Unravel the Secrets: Football Manager 2023 Player Attributes Explained

Overwhelmed by Football Manager 2023’s player attributes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Learn how to identify and develop top talent in your squad.

Take your player evaluations to the next level with our Football Manager 2023 guide to player attributes

Feeling overwhelmed with Football Manager 2023‘s insane amount of player attributes? Wondering how to make the most of your squad? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


  • Understand the importance of player attributes in Football Manager 2023
  • Learn how mental attributes like determination, teamwork, and composure are crucial
  • Discover the best ways to identify and develop top talent in your squad

Cracking the Code: The Importance of Player Attributes

With over 500,000 players and staff in Football Manager 2023, each player boasts up to 45 different attributes determining their abilities and potential. Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, once said, “Player attributes are the lifeblood of Football Manager. They are the foundation upon which every decision you make is built.” So, let’s dive in and break down these essential attributes.

The Mechanics: Technical, Mental, and Physical Attributes

Technical Attributes

Technical attributes represent a player’s skills with the ball. This category includes factors like dribbling, finishing, and passing. Pay close attention to these attributes when scouting for new talent, as they directly impact on-field performance.

Mental Attributes

In recent years, mental attributes such as determination, teamwork, and composure have gained emphasis in the world of football. These characteristics are crucial for success both on and off the pitch. A strong mentality can mean the difference between a player who crumbles under pressure and one who rises to the occasion.

Physical Attributes

Physical attributes, like pace, stamina, and strength, are vital in the modern game. A physically fit player can outlast their opponents and maintain peak performance throughout the match. When recruiting, don’t neglect these attributes, as they contribute significantly to a player’s overall potential.

Unlocking Potential: Scouting and Developing Talent

As an experienced Football Manager player, I’ve learned that scouting is essential to building a winning squad. Look for players with well-rounded attributes, and don’t be afraid to invest time and resources in scouting. My secret tip: don’t just focus on established players—unearth hidden gems in the lower leagues!

Mental Mastery: Developing a Winning Mindset

Developing your players’ mental attributes is just as important as honing their technical skills. Schedule regular team-building exercises, foster a positive atmosphere in the dressing room, and invest in sports psychologists to help your players reach their full potential. Remember, a winning mindset can make all the difference!

Conclusion: Knowledge is Power

Understanding and mastering player attributes is crucial to achieving success in Football Manager 2023. With this newfound knowledge, you’re one step closer to building an unstoppable squad and conquering the football world. Good luck, and happy managing!

Take your player evaluations to the next level with our Football Manager 2023 guide to player attributes

Understanding Player Roles and Attributes

Each player in Football Manager 2023 has a preferred position and role. Understanding how player attributes align with these roles is key to maximizing your squad’s performance. Here’s a quick breakdown of some common roles and their essential attributes:


Key attributes for goalkeepers include reflexes, handling, and positioning. A top-tier goalkeeper should also possess good composure and concentration, ensuring they can perform under pressure and make crucial saves.


Defenders should have strong tackling, marking, and heading attributes. Mental attributes like anticipation, bravery, and positioning can also make a significant impact on a defender’s ability to prevent the opposition from scoring.


Midfielders require a mix of attributes depending on their role. Central midfielders should have good passing, vision, and teamwork, while attacking midfielders need dribbling, finishing, and creativity. Defensive midfielders, on the other hand, should possess solid tackling, positioning, and work rate.


Forwards are responsible for scoring goals, so finishing, composure, and off-the-ball movement are crucial attributes. Wingers should also have high dribbling, crossing, and pace, while target men need strong heading, strength, and hold-up play.

Youth Development: Building the Stars of Tomorrow

One of the most rewarding aspects of Football Manager 2023 is developing your club’s youth prospects. With the right approach, you can transform a young talent into a world-class player. Here are some tips to help you achieve youth development success:

  • Invest in your youth academy: Upgrading your youth facilities and employing top-notch youth coaches can make a huge difference in the quality of your youth prospects.
  • Monitor player progression: Keep a close eye on your youth players’ development and adjust their training programs as needed to ensure they’re reaching their potential.
  • Loan out prospects: If a young player isn’t getting enough first-team minutes, consider loaning them out to a club where they’ll receive regular playing time.
  • Mentoring: Pair your young players with experienced professionals to help them develop their mental attributes and learn from the best.

Fine-Tuning Your Tactics: Attributes in Action

Now that you have a deeper understanding of player attributes, it’s time to put that knowledge to work on the pitch. Adjusting your tactics to suit your squad’s strengths can lead to better results and a more cohesive team. Here are some tactical considerations based on your players’ attributes:

  • High-tempo play: If your squad boasts players with high stamina, work rate, and determination, consider implementing a high-pressing, high-tempo game plan to wear down your opponents.
  • Counter-attacking: If you have forwards with exceptional pace and off-the-ball movement, a counter-attacking strategy can catch your opponents off guard and create goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Set-piece specialists: Utilize players with excellent free-kick taking, corner-taking, and penalty-taking attributes to capitalize on set-piece situations.

Building Team Chemistry: The Importance of Mental Attributes

As mentioned earlier, mental attributes have gained more attention in recent years, and for a good reason. Players with high mental attributes can positively influence team chemistry, and a harmonious squad is more likely to achieve success. Here are some tips to foster a strong team spirit:

  • Sign team players: Look for players with high teamwork, work rate, and determination attributes, as they can help create a positive atmosphere in the dressing room.
  • Rotate your squad: Keep your players happy by giving them ample playing time, and don’t be afraid to rest key players to avoid injuries and fatigue.
  • Manage egos: Deal with any conflicts or player concerns promptly and diplomatically, ensuring your squad remains focused on the common goal of winning.
  • Encourage leadership: Appoint a strong, experienced captain and vice-captain with high leadership and determination attributes to guide your team through tough moments.

Transfers and Scouting: Making the Most of Player Attributes

Signing new players is an essential aspect of Football Manager 2023, and understanding player attributes can help you make informed decisions when it comes to transfers. Here are some tips to improve your scouting and transfer success:

  • Expand your scouting network: Employ scouts with high judging player potential and judging player ability attributes to increase your chances of finding hidden gems.
  • Consider versatility: Look for players who can perform in multiple positions or roles, as their adaptability can provide valuable squad depth and tactical flexibility.
  • Don’t overlook personality: When scouting, take a player’s personality into account. Players with high professionalism, ambition, and loyalty attributes are more likely to reach their potential and remain committed to your club.
  • Bargain hunting: Keep an eye on players with expiring contracts, as you may be able to sign them on a free transfer or at a reduced fee during the final months of their contract.

Training and Development: Maximizing Player Attributes

Effective training and development can significantly impact your players’ growth and performance. Here’s how to make the most of your training sessions and develop well-rounded players:

  • Create tailored training programs: Design individual training programs based on your players’ attributes, strengths, and weaknesses to help them improve in specific areas.
  • Monitor player workload: Keep a close eye on your players’ training workload to prevent injuries and fatigue. Make adjustments as needed to keep them in peak condition.
  • Continual learning: Encourage your players to learn new traits and skills by assigning them specific training focuses, such as learning a new position or developing a new technique.
  • Utilize specialist coaches: Hire specialist coaches with high coaching attributes in specific areas (e.g., attacking, defending, fitness) to improve your players’ development in those aspects.


How many player attributes are in Football Manager 2023?
Each player has up to 45 different attributes that determine their abilities and potential.

What are the three main categories of attributes?
Attributes are divided into technical, mental, and physical categories.

What is the importance of mental attributes in Football Manager 2023?
Mental attributes like determination, teamwork, and composure are crucial for success both on and off the pitch. They can impact a player’s performance under pressure and contribute to team cohesion.

How can I improve my players’ mental attributes?
Invest in sports psychologists, schedule regular team-building exercises, and foster a positive atmosphere in the dressing room to develop a winning mindset.

What’s the best way to scout for new talent in Football Manager 2023?
Look for players with well-rounded attributes and don’t be afraid to invest time and resources in scouting. Also, consider searching for hidden gems in the lower leagues.

Are physical attributes essential for success in Football Manager 2023?
Yes, physical attributes like pace, stamina, and strength are vital in the modern game, as they contribute significantly to a player’s overall potential and on-field performance.

How can I develop my players’ technical skills in Football Manager 2023?
Ensure your players receive quality coaching, create targeted training programs, and provide ample playing time to help them hone their technical skills.

What is the significance of player attributes in Football Manager 2023?
Player attributes are the foundation of every decision you make in the game, determining each player’s abilities and potential, and directly affecting on-field performance and team success.


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