Unlock Your Team’s Potential: The Ultimate Football Manager 2023 Scouting Guide

Unleash your Football Manager potential with our ultimate scouting guide!

Unleash your Football Manager 2023 potential with our expert scouting guide

Are you tired of missing out on the best hidden gems in Football Manager? Have you ever wondered how other managers seem to consistently find top talents for their teams? You’re not alone! Scouting can be one of the most challenging aspects of Football Manager 2023. But fear not – our ultimate scouting guide is here to help you unearth the next superstar and revolutionize your team.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

  • Scouting is a crucial aspect of Football Manager 2023.
  • Maximize your scouting network by assigning scouts to various regions and competitions.
  • Utilize data analysts and filters to efficiently sort through player reports.
  • Consider a player’s personality and hidden attributes before making a signing.
  • Invest in your youth academy to develop homegrown talent.

1. Building Your Scouting Network

Having a well-structured scouting network is essential for finding the best players. Start by assessing your current scouting team and their attributes, such as their judging ability, adaptability, and determination. Hire scouts with expertise in different regions, and assign them to scout specific competitions or countries based on their knowledge.

2. Data Analysis: The Key to Scouting Success

Data analysts play a crucial role in scouting. They provide vital insights into a player’s performance and potential. Ensure you have a strong team of data analysts, and assign them to specific competitions to gain in-depth information about potential targets.

3. Mastering Player Filters

Filters are your best friend when it comes to sorting through player reports. Create custom filters to find players that meet your specific requirements, such as age, position, or attributes. This will help you quickly identify the best targets for your team.

4. Assessing Player Personality and Hidden Attributes

While a player’s skill set is important, their personality and hidden attributes can also have a significant impact on their performance. Pay attention to their professionalism, determination, and work rate, as these attributes can influence their development and adaptability to your team’s tactics.

5. Nurturing Homegrown Talent

Don’t forget about your youth academy! Investing in your youth setup and scouting for talented youngsters can pay off in the long run. Not only will you save money on transfer fees, but you’ll also develop players who are familiar with your club’s culture and playing style.

Get ahead in Football Manager 2023 with our comprehensive scouting guide

Conclusion: Scout Like a Pro and Dominate the Game

With this ultimate scouting guide in hand, you’re now equipped to find and sign the best players for your Football Manager 2023 team. Remember, scouting is an ongoing process – continually refine your strategies, adapt to new challenges, and stay ahead of the competition. Happy scouting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How can I improve my scouts’ abilities in Football Manager 2023?
    A: Provide your scouts with better resources and send them on scouting courses to improve their attributes.
  2. Q: Can I scout players in lower leagues or non-playable leagues?
    A: Yes, you can assign scouts to cover lower leagues or non-playable leagues to find hidden gems and unearth talented players.
  3. Q: How important is a player’s personality in Football Manager 2023?
    A: A player’s personality can greatly impact their development, performance, and ability to fit into your team. Look for players with high professionalism, determination, and work rate to ensure they reach their potential.
  4. Q: What is the role of data analysts in scouting?
    A: Data analysts provide valuable insights into a player’s performance and potential by analyzing various statistics. They help you make informed decisions when signing new players.
  5. Q: Can I develop my own scouting network in Football Manager 2023?
    A: Yes, you can build a comprehensive scouting network by hiring scouts with expertise in different regions and assigning them to specific competitions or countries.


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