Football Manager 2021: Best Strikers (STC) to Sign

Got the funds at hand to bring in a guaranteed goalscorer to fill out your squad? Find the best strikers (STC) in FM21 here.

For all of the importance that you can place on finding the right centre-back, full-back, or defensive midfielder, the most fun that FM21 offers is going out and buying one of the very best strikers, and watching the goals that follow.

Often the face of a club, the right striker adds goals, flair, and should get any team over the line from contender to championship challenger. With that in mind, we take a look at the very best strikers in the game right now.

Choosing the best strikers (STC) on FM 21

Every striker ranked among the best strikers in FM 21 on this list is sorted by their current ability, which has to be a minimum of 170 CA. The players also need to have a positional rating for the STC position of at least 18.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a full list of all of the best strikers (STC) in FM 21.

Lionel Messi (CA 195 / PA 200)

Team: Barcelona
Age: 33-years-old
Current Ability/Potential Ability: CA 195 / PA 200
Wage: £1.1 million p/w
Value: £44.5 million
Best Attributes: 20 Technique, 20 Finishing, 20 Dribbling

What can you say about someone like Lionel Messi? Generally considered the best player of the last 15 to 20 years alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi is beloved at Barcelona, where he started his career by coming through the academy ranks.

Nearly 800 appearances later, Messi has won everything at club level and will go down as one of the game’s greats. Even at 33-years-old, he managed 47 appearances across all competitions and 38 goals for the Blaugrana in 2020/21.

In-game, Messi’s statistics align with his reputation around the world, and while he’s unlikely to improve further at his current age, signing the Argentine superstar should bring goals, glory, and plenty of high expectations for any club in the world.

Messi’s better traits include: Cuts Inside From Right Wing, Likes To Switch Ball To Other Flank, Dictates Tempo, and Tries to Place Killer Balls Often. Unsurprisingly, his technical, mental, and physical statistics are all pretty strong, but things such as dribbling (20), finishing (20), passing (20), technique (20), decisions (20), and determination (20) stand out as the key attributes of a genuine superstar of the game.

For aspiring managers, prying Messi away from Barcelona isn’t going to come easily or cheaply. Valued at £29 million, you’re going to either invest most of your transfer budget in having an offer accepted during the first season. Alternatively, you can try to bring him in on a free transfer at the end of his current contract, but he’ll still likely command close to his current enormous salary.

If you’ve got the cash to make a move and you’re one goalscorer away from European glory, you won’t find a more ready-made product in the short term.

Cristiano Ronaldo (CA 194 / PA 196)

Team: Juventus (Zebre)
Age: 35-years-old
Current Ability/Potential Ability: CA 194 / PA 196
Wage: £1 million p/w
Value: £9.25 million
Best Attributes: 20 Natural Fitness, 20 Determination, 20 Penalty Taking

The other half of one of the greatest rivalries in modern football, alongside Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo still represents one of the very best forwards in the game at 35-years-old. The Juventus man has won just about everything that there is to win in the game at club level, and has international silverware to his name. Last season saw Ronaldo play in 44 games and score 36 goals, as well as four assists, but his efforts weren’t enough to see Juventus retain the Serie A title.

Overall, if you have the cash to spend or you’re happy to negotiate with Ronaldo’s agent on a mega-deal when his contract expires in June 2022, you know that you’re going to get a quality attacking option. You’ll also reap the benefits of boosted shirt sales that come with one of the most recognizable faces in modern football.

In FM 21, we see Ronaldo’s game almost perfectly reflected through his traits that make him choose to shoot from distance on a regular basis and with plenty of power, a proclivity to try a few tricks, and the ability to cut in from both flanks.

Ronaldo is best used as a poacher (attacking) or wide target man (attacking), but he can also be used as an inside forward (attacking) or winger (attacking) if needed. Throw in a high level of natural fitness (20), determination (20), and finishing (19) on top of relatively good pace (15), stamina (15), and anticipation (18), and you have a dangerous attacking weapon capable of improving just about any squad.

Robert Lewandowski (CA 184 / PA 184)

Team: Bayern Munich
Age: 32-years-old
Current Ability/Potential Ability: CA 184 / PA 184
Wage: £350,000 p/w
Value: £60 million
Best Attributes: 20 Balance, 19 Finishing, 18 First Touch

Robert Lewandowski is about as good as it gets when it comes to out-and-out strikers. The Polish star has scored an astonishing 294 goals in 329 games since joining Bayern Munich for the 2014/15 season, and it is pretty much guaranteed that he would bring the same lethal finishing and deft touch to any club in the world.

A genuine target man in FM 21, Lewandowski comes with great balance (20) and a tremendous first touch (18), which put him in place to snag plenty of goals. Of course, there’s also his almost unmatched finishing (18) to put him ahead of almost all other strikers in the world.

While he’s unlikely to improve, Lewandowski is generally considered to be fairly solid and not injury prone. You should be able to stick him at the top of just about any formation and benefit from an ever-present goalscorer who’s capable of regularly hitting at least 20 league goals each season.

Contract wise, Lewandowski is locked down in Munich until June 2023. So, you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny to bring him in, while also pushing over and above £400,000 per week in order to seal the deal.

That said, if you’re a side like Paris Saint Germain or Manchester United looking to add a touch of class to a side wanting to challenge for major honours, you’re not going to be disappointed with Robert Lewandowski.

Harry Kane (CA 183 / PA 185)

Team: Tottenham Hotspur
Age: 27-years-old
Current Ability/Potential Ability: CA 183 / PA 185
Wage: £200,000 p/w
Value: £81 million
Best Attributes: 20 Penalty Taking, 19 Finishing, 18 Composure

Harry Kane has a lot of football ahead of him, and there’s every reason to expect that it will be played at a very, very high level. The Tottenham striker has played 336 games for the club since 2011, bagging 221 goals and 47 assists across that period. In doing so, he has made himself one of the most lethal strikers in Europe and the shining light up top for an England side daring to dream of glory.

Kane is arguably at the peak of his powers, and it says a lot that the summer transfer window appears to be a battle between the two Manchester clubs vying to secure his services. Within FM 21, Kane is valued by Spurs at a touch over £80 million. He has a contract through to June 2024 and is earning a comfortable £200,000 per week in wages. As such, you’ll be forking out in excess of £100 million to snare the London lad; that might be a steal, though, given the years of good football left in his legs.

The striker ranks very well in finishing (19), passing (18), and determination (19), and has a very good spread across his other attributes, with nothing less than 18 different stats ranked at 15 or higher. Throw in the Gets Crowd Going trait, and you’ve got a certain fan-favourite who’s set to sell shirts and score goals.

Kylian Mbappé (CA 180 / PA 196)

Team: Paris Saint-Germain
Age: 21-years-old
Current Ability/Potential Ability: CA 180 / PA 196
Wage: £375,000 p/w
Value: £82 million
Best Attributes: 20 Pace, 20 Acceleration, 18 Dribbling

While Kylian Mbappé is already amongst the very best attacking players in the game, he’s got the potential to become the very best over the next few seasons. The French forward is only 21-years-old, already has 43 caps and 17 goals for the national side, and 132 goals in just 171 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain.

Already in with the best, there isn’t any doubt that Mbappé can polish his skills further to become the best player in the world. The only real question is whether he does that in Paris, or if you’re able to pry open the purse strings and fork over enough money to push the Qatari owners of PSG into selling their prized asset.

Valued at over £80 million and earning £375,000 per week, he won’t come cheap. You’ll break records with any transfer fee that’s accepted, and you’ll probably have to fund a big increase in wages as well. For your money, however, you’re getting an attacking weapon capable of all of the flicks and tricks, a wide option capable of cutting inside from both flanks, and one who’ll shoot from just about anywhere on the park.

Mbappé is blessed with raw pace (20) and acceleration (20), which allows him to make use of a deadly right-foot when finishing (17) or working in tight spaces with his technique (17), dribbling (18), and first touch (16). 

All of the best strikers (STC) in FM 21

Here’s the table of all of the best strikers in FM 21, with each of them having a current ability rating of at least 170.

NameAgeTeamCAPAWage (p/w)Value
Lionel Messi33Barcelona194200£1.1m p/w£44.5 million
Cristiano Ronaldo35Juventus (Zebre)192196£1m p/w£9.25 million
Robert Lewandowski32Bayern Munich184184£350,000 p/w£60 million
Harry Kane27Tottenham Hotspur183185£200,000 p/w£81 million
Kylian Mbappé21Paris Saint-Germain180196£400,000 p/w£82 million
Karim Benzema32Real Madrid178178£300,000 p/w£45 million
Sergio Agüero32Manchester City175183£230,000 p/w£49.5 million
Son Heung-Min28Tottenham Hotspur172172£95,000 p/w£70 million
Antoine Griezmann29Barcelona171185£600,000 p/w£63 million
Luis Suárez33Atlético Madrid170188£275,000 p/w£30.5 million

If you need a guaranteed goalscorer and have the cash to pull off a headline-catching transfer, target one of the best FM 21strikers from the table above.

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