Fortnite Pickaxe List: Every Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool) Available

We've listed ALL the Fortnite pickaxes you can find in the game.

Fortnite Pickaxe List: Every Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool) Available explained and listed

The Fortnite Pickaxe is perhaps the item that’s most synonymous with the game. Every player starts with one as they’re crucial to the gameplay.

In the Save the World mode, it’s used to mine and break materials, while in Battle Royale, the harvesting tools are used for breaking structures, obtaining materials, and, if needed, dealing damage.

The harvesting tools in Fortnite have taken on a life of their own, with there now being hundreds of different pickaxes for players to collect and use.

New pickaxes and harvesting tools in Fortnite Battle Royale come in the form of new skins which can be applied to your character’s default pickaxe.

While a new pickaxe skin in Battle Royale won’t change the amount of damage that it does to other players or the rate at which it breaks structures or harvests materials, Fortnite players love to don rare, epic, and promotional pickaxe skins.

Fortnite’s other mode, Save the World, features different mechanics for the pickaxe. As the player levels up, they can upgrade to a new pickaxe tier so that it does more damage and can take on a different aesthetic.

In the tables below, you’ll be able to find the image, name, official description, rarity, set, cost in V-Bucks, and availability of all Fortnite pickaxes in the game.

Fortnite Common Pickaxes

This is the pickaxe that you’re bound to be the most familiar with as it’s the default harvesting tool in Fortnite Battle Royale.

It’s a distinctly default-looking pickaxe that does the job of harvesting materials, beating down structures, and doing relatively small amounts of damage when called upon.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
PickaxeA reliable and sturdy harvesting tool.CommonDefaultN/ADefault

Fortnite Uncommon Pickaxes

The uncommon pickaxes in Fortnite are the lowest-rarity harvesting tools that you can acquire after starting the game.

All of these pickaxe skins in Battle Royale offer something either a bit more differentiated than the common pickaxe, with Basic Basher looking like a prehistoric version of the Common Pickaxe, or something more aesthetically varied, like the Crossroads skin, which is literally road signs chained together.

There are over 90 uncommon pickaxe skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, with them all shown below.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Aero AxeAero AxeShow your stripes.UncommonSky Stalker500Item Shop
Angular AxeAngular AxeAcutely obtuse.UncommonCounterattack500Item Shop
ArmatureArmatureExperimental prototype.UncommonTech Ops500Item Shop
Ave AxeAve AxeThe route to victory.UncommonN/A500Item Shop
AxcordionAxcordionSqueeze out a smashing tune.UncommonOktoberfest500Item Shop
AxehammerAxehammerRocket fueled jackhammer pickaxe.UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
AxerciseAxerciseFeel the burn!UncommonSpandex Squad500Item Shop
BananaxeBananaxeSplit anything that gets in your way.UncommonBanana RoyaleN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
Basic BasherBasic BasherGets the job done!UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
Birthday SliceBirthday SliceMake a wish and swing away.UncommonB-Day BunchN/AFortnite 2nd Birthday Celebration
Bold BarBold BarBreak in, and stand out.UncommonHoppity Heist500Item Shop
BootstrapsBootstrapsWeaponized boot on a stick.UncommonFish Food500Item Shop
Brute ForceBrute ForceUnavoidable.UncommonTech Ops500Item Shop
Bullet SlashBullet SlashPrecision high-caliber striker.UncommonOpen Water500Item Shop
CaliperCaliperUnparalleled precision.UncommonArchetype500Item Shop
Candy CleaversCandy CleaversSweet and spiky.UncommonNightmare Yule500Item Shop
Chew ToyChew ToyUnburied treasure.UncommonGrumble Gang500Item Shop
ChocollamaChocollamaDouble dipped in chocolate.UncommonRoyale Hearts500Item Shop
Clean CutClean CutLooks sharp. Actually sharp.UncommonModern Mercenary500Item Shop
Cookie CutterCookie CutterSweet vengeance.UncommonGingerbread500Item Shop
CrossroadsCrossroadsThis can go one of two ways…UncommonRobo Rebels500Item Shop
Diamond EyeDiamond EyeIf looks could harvest…UncommonN/AN/AUnreleased
DriverDriverSwing for the green.UncommonTeed Off500Item Shop
DrumbeatDrumbeatFeel the beat.UncommonFlower Power500Item Shop
Dual FiletDual FiletFilet your way to victory.UncommonAqua Marine500Item Shop
Elite CleatElite CleatFor those unaccustomed to defeat.UncommonGoalbound500Item Shop
EmblematicEmblematicShow off your signature swing.UncommonBanner Brigade500Item Shop
First DownerFirst Downer10 yards to victory.UncommonFourth Down500Item Shop
Flint StrikerFlint StrikerBash with blusterUncommonScallywags500Item Shop
FlycatcherFlycatcherNever cross a caterpillar.UncommonChrysalis Crew500Item Shop
Flying SlasherFlying SlasherFlying SlasherHarvest the truth.UncommonUFO1200Item Shop, Traveler Bundle
Fork KnifeFork KnifeDon’t forget your table manners.UncommonN/A500Item Shop
Fresh CutFresh CutChop down the competition.UncommonBeach Battalion500Item Shop
GatekeeperGatekeeperOn the threshold of victory.UncommonStorm Familiars500Item Shop
Golden PigskinGolden PigskinClaim the trophy.UncommonFourth Down500Item Shop
Grand SlammerGrand SlammerSwing for the fences.UncommonThree Strikes500Item Shop
Hydraulic WreckerHydraulic WreckerPiston powered.UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
Ice BreakerIce BreakerA great way to meet your fellow combatants.UncommonArctic Command500Item Shop
IcicleIcicleCold to the touch.UncommonN/A500Item Shop
Impact EdgeImpact EdgeEngineered for ultimate impact.UncommonHeavy Hitter500Item Shop
Inverted BladeInverted BladeSharp from any directionUncommonN/A500Item Shop
JackspammerJackspammerSwing it over and over and over and over and over…UncommonAnimal Jackets500Item Shop
Jagged EdgeJagged EdgeA spiky ray of sunshine.UncommonHazcat500Item Shop
KrakenaxeKrakenaxeThe scourge of the seven seas!UncommonDeep Sea500Item Shop
LampLampThe glow is alluring.UncommonMoth Command500Item Shop
Laser PickLaser PickNow with lasers!UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
LawnbreakerLawnbreakerRule the lawn with an iron beak.UncommonFlamingo500Item Shop
Lead SwingerLead SwingerHit the high notes.UncommonGarage Band500Item Shop
LuckyLuckyA sturdy pickaxe with a great attitude.UncommonN/A500Item Shop
Lucky AxesLucky AxesThe future holds good swings.UncommonStreet Rat500Item Shop
MacheteMacheteCut through the jungle.UncommonTropic Troopers500Item Shop
Mean StreakMean StreakPaint the town blueUncommonWarpaintN/AFounder’s Pack
Ol' WoodyOl’ WoodyLooks… sturdy.UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
Pair-PeronniPair-PeronniDouble the deliciousness.UncommonPizza Pit500Item Shop
Patty WhackerPatty WhackerIf you can’t stand the heat…UncommonDurrr Burger500Item Shop
PinkaxePinkaxeHot pink for cold conditions.UncommonPolar Ace500Item Shop
PiranhasPiranhasReady for a chopping frenzy.UncommonAqua MarineN/AUnreleased
Primal StingPrimal StingThat’s gonna leave a mark.UncommonSting500Item Shop
QuickstrikeQuickstrikeSharpened in the shadows.UncommonFalcon Clan500Item Shop
Red StreakRed StreakFind your hot streak.UncommonGold Mask500Item Shop
Robot WreckerRobot WreckerPinpoint AccuracyUncommonB.R.U.T.E Squad500Item Shop
Rose GlowRose GlowPut the petal to the metal.UncommonRose TeamN/AFounder’s Pack
ScramblerScramblerMix it up.UncommonFowl Play500Item Shop
Sea ScorpionSea ScorpionBarbed for action.UncommonFathoms Deep500Item Shop
ShrapnelShrapnelFragments of fun.UncommonShort Fuse500Item Shop
Silent StrikeSilent StrikeWhisper quiet, razor sharp.UncommonSilent Stalkers500Item Shop
Simple SledgeSimple SledgeA professional’s tool of choice.UncommonJohn Wick500Item Shop
Snuggle SwiperSnuggle SwiperLove ’em to pieces.UncommonRoyale Hearts500Item Shop
Souped UpSouped UpVictory by the spoonful.UncommonBao Bros500Item Shop
SpikecloneSpikecloneSleek and spiky.UncommonFur Force500Item Shop
SproutSproutGet to the root of it.UncommonPastel Patrol500Item Shop
Spurred SwingerSpurred SwingerMove ’em out.UncommonWild Frontier500Item Shop
StarshotStarshotYou’ve got star power.UncommonMidnight Star500Item Shop
Stealth Angular AxeStealth Angular AxeAngle for the win.UncommonCounterattackN/AGforce bundle
Stripe SlicerStripe SlicerLine em up.UncommonStreet Stripes500Item Shop
T-SquareT-SquareMeasure twice, chop once.UncommonCalculator Crew500Item Shop
Tac BatsTac BatsTactical combat baton.UncommonWaypoint500Item Shop
Tactical SpadeTactical SpadeDesigned for survival.UncommonBlack Vector500Item Shop
Tech AxeTech AxeEnhanced structural analysis.UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
Tree SplitterTree SplitterMake like a tree and split.UncommonHacivat500Item Shop
Twilight StrikersTwilight StrikersSparkle and slice.UncommonBeaconsN/ALove and War
Ultra ScytheUltra ScytheSlice with electromagnetic force.UncommonFinal Reckoning500Item Shop
UnderbiteUnderbiteChomps from below.UncommonFathoms Deep500Item Shop
Utility AxeUtility AxePractically irreplaceable.UncommonWild Frontier500Item Shop
Victory LapVictory LapTake it for a spin.UncommonRacer Royale500Item Shop
Vindertech EliteVindertech EliteCutting edge harvesting technology.UncommonSave the WorldN/ASave the World
Vivid AxeVivid AxeBrighten the battle.UncommonStormlight500Item Shop
Wild AccentWild AccentSharp and stylish.UncommonTactical Fashions500Fortnite Celebration Cup, Item Shop
Wild TangentWild TangentFind the impossible angle.UncommonTotal Control500Item Shop
Wisdom's EdgeWisdom’s EdgeKnow your blade as you know yourself.UncommonWise Warrior500Item Shop
You Shouldn't Have!You Shouldn’t Have!For the combatant who has everything.UncommonMerry Christmas500Item Shop

Fortnite Rare Pickaxes

By far the largest section of available pickaxe skins in Fortnite, the rare harvesting tools are a much more varied and visually appealing than the common pickaxes and uncommon pickaxes.

Of the huge range of rare pickaxes in Fortnite Battle Royale, the Anarchy Axe, Big Bad Axe, Bone Fangs, Chaos Scythe, Fang Saws, Gnashers, Rockbreaker, and Web Breaker stand out as the most menacing.

There are over 190 rare pickaxe skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, with them all shown below.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
A.X.EA.X.E.Perfectly programmed pick.RareA.I.M.800Item Shop
Abominable AxeAbominable AxeExpertly crafted by picking up that stick that was in a mountain stream.RareMountain MythsN/ABattle Pass Season 7
AirfoilAirfoilStreamlined for optimal aerodynamics.RareVenture800Item Shop
Anarchy AxeAnarchy AxeThis axe does whatever it wants.RareVolume 11800Item Shop
Angler AxesAngler AxesHook ’em twice.RareOpen WaterN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
AutocleaveAutocleaveClean out the competition.RareOutbreak800Item Shop
AxecaliburAxecaliburStone and anvil not included.RareFort KnightsN/ABattle Pass Season 2
AxeroniAxeroniVictory by the slice!RarePizza Pit800Item Shop
AxetecAxetecAxe of the ancients.RareSun Soldiers800Item Shop
Balloon AxeBalloon AxeDeflate the competition.RareParty ParadeN/ABattle Pass Season 5
Bank ShotsBank ShotsRun the table.RareStripes and SolidsN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
Bark BasherBark BasherInfused with the mystical power of the forest.RareChanging SeasonsN/AUnreleased
BatsickleBatsickleTake a crack at harvesting with the Batsickle. It’s half bat. Half sickle. All Batsickle.RareN/A800Item Shop
Battle AxeBattle AxeTruly barbaric.RarePrimal Hunters800Item Shop
Big Bad AxeThe better to chop you with…RareRed Riding800Item Shop
Blooming BonesBlooming BonesThe eternal harvest awaits.RareFinal Reckoning800Item Shop
Blue BoltBlue BoltInfused with the power of blue.RareAir Strike800Item Shop
Bone FangsBone FangsVenom-tipped bone bashers.RareBone Brigade800Item Shop
Boulder BreakersBoulder BreakersGo over it or go through it.RareAscensionN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
Brat CatcherBrat CatcherBe on your best behavior.RareKrampus800Item Shop
Brite BashersBrite BashersPlummel them with positivity.RareSunshine & Rainbows1200Item Shop, Brite Blaster (outfit)
Bubble PopperBubble PopperSwing sweet.RareBubblegum800Item Shop
Bunker BasherBunker BasherHomemade with love.RareBunker DaysN/ABattle Pass Season 9
Burning BladesBurning BladesFeel the sear of hot metal.RareDiabolical800Item Shop
Carrot StickCarrot StickGive ’em 3-5 servings.RarePastel Patrol800Item Shop
CarverCarverHoned for the harvest.RarePumpkin Patch800Item Shop
Cat's ClawCat’s ClawScratch and slash.RareBushido800Item Shop
Chained CleaverChained CleaverSettle the score with an edge.RareRPM800Item Shop
Chaos ScytheChaos ScytheHarvest disarray.RareFinal Reckoning800Item Shop
ChargersChargersMove in.RareArtificial Evolved800Item Shop
Chill-AxeChill-AxeKeep it chill.RareDeep FreezeN/AThe Deep Freeze Bundle
CliffhangerCliffhangerClimb your way to the top with the mountaineering inspired Cliffhanger Pickaxe.RareN/A800Item Shop
Clobber AxeClobber AxeGive ’em the ol’ one-two.RareTKO800Item Shop
Close ShaveClose ShaveA stylish pickaxe with bolt on tips.RareN/A800Item Shop
Clutch AxeClutch AxePedal to the metal.RareCobra Crew800Item Shop
CodaxeCodaxeBreak the code. With this axe.RareCrypto CollectiveN/AUnreleased
Cold SnapCold SnapFrosted and flowery.RareN/A800Item Shop
Combo CleaverCombo CleaverSwinging force.RareFinal Showdown800Item Shop
Cosmic CleaversCosmic CleaversStrike for the stars.RareSpace ExplorersN/ABattle Pass Season 10
Crimson AxeCrimson AxeWield, smite, repeat.RareFort Knights800Item Shop
Crimson ScytheCrimson ScytheSee red.RareInfernoN/AInferno’s Challenge Pack
CrowbarCrowbarPry away.RareGetaway GangN/AHigh Stakes Challenges
Cuddle PawCuddle PawCuddle up with claws.RareRoyale Hearts800Item Shop
Cupid's DaggerCupid’s DaggerLove hurts.RareRoyale Hearts800Item Shop
Cursed ClawCursed ClawTwo hands of mystical striking power.RareCryptic Curse1600Item Shop, Cryptic Curse Bundle
Cutting EdgeCutting EdgeForged in a particle accelerator.RareOverclocked800Item Shop
Dark RazorDark RazorOn the verge of being too dark.RareDark ApexN/AXbox One S Bundle
Depth ChargerDepth ChargerMake a splash.RareFathoms Deep800Item Shop
Director's CutDirector’s CutLights, Camera, Axin’.RareN/A800Item Shop
Dragon AxeDragon AxeForged in dragon fire.RareN/A800Item Shop
Dragon's BreathDragon’s BreathGet fired up.RareAncients Reborn800Item Shop
DreadDreadInstill fear.RareRuinationN/ARuin Challenges
Emerald SmasherEmerald SmasherMean and green.RareGreen Clover800Item Shop
Empire AxeEmpire AxeBuild your empire.RareN/A800Item Shop
Fang SawsFang SawsBite back.RareStorm ScavengerN/ARumble Royale
Fated FrameFated FrameRise above your fate.RareN/A800Item Shop
Filet AxeFilet AxeA cut above the rest.RareSushi800Item Shop
FishiclesFishiclesTime for some ice fishing.RareBear Brigade800Item Shop
FixationFixationSharp, focused, and relentless.RareFocal Point800Item Shop
FlatlinerFlatlinerNot on my watch!RareSupport Squadron800Item Shop
Flimsie FlailFlimsie FlailFlop til the drop.RareHot Air800Item Shop
FlurryFlurrySwing flurriously.RareWinter Wonderland800Item Shop
ForebearerForebearerWielded by countless generations.RareNorse800Item Shop
Foul PlayFoul PlayNailed It!RareBattle Rites800Item Shop
Frost BladeFrost BladeHoned to frosty perfection.RareIce Kingdom800Item Shop
Gale ForceGale ForceRise above the storm.RareValiantN/ABattle Pass Season 4
Gilded ScepterGilded ScepterTreasures await those who seek.RareCryptic CurseN/AUnreleased
GlobberGlobberSet your globber to clobber.RareFinal Reckoning800Item Shop
Glow StickGlow StickBehold, it glows!RareNeon Glow800Item Shop
GnashersGnashersCareful. They bite.RareFearsome Freaks800Item Shop
Gold DiggerGold DiggerThe gold standard.RareFatal Fielders800Item Shop
Golden KingGolden KingCrafted with the Midas Touch.RareGolden GhostN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
GrillcountGrillcountPut some sizzle in your swing.RareThe Leftovers800Item Shop
GuandaoGuandaoSharpened for battle.RareGuan Yu800Item Shop
Guiding GlowGuiding GlowThe better to chop you with, my dear.RareRed RidingN/ABattle Pass Season 6
Hack and SmashHack & SmashReady for the quick draw.RareBrute ForceN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
Harpoon AxeHarpoon AxeTip of the spear.RareDivemasters800Item Shop
HarvesterHarvesterReap what you sow.RareStraw Stuffed800Item Shop
Heart BeaterHeart BeaterTreasures await those who seek.RareWild Hearts800Item Shop
Heavy HeartHeavy HeartIt’s got so much love to give.RareWild Hearts800Item Shop
Heavy HooksHeavy HooksGet hooked.RareOpen Water800Item Shop
Herald's WandHerald’s WandIt’s vital.RareGrim Medicine800Item Shop
High SeasHigh SeasSteer through the storm.RareScallywags800Item Shop
Highlight StrikersHighlight StrikersAdd a touch of color.RareStandout StyleN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
Holiday HamHoliday HamHit ’em with ham.RareGrumble Gang800Item Shop
Honey HittersHoney HittersFind your sweet spot.RareWoodsy800Item Shop
Hyper EdgeHyper EdgeDominate the zone.RareZone Wars800Item Shop
Ice PopIce PopIt can take a lickin’.RareTwo Scoops800Item Shop
IcebringerIcebringerBitter Cold.RareIce Kingdom800Item Shop
InstigatorInstigatorStart something.RareN/AN/ATwitch Prime Pack 1
Iron BeakIron BeakPeck away.RareNevermore800Item Shop
JawbladeJawbladeClench victory between your teeth.RareShogun800Item Shop
KnockwurstKnockwurstKnock em’ out.RareN/A800Item Shop
LockpickLockpickBreak in, or just break it.RareKey ForceN/ABattle Pass Season 8
LollipopperLollipopperSweet, sweet, victory.RareSweet ToothN/ABattle Pass Season 4
LonghornLonghornCorral the competition.RareWestern Wilds800Item Shop
Low 'n SlowLow ‘n SlowLock in the favor of victory.RareN/AN/A14 Days of Summer
Lug AxeLug AxeTune up the competition.RareRPMN/ABattle Pass Season 5
Magnifying AxeMagnifying AxeDust ’em for prints.RareHardboiled800Item Shop
MEDAXEMedaxeIn case of emergency.RareBad MedicineN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
MegavoltMegavoltOvercharged with electric might.RareWild Shock800Item Shop
Metro MachetesMetro MachetesStreet smart and impossibly sharp.RareMetro Squad800Item Shop
MoonboneMoonboneStrike at full moon.RareMoonbone800Item Shop
Night SlicerNight SlicerSlice twice.RarePizza Pit800Item Shop
Nighty NightNighty NightSpread some sweet dreams.RareDreamy Days800Item Shop
Nite OwlNite OwlPull an all-niter.RareJailbird800Item Shop
OutburstOutburstBurning bright.RareN/A800Item Shop
Party CrashersParty CrashersThe party starts now.RareStandout StyleN/AAlter Ego Challenges
Peely PickPeely PickWield the power of the peel.RareBanana Bunch800Item Shop
Peppermint PickPeppermint PickTap a deep vein of mintiness.RareWinter WonderlandN/AWinterfest Presents
PersuaderPersuaderVery convincing.RareSolid Steel800Item Shop
PiledriverPiledriverNo holds barred.RareLucha800Item Shop
PinpointPinpointAccuracy is paramountRareDouble HelixN/ANintendo Switch Bundle
Plasmatic EdgePlasmatic EdgeCalibrated for absolute domination.RareDomination800Item Shop
PlunjaPlunjaThe competition is circling the drain.RareN/A800Item Shop
Pneumatic TwinPneumatic TwinDual-pronged pneumatic pickaxe.RareN/A0Playstation Plus Celebration Pack 7
PointerPointerGet to the point.RareN/AN/AWegame
Polar PoleaxePolar PoleaxeWe wish you a merry pickaxe.RareFrosty FightsN/AUnreleased
Pop AxePop AxeAdd a nice pop of color.RareVivid VisionN/AIris Starter Pack
PositronPositronStay positive.RareCarbideN/ABattle Pass Season 4
Power GripPower GripGet a grip.RareN/AN/AWegame
Prickly AxePrickly AxeHandle with caution.RareN/A800Item Shop
Propeller AxeTake it for a spin.RareN/A800Item Shop
Psionic EdgePsionic EdgeFocus on the perfect strike.RareThird Eye800Item Shop
Psycho Buzz AxesPsycho Buzz Axes*Maniacal laughter intensifies*RareMayhemN/APsycho Bandit (outfit)
Pulse AxePulse AxeBleeding edge axe technology.RareStorm FusionN/ABattle Pass Season 2
Razor EdgeRazor EdgeOn the verge of being too sharp.RareApex Protocol800Item Shop
ReaperReaperHarvest resources… and souls.RareN/A800Item Shop
Relax AxeRelax AxeVictory is in the palm of your hand.RareN/A800Item Shop
Renegade RollersRenegade RollersRoll up on the competition.RareAerosol AssassinsN/ABlockbuster
Rescue PaddleRescue PaddleLife preservers?RareRescue Patrol800Item Shop
RevokerRevokerTake what’s yours.RareBounty HunterN/ABattle Pass Season 9
Ripe RippersRipe RippersTwo strikes.RareBunker DaysN/ABattle Pass Season 9
RockbreakerRockbreakerYou know the drill.RareN/A800Item Shop
Rogue WaveRogue WaveTurn the tide of battle.RareWise Warrior800Item Shop
Rusty RollerRusty RollerWho wants a slice?RareThe Leftovers800Item Shop
SawtoothSawtoothHack your way to victory.RareStorm ScavengerN/ABattle Pass Season 3
Sc3pt3rSc3pt3rFind the perfect beat.RareTwin TurntablesN/ABoogie Down Missions
ScampiScampiFresh and floppy.RareFish Food800Item Shop
Scarlet ScytheScarlet ScytheHoned on a dragon’s claw.RareScarlet DragonN/ADemi Challenges
Serrated SlicersSerrated SlicersFor the other kind of hacking.RareArtificial Evolved800Item Shop
ShamisenShamisenAlluringly destructive.RareTakara800Item Shop
Shard SickleShard SickleHarness the mysterious butterfly effect.RareChrysalis Crew800Item Shop
Shortbread SlicersShortbread SlicersFight ’em with frosting.RareGingerbreadN/AWinterfest Presents
Silver FangSilver FangLoyal. Brave. Very sharp.RareLaoch800Item Shop
Silver SledgeSilver SledgeGem studded shine axe.Rare24K800Item Shop
Ski BootSki BootGive ’em the boot.RareN/A800Item Shop
Skully SplitterSkully SplitterColor coordinated and battle ready.RareSkull and Bows800Item Shop
Slam DunkSlam DunkIt’s a… slam dunk.RareHalf Court800Item Shop
Smash UpSmash UpWhen destruction meets harmony.RareTwin TurntablesN/ABattle Pass Season 6
SmashroomsSmashroomsMighty mushroom mallets.RareChanging Seasons800Item Shop
SmoldersSmoldersStrike with dragon’s breath.RareAncients Reborn800Item Shop
Snack AttackersSnack AttackersWhen the crave strikes.RareThe Leftovers800Item Shop
SnakebiteSnakebiteThere is no antivenom.RareSnakepitN/ABattle Pass Season 8
Snow GlobeSnow GlobeShake vigorously.RareNutcracker800Item Shop
SnowySnowyUse your head.RareWinter WonderlandN/AWinterfest
Solid ScratchSolid ScratchThe world is your scratching post.RareSwole CatN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
Sour StrikersSour StrikersPucker up!RareCitron800Item Shop
Sparkle ScytheSparkle ScytheDazzle and destroy.RareFortnite FeverN/ABattle Pass Season 10
Specialist PickaxeSpecialist PickaxeGear specialist’s axe of choice.RareCustom ForgedN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
Spectral AxeSpectral AxeWhat color is it?RareN/A800Item Shop
Spectral ScytheSpectral ScytheWield the reaper.RareN/A800Item Shop
SpectreSpectreThey’ll never see it coming.RareStealth Syndicate800Item Shop
Spellbound StaffSpellbound StaffBend reality to your will.RareArcane Arts800Item Shop
SpellslingerSpellslingerAncient and gnarled.RareArcane Arts800Item Shop
Spiked MaceSpiked MaceTwo hands of spiky goodness.RareMetal Masq800Item Shop, Metal Masq Bundle
SpikySpikyIt’s a pickaxe with spikes. What’s not to like?RareN/A800Item Shop
Splintered LightSplintered LightShare the light.RareStormlight800Item Shop
SplinterstrikeSplinterstrikePointy whichever way you point it.RareWasteland Warriors800Item Shop
Squid StrikerSquid StrikerSpeak softly and carry a giant squid.RareSpace Explorers800Item Shop
Star StrikeStar StrikeStar powered stellar axe.RareStar Walker800Item Shop
Star WandStar WandSwing for the stars.RareN/A800Item Shop
Steel CarrotSteel CarrotHop and chop.RareNitehare800Item Shop
StickersStickersSharp and sticky.RareFinal Reckoning800Item Shop
Stop AxeStop AxeNever stop axin’.RareN/A800Item Shop
Storm King FistStorm King FistBeware the thunder strike.RareN/A800Item Shop
Studded AxeStudded AxeEdgy.RareSharp Style800Item Shop
StumpyStumpyCount the rings.RareN/A800Item Shop
Swell StrikerSwell StrikerA spiky way to crest the waves.RareOpen WaterN/AThe Wavebreaker Pack
TalonsTalonsClaw your way to the top.RareFalcon Clan800Item Shop
Tat AxeTat AxeNo regerts!RareRoyale Hearts800Item Shop
TenderizerTenderizerLeave a good first impression.RareAdvanced ForcesN/ATwitch Prime Pack 2
TendrilTendrilRooted in fierce competition.RareFlytrap800Item Shop
ThrottleThrottleNo holds barred.RareBiker Brigade800Item Shop
Tiger ClawsTiger ClawsTough as nails.RareAncients Reborn800Item Shop
TNTeethTNTeethBlast with bite.RareShort FuseN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
Tooth PickTooth PickDon’t forget to floss.RareN/A800Item Shop
Tri-StarTri-StarThrice the slice.RareN/A800Item Shop
TurbineTurbineSelf-piloted propulsion.RareAviation Age800Item Shop
Upright AxeUpright AxeIt’s up, and it’s good!RareFourth Down800Item Shop
VirtueVirtueSwing forever true.RareEternal Struggles800Item Shop
VisionVisionUnending gaze.RareOuroboros800Item Shop
VuvuzelaVuvuzelaFestively loud.RareGoalbound800Item Shop
Web BreakerWeb BreakerClear out the cobwebs.RareArachnid800Item Shop
Web WreckerWeb WreckerHigh-tech presition.RareNeochaser800Item Shop
Witchia AxeWitchia AxeMagic evolved.RareArcane Arts800Item Shop

Fortnite Epic Pickaxes

As you would assume from skins graded as epic, the epic pickaxes in Fortnite are rather difficult to find.

Intentionally so, to fuel in-game purchases, the epic rarity selection of Battle Royale harvesting tools boasts some of the best-looking pickaxe skins in the game.

While all of the epic pickaxes are very eye-catching, top of the class has to go to the likes of the Astral Axe, Chomp Jr., Demon Skull, Global Axe, Permafrost, Razor Smash, and perhaps Bitemark for its novelty value.

There are over 50 epic pickaxe skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, with them all shown below.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Astral AxeAstral AxeSwing through the stars.EpicInterstellar1200Item Shop
BitemarkBitemarkTake a bite out of the competition.EpicDino Guard1200Item Shop
Bottom FeederBottom FeederFrom the murky depths!EpicN/A1500Item Shop
Branch BasherBranch BasherIt’s time to branch out.EpicSkull Squad1200Item Shop
Burning AxeBurning AxeImmortal instrument of fire.EpicDiabolical1200Item Shop
Candy AxeCandy AxeDeck the walls with festive mayhem!EpicFrosty Fights1500Item Shop
Chomp Jr.Chomp Jr.They’re going to need a bigger fort.EpicChomp1500Item Shop
Conch CleaverConch CleaverA gift from the deep.EpicFish Food1200Item Shop
ControllerControllerTake control.EpicN/AN/APlaystation Plus Celebration Pack 3
Dark ShardDark ShardSplintered from geometric perfection. Reactive: Transforms by dealing damage, or by outliving other players.EpicWestern Wilds1200Item Shop
Death ValleyDeath ValleyWhenever you need a skull on a stick, the Death Valley Pickaxe is there for you.EpicN/A1500Item Shop
Demon SkullDemon SkullImbued with the remnants of a lost soul.EpicN/A1200Item Shop
Disco BrawlDisco BrawlReady for a ballroom blitz.EpicFortnite Fever1500Item Shop
Double TapDouble TapTwice the slurp in one powerful swing.EpicSlurp Squad1200Item Shop
Dragon's ClawDragon’s ClawDefend the lair.EpicBroodN/AHybrid Challenges
Dual EdgeDual EdgeSlicing through the dimensional planes.EpicDrift1200Item Shop
EVAEVAExtravehicular Axe.EpicSpace ExplorersN/ABattle Pass Season 3
Evil EyeEvil EyeAlways watching. Always.EpicEternal Struggles1200Item Shop
FlawlessFlawlessExperience perfection.Epic24KN/ALuxe Challenges
Fusion ScytheFusion ScytheStart a reaction.EpicFusionN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
Global AxeGlobal AxeThink globally, axe locally.EpicN/A1200Item Shop
Harmonic AxesHarmonic AxesPerfectly tuned duo.EpicSky StyleN/ARox Challenges
Ice ScepterIce ScepterThe frozen world is at your command.EpicIce KingdomN/AThe Ice King Challenges
Jingu BangJingu BangFit for a king.EpicWukong1200Item Shop
Legendary Sword Of LegendsLegendary Sword Of LegendsTurns out it’s real.EpicQuest FriendsN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 2
MaulerMaulerExhaust the competition.EpicMechanimal1200Item Shop
Mech AxeMech AxeProgrammed for perfection.EpicSuit UpN/ABattle Pass Season 9
Merry Mint AxeMerry Mint AxeRefreshingly festive.EpicFrosty FightsN/AFortnite Licensed products purchased from GameStop or Target
MoonriseMoonriseStrike at midnight.EpicNite Coven1200Item Shop
OnslaughtOnslaughtUnrelenting.EpicOmegaN/ABattle Pass Season 4
Oracle AxeOracle AxeVisions of victory.EpicOverseer1200Item Shop
Party AnimalParty AnimalRed plastic cups not included.EpicSlurp Squad1500Item Shop
PermafrostPermafrostChiseled from glacial ice.EpicHarbingerN/ABattle Pass Season 5
Pick SqueakPick SqueakSqueak squeak! Squeak! Squeak squeak squeak!EpicN/A1500Item Shop
Pink FlamingoPink FlamingoFrom suburban lawns to the front lines, the Pink Flamingo Pickaxe is always ready for action.EpicFlamingo1500Item Shop
Plasma CarrotPlasma CarrotSo good you can almost taste it.EpicSpace HopN/AUnreleased
Pot O' GoldPot O’ GoldEverything that glitters…EpicGreen Clover1200Item Shop
Power PunchPower PunchOverload them.EpicKata Tech1200Item Shop
Raider's RevengeRaider’s RevengeWrapped in rusty barbed wire, and ready to settle the score.EpicStorm Scavenger1500Season Shop
Rainbow SmashRainbow SmashBeat the stuffing out of ’em.EpicSunshine & Rainbows1500Item Shop
Razor SmashRazor SmashAfter the rainbow’s end…EpicThe Leftovers1200Item Shop
ReckoningReckoningRaise the stakes.EpicWestern WildsN/ACalamity Challenges
Renegade RollerRenegade RollerGo on a roll.EpicAerosol Assassins1200Item Shop
ResonatorResonatorSwing with frequency.EpicEonN/AXbox One S Bundle
Rift EdgeRift EdgePiercing through the dimensional plane.EpicDriftN/ABattle Pass Season 5
ScorcherScorcherBring the heat.EpicZenithN/ABattle Pass Season 7
ScratchmarkScratchmarkSharpen your claws.EpicLynxN/ABattle Pass Season 7
Six String StrikerSix String StrikerNow taking requests.EpicMuertos1200Item Shop
Skull SickleSkull SickleSkeleton’s choice.EpicSkull Squad1200Item Shop
SludgehammerSludgehammerTime to slime.EpicSlurp SquadN/ABattle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1
Stellar AxeStellar AxeThe stars are aligned.EpicGalaxyN/ASamsung Purchase Bonus
Storm BoltStorm BoltStrike like lightning.EpicRaging Storm1200Item Shop
Street ShineStreet ShineThis way to superior swiping.EpicAerosol AssassinsN/AAustralian Summer Splash Cup 2020
Swag SmasherSwag SmasherGet the loot.EpicScallywagsN/ABlackheart Challenges
Trusty No. 2Trusty No. 2Ready to pass the test.EpicHired GunN/ABattle Pass Season 3
VanquisherVanquisherSwing with the strength of steel.EpicFort KnightsN/ABullseye! Missions
VoxVoxBelt out the hits.EpicSky StyleN/ABattle Pass Season 9

Fortnite Lava Pickaxes

At the time of writing, the Lava Series only featured the Molten Strikers as its pickaxe skin offering.

The dual-wield scythes that are a part of the Overseer set that can be added to your harvesting tools roster by getting the Dark Fire Bundle.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Molten StrikersMolten StrikersStrike with blades of fire.Lava SeriesOverseerN/ADarkfire Bundle

Fortnite DC Pickaxes

Fortnite Battle Royale loves a crossover, so it makes sense that instantly-recognisable characters from the DC roster of comic book characters were drawn from for a new wave of Fortnite pickaxe skins.

Below, you’ll find pickaxes based on famous superheroes, anti-heroes, and supervillains like Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Fortnite Batman Pick AxeBatman Pick AxeWield the power of The Bat.DCGotham CityN/ABatman Caped Crusader Pack
Cat’s ClawsShow off your cat-like reflexes.DCGotham City800Item Shop
Harley HitterCome out swinging.DCGotham City800Item Shop, Harley Quinn Bundle
Fortnite PunchlinePunchlineGet it?DCGotham City800Item Shop, Harley Quinn Bundle

Fortnite Frozen Pickaxes

Acting in parallel to the Lava Series above, Fortnite also ran a Frozen Series line of cosmetic items.

As a part of the Frozen Gear Bundle, players can get their hands on two ice-themed pickaxe skins, while the Frozen Axe was a part of the 14 Days of Fortnite event.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Cold HeartedCold HeartedNo love lost.Frozen SeriesFrozen Legends1000Frozen Gear Bundle
Frozen AxeFrozen AxeOnce crimson, now coated in permafrost.Frozen SeriesFrozen LegendsN/A14 Days of Fortnite
Frozen BeakFrozen BeakBreak the ice.Frozen SeriesFrozen Legends1000Frozen Gear Bundle

Fortnite Dark Pickaxes

The Dark Pickaxes in Fortnite primarily feature black handles and metals along with glowing or animated purple colouration.

Simply for how evil they made the innocent Rainbow Smash harvesting tool skin look in this line, the Thunder Crash might just be the standout cosmetic item here.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Dark AxeHarvest the darkness.DarkN/AN/ADark Reflections Pack
Dark Dino BonesPound with primal power.DarkDino Guard800Item Shop
Dark StrikersA double shot of darkness.DarkVolume 11N/ADarkfire Bundle
Thunder CrashThunder CrashWield the thunder.DarkLightning & Thunderstorms1200Item Shop

Fortnite Icon Series Pickaxes

Announced in January 2020, the Icon Series of Fortnite brought together previous collaborations with music stars with new items based on Fortnite content creators.

For the pickaxe skins, Battle Royale brought in some themed Marshmello mallets, an axe which draws from Major Lazer crossover, and Dual Katanas introduced in collaboration with streamer Ninja.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Dual KatanasDual KatanasTwo blades are better than one.Icon SeriesNinja800Item Shop
Lazer AxeLazer AxeMusic is the weapon.Icon SeriesLazerism800Item Shop
Marshy SmasherMarshy SmasherSpread some joy.Icon SeriesMarshmelloN/AShowtime Challenges
Mello MalletsMello MalletsThere X2.Icon SeriesMarshmello800Item Shop

Fortnite Marvel Pickaxes

Marvel is one of, if not the biggest entertainment brand in the world right now, so it makes sense that Fortnite Battle Royale sought a couple of crossovers.

From the Avengers Set, the Widow’s Bite stun stick skin was introduced. As a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy set, Fortnite brought in the Guardian Axe.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Guardian AxeGuardian AxeCut down cosmic threats.MarvelGuardians Of The Galaxy500Item Shop
Widows BiteWidow’s BiteShockingly effective.MarvelAvengers800Item Shop

Fortnite Shadow Pickaxes

With their slick black with white highlight colourations, the Shadow Series harvesting tool skins are some of the best-looking in the game if you like a simple but strong aesthetic.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Shadow CaliperShadow CaliperDark precision.Shadow SeriesArchetypeN/AUnreleased
Shadow StrikersShadow StrikersStrike with shadow and light.Shadow SeriesEternal StrugglesN/ADarkfire Bundle
Stark SplitterStark SplitterSwing through the shadows.Shadow SeriesSkull and Bows800Item Shop

Fortnite Star Wars Pickaxes

It got to a point where Disney would do anything for some extra Star Wars publicity. So, they turned to the huge Fortnite Battle Royale player base, beaming a rather crucial bit of information for the last of the Disney trilogy exclusively into the game.

A few weapons from the sequel trilogy have been introduced to Battle Royale in the form of pickaxe skins as well, including Rey’s Quarterstaff and the Riot Control Baton used by FN-2199 when they confront the traitor, Finn.

ImageNameOfficial DescriptionRaritySetCost (V-Bucks)Availability
Rey's QuarterstaffRey’s QuarterstaffStaff of a scavengerStar WarsThe New Trilogy800Item Shop, Order And Peace Pack
Riot Control BatonRiot Control BatonControl the situationStar WarsThe New Trilogy1200Item Shop, Order And Peace Pack
Vibro-ScytheVibro-ScytheKnights of Ren bladeStar WarsThe New Trilogy800Item Shop, Order And Peace Pack

As Fortnite Battle Royale continues to evolve with each passing season, the game will undoubtedly add more harvesting tools for players to earn in-game or purchase in the store.

Be sure to check back for information on new pickaxe skins in Fortnite!

Simone Rhea

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