fazbear flashlight recharging stations are located throughout the mall.

A little bit into the game, you will end up in the childcare area, eventually into the playland. Here, you will encounter Sunnydrop for the first time, who bounces around the area and tells you that it musn’t go dark. At the security desk, you will find a security badge that, once you take, will cause all sorts of havoc (a repeated theme) – namely causing a power outage!

Didn’t Sunnydrop give a warning?

Suddenly, Moondrop – Sunnydrop’s evil alter ego – appears and you must make your way around the playland turning on five generators while avoiding Moondrop, though it is evident where Moondrop is as they just bounce around in different areas, not moving until a genrator is activated. To help, to the right of the security desk after you nab the security badge will be the Flashlight. Select it with D-Pad Up and then hit R2 to turn it on and off.

However, you can immediately upgrade your Flashlight so you don’t have to return to the charging station so much looking for the generators – which are all located in the climbable structures. Quickly head to the top left corner of the area and climb up an orange spiral staircase. There, you will find a gift box with your first Flashlight battery upgrade.

You will find at least two other battery upgrades. One will be in a side room of the backstage practice area after Freddy Fazbear goes into rest mode. The other is in a small, square circuit room patrolled by a solo security bot. The upgrade is on the control panel in the back middle of the room.

The Flashlight does more than just light your way. You will encounter the inner skeletons of animatronics throughout your night, particularly underneath the mall. They will chase and capture you unless the Flashlight is pointing at them. This will become crucial to pass certain areas in the game.

How to unlock the Faz Camera in FNAF Security Breach

The Faz Camera, located in a security office in Montgomery Gator’s mini-golf course.

To unlock the Faz Camera, you have to head to the security room inside of Monty’s Gator Grill, which is located within Monty’s Gator Golf. You will need to present your Party Pass to the bot outside of the doors to proceed (and you only have one). Head inside the Grill and through the red doors to enter a long hallway that has the security office on the left side.

Inside, before grabbing another security badge, grab the Faz Camera from the gift box next to the security badge and the Mazercise Ticket from the gift box behind you – which you need to proceed to the next area. There should also be a bag with another message on the ground. Then, go ahead and grab the security badge, which again causes havoc to break loose.

Equip the Faz Camera with D-Pad Right and then R2 to ready. If you hit R2 to flash the Faz Camera at bots, it’ll momentarily freeze and stun them. They do have to be in medium to medium-close range for the flash to hit. There is a trophy for stunning four bots with one flash, for what it’s worth. However, it takes a long time for the flash to refill, so use the Faz Camera wisely.

How to unlock the Fazer Blaster in FNAF Security Breach

Who’s up for some laser tag?

Obtaining the Fazer Blaster is a bit more involved than the Faz Camera. You will need to head to the Fazer Blast arena, presenting your only Party Pass to enter. If it helps, Monty’s Gator Golf and the Fazer Blast arena are directly opposite the other. Once you enter, you will be informed you are on the orange team and will need to grab the Fazer Blaster on the table (this is just for the mini-game).

Once you enter the arena, you have to capture all three flags while shooting and evading enemy bots. They also have lasers, and you will notice you have a health bar. You have five laser shots before needing to refill its charge, which, like the Faz Camera, takes a long time to recharge. Be judicious and accurate with your shots as it only takes one shot to destroy an enemy bot.

Each flag (hit Square at the control panel) will need to be defended for 30 seconds, with all enemies now focused on your position. Try using the barriers to crouch behind a bit, but you should be able to take them out with some accurate shooting and after, letting your Fazer Blaster recharge between capturing flags – just hide in a spot for a little bit.

Beware: Glamrock Chica may be prowling the premises. While a shot does not destroy her, it momentarily stuns her so you can evade. Still, if you see her, run in the opposite direction and hide.

If you successfully capture all three flags, you will exit, deposit your used Fazer Blaster in the receptacle, and then receive your own in the prize room. You will also unlock the trophy for beating Fazer Blast. Equip the gun with D-Pad Left and use R2 to shoot. It has a longer range than the Faz Camera, but also requires precise accuracy.

Make an extra save slot before heading to either location

Even virtually, maintaining good social health standards.

Freddy Fazbear indicates you can either choose the Faz Camera or Fazer Blaster with your one Party Pass. As such, it is imperative that, if you haven’t already, make multiple saves. This way, you can pick back up where you left off to gain the other item and any associated trophy.

There are multiple points throughout the game with these situations. The first is either going through El Chip’s and the arcade or through the chute by the salad restaurant, which leads to the pizza making mini-game and associated trophy, but a far more difficult path. In some cases, you will end up having to return to points you chose to skip, but keeping extra save files could help you gain a better strategy from repeated tries that then lead to a better result in your main file.

It’s also important to keep so many different save files (that you can track) because there are multiple endings!

Which one is easier to unlock: Fazer Blaster or Faz Camera?

Undoubtedly, the Faz Camera is easier to unlock. You don’t have to do any mini-games (even on a mini-golf course) and simply collect it from a gift box. The tradeoff is that the Faz Camera has less range and is weaker because it lacks the charges that the Fazer Blaster contains.

However, think about what suits your style the best. Are you someone who’s fine with sniping bots at a distance and sprinting through using the Fazer Blaster? Are you more of the stealth type who only uses items when necessary? Do you get easily frustrated at needing to retry certain parts? Do you want the biggest challenge?

If your answers to the first and last questions were “yes,” then the Fazer Blaster is for you. If you answered “yes” to the other two questions, then go for the Faz Camera. They both carry out the same function, just in different ways.

What does Fizzy Faz do in FNAF Security Breach?

Fizzy Faz is an important drink that once collected, increases your sprint speed, stamina, and stamina recharge. They are in gift boxes. There is one drink for each of the Glamrock FNAF characters. The location for each are:

  • Monty Fizzy Faz is located in the kitchen of El Chip’s. This is the easiest Fizzy Faz to obtain, and the earliest one you can collect.
  • Chica Fizzy Faz is located in the Level 2 security door next to the gift shop. Inside, there will be a gift box with the Fizzy Faz as well as a message bag.
  • Freddy Fizzy Faz is located in the Loading Dock. Head to the security office, then along the catwalks. After navigating through some security bots, you should find it in a gift box in a small control room that looks destroyed.
  • Roxy Fizzy Faz is located in Roxy Raceway. By the save station behind the go-kart, go up the stairs to reach to the gift box.

Try to have at least one of the Fizzy Faz upgrades before embarking on either of these missions.

There you have it, your guide on where to find the three main items for Gregory in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. The Flashlight will be your main and trusty item, and adding the Fazer Blaster or Faz Camera will make your night of anxious survival a little easier.

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