Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: How to Quickly Solve the Mazercise Puzzle

Stuck on the puzzle in Mazercize? Here’s a guide to quickly finish the puzzle and hit the vent in FNAF Security Breach.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach isn’t just about sneaking, hiding, and running away. Throughout the game, you will also have to solve puzzles and other mini-games to progress.

One of the more frustrating puzzles in the FNAF Security Breach is rearranging the puzzle in Mazercise to open a path to the vent. Even the hint from the message about moving “blue to the corner” doesn’t help very much.

Read below to see the steps to easily create a path for yourself through the maze.

The path to Mazercise

You will need to head through Mazercise if you retrieved the Faz Camera from Monty’s Grill rather than the Fazer Blaster (here’s a handy guide). In the same security office as the Faz Camera and another badge upgrade, you will see a box with the Mazercise pass.

You head to Mazercise and the control room, located in a small office in the back, but then have to trek all the way back to the children’s area to retrieve the aforementioned message before attempting the puzzle. Along the way, be wary of Roxanne Wolf prowling the floor of Mazercise and Montgomery Gator in the children’s area. Remember, save as often as possible.

A quick solution to the Mazercize puzzle

That pesky puzzle inside Mazercize.

Once you get the code and head back, first, ensure that the red switch is set to the down position so that the up and down arrows are lit. Then hit the top button under “3” three times. Hit the red switch so that the left and right arrows are now lit.

Next, hit the top button under “1” in line with the left arrow once, moving things in this sector to the left. Hit the switch again and repeat the first process by hitting the top button under “3” three times. Hit the switch for the last time.

Then, with the left and right arrows lit, hit the top button under “1” twice so sections move left twice. With the right arrow lit below, be sure to hit the bottom button under “2” thrice. Now, head through the door on the left and stay left as much as possible. You should be led to the vent, which will then lead you to Montgomery Gator.

There are multiple solutions to the puzzle, but this is a quick and easy one that gives you a fairly linear path to the vent. Just be prepared for an intense boss “fight” with Gator once you exit on the other side!





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