Free Roblox Items

Discover Free Roblox items to customize your avatar! From emotes to hats, explore a wide variety of options to get the look that suits you best.

Access the best free items in Roblox with our 2023 guide

Being a massive platform for millions of gamers all over the world, Roblox has a catalog of avatars for players to customize their in-game character. Although many of these items cost Robux, there are ways for you to acquire free items for your avatar.

Roblox has avatar items of all types including emotes, heads, neck, gear, faces, hats, and a lot more that you can explore to get your perfect look.

In this article, you will find:

  • Free Roblox items
  • How to redeem promo codes In Roblox

Free Roblox items

Here are some free Roblox items you can unlock through the store.

  • Stevie Standard Bundle
  • Dylan Default Bundle
  • Devon Default Bundle
  • Makeup Minimalist Bundle
  • Roblox Chiseled Good Looks Bundle
  • Oakley Bundle
  • John Bundle
  • Serena Bundle
  • Lin Bundle
  • Claire Bundle
  • Canvas Shoes – Gray Bundle
  • Sneakers – White Bundle
  • Canvas Shoes – White Bundle
  • Zip Hoodie – Teal Jackets
  • Wildcat Letterman Jacket
  • VANS Items
  • Elton John Items
  • Waffle Backpack
  • iHeartRadio Headphones
  • Chipotle Items
  • Chainsmoker Items
  • Pretzel Friend Shoulder Item
  • Man City Shorts
  • Telekom 10G Satellite
  • George Ezra’s Items
  • XBOX Items
  • Hello Kitty Backpack
  • Vans Skate Headphones
  • Tommy Play Items
  • Samsung Items
  • Nike Swoosh Sunglasses & Striker Shorts
  • Sunsilk City Hair Items
  • Strawberries & Cream Hat and Tennis Bag
  • TJ Crossover Bags, Pop Hoodies, Stripe Rugby Shirts
  • Givenchy Items
  • Lunar New Year Rabbit Pal
  • Tommy Play

How to redeem promo codes in Roblox

Log into your Roblox account and head to the Promo Code Redemption Page. Enter your promo code into the box, noting that it is case-sensitive. Then, click Redeem. If the code doesn’t work, then check the input once more. If it still fails, then code has most likely expired.


Free Roblox items are occasionally released as part of a special promotion or holiday and they are only available for a limited time, so hurry and grab them before they expire. Otherwise, check the store for more free Roblox items.

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