Gardenia Prologue: How to Craft and Easily Make Money

Here's your guide on crafting and quickly making money in Gardenia: Prologue.

The free game Gardenia: Prologue is a cute, laid-back game where you harvest different ecological resources to craft items and saplings to plant around the land. After clearing the beach and gaining the mushrooms to hit all parts of the game, you will be able to make the daily rounds in search of rare items like geotyte and wolfram ores.

You may also find yourself needing to rid yourself of items to make space for others. You can simply discard them, but the game includes a neat little trick to sell them for money.

Read below for your guide on how to craft and quickly make money in Gardenia: Prologue.

Find recipe scrolls to increase the number of craftable items!

Finding recipe scrolls adds to your list of recipes for crafting.

Littered throughout the map, you will find recipe scrolls. You may also find them when bashing open snail shells and treasure chests. These are essential for crafting items, particularly upgrades to the axe, pickaxe, and scythe. Further, some items needed for upgrades, like the different bars of ore, also require a recipe.

Because the order in which you receive recipes is random, it may take a few days (go to sleep to end your day) before you receive the recipes for the iron bar, geotyte bar, and wolfram bar. Even if you do receive the recipes, only the iron bar is feasible early because of the rarity of geotyte and wolfram ores.

To obtain your first recipes – a list of saplings – speak to Moxie and agree to her quest. They will be listed in the Recipes tab in the menu. Recipes will be listed in the order you obtained them. This can create a bit of confusion if you obtain the wolfram bar recipe before the iron bar, for example, so ensure you’re looking at the correct recipe.

Once you have your needed recipes, head to a crafting station.

Follow the order of the recipe

It is best to follow the order of the recipe to obtain your crafted item. A number next to an item indicates how many you need for that recipe. Make sure the items you need are in your main (visible) inventory. If not, bring up the full inventory with R3, select them with X, and move them to your main inventory.

Once in your main inventory, select them with L1 or R1 and hit Triangle to throw them onto the crafting station. Importantly, ensure that all items are on the station and not fallen off.

Always throw the pink stone last. Otherwise, it will explode and your items will go flying for you to retrieve. The pink stone is what causes the crafting, so all of the materials must be present first. While you can throw items besides the pink stone in any order, it’s easiest to just follow so you don’t get confused or make a mistake.

You can craft saplings, statues, tools, and mundane items like buckets. You can plant saplings around to beautify the area – also using the eco-bombs from Mr. C – and place statues at various points almost as landmarks. Tools will help you harvest materials, and the mundane items…well, you can do whatever you want with them, should you craft them.

The value of items in Gardenia: Prologue

The value is presented in full inventory view.

Each item you can collect in Gardenia: Prologue has a value. Some are less than a coin while others are worth tens of coins. To view the value of an item, bring up your full inventory with R3 and scroll to the item. The value will be on the bottom right of the info sheet next to a gold coin.

For example, the pictured Amber Necklace is worth a whopping 20 gold coins. However, you do need to obtain amber and fiber, the latter to make twine, before crafting the necklace. Further, you need the recipes for twine and the necklace before being able to craft. Still, fiber is easily found by bashing bushes with your stick, and amber is usually found in sandy areas (hint) and in treasure chests.

Having high value items in your inventory to sell will come in handy; read below.

Quickly selling items and making money

Some items to sell.

Once your inventory is full, you will receive a mission to throw items on a crafting table and then a gold coin, though the wording can be a bit misleading. It can be interpreted that you have to throw a set of one item on the crafting table that you wish to discard. However, you can place as many items that will fit on the crafting station. As long as they are on the station, they will count. This can become difficult if you’re looking to sell a bunch of fertilizer as they are the largest items to collect – and also plentiful.

Once you throw all the items you want to sell onto the station, throw one gold coin – select it with L1 or R1 depending on where the coins are in your inventory. The items will disappear and a fountain of gold coins will rain down depending on the total value of sold items.


Luckily, unlike elsewhere in the game, you do not have to collect each gold coin individually. Rather, simply hit Square to collect all coins at once. This is very helpful when needing to collect a lot of gold coins.

Sure, you spend a gold coin for this trick to work, but depending on the sellable items, that one coin investment will seem paltry compared to your payout. Still, you will lose one coin, so make sure you’re selling items with enough value to keep you covered.

There you go, your guide to crafting and making money. Once you have a full inventory or able to craft high value items like the Amber necklace, head to a crafting station and start selling!

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