Genshin Impact Update 1.4: The Mondstadt Windblume Festival Arrives

Here’s what to expect from the new seasonal event arriving in Genshin Impact Update 1.4.

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Mondstadt’s big celebration, a flower festival, will be arriving with the next update of Genshin Impact. The Windblume Festival will be a season event like the earlier Lantern Rite, which took place in Liyue and focussed on the character Xiao.

This time, it will instead centre on our dear Venti, with you getting to know more about him through this exclusive Event Story.

So, this is what to expect from Genshin Impact once the new 1.4 Update arrives.

The Peculiar Wonderland domain

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This latest Genshin Impact event offers you the chance to get stronger before getting stuck into the action.

You’ll be able to get buffs before entering this domain by completing small challenges, which will be randomly picked at each try. There are three different challenges of speed and memory, and after the challenge, you’ll get to fight an enemy inside the actual domain.

Image Source: Genshin Impact, via YouTube

By completing these domains, you will be able to gather Festive Tour Tickets and the Peculiar Collab Coupon to exchange for Event Rewards.

By exchanging the event currency, you’ll be able to get a four-star Event Bow, among other items.

Genshin Impact Update 1.4 festive challenges

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Three minigames will be available during the Windblume event: balloon shooting, freefall, and music playing.

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Show of your aiming skills in the shooting minigame Bullseye Balloons. During a limited time period, you’ll need to shoot the right balloons to gain points, but don’t hit the wrong ones as they will make you lose points instead.

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A master gliding challenge, Floral Freefall has you collect as many flower balls as you can while freefalling from a great height, with the aim of getting the most points.

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Ballads of Breeze is a rhythm-based music game in which you’ll have to play a series of chords on a lyre, with timing being the most important factor.

Festive anecdotes to explore

There’ll also be a stack of festive anecdotes to explore with Genshin Impact Update 1.4. Complete these quests to get into the festive spirit and possibly get to know more about Mondstadt’s citizens.

More information is sure to come from MiHoYo closer to the release of this update, but they’re expected to be similar to the Lantern Rite quests.

Here are the Acts coming to Windblume Festival:

  • Act 1: Ode to Flower and Cloud
  • Act 2: Missive of Cloud and Fog
  • Act 3: Realm of Fog and Wind
  • Act 4: Dream of Wind and Flowers

Get yourself the new musical gadget

Image Source: Genshin Impact, via YouTube

You’ll be able to get yourself some new gadgets by participating in the Windblume Festival events: don’t miss out on getting a musical instrument!

The Windsong Lyre is a new gadget that allows you to play music. Using it takes the form of seeing chords show up on the screen, from which you can play melodies. Best of all, the gadget can be played with other characters around the game.

The Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon is a fun little gadget that you can pop to release a burst of sparks, like a balloon firework of sorts. 

It looks to be a lovely upcoming event that’s seemingly inspired by the blossoms of spring: let’s hope that you are able to enjoy it and get all of the rewards available. More information about the 1.4 Update will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for future Genshin Impact news.

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