How to Get the Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5

Getting the Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5 is a practical but fun purchase.

How to Get the Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5? Guide

Thinking about buying one of the Benefactor vehicles in GTA 5? All throughout Los Santos, you can find a wide array of different vehicles, from scooters to supercars. The Benefactor Feltzer is on the higher end of the spectrum, worthy of being parked in a mansion’s garage.

It is a good pick for races or for just showing off, but how do you find one? Is it worth all the trouble?

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Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5 Specs

The Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5 has a top speed of 95.07 miles per hour (although players have tested it in-game and found the actual top speed to be 119.50 mph) and is a two-seater. Based on the real-life Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, the Feltzer weighs 3196.70 pounds, has six gears, and comes with standard rear-wheel drive (RWD).

Spawn Locations for the Feltzer GTA 5

If you are playing GTA 5 in story mode, you will be able to find the Feltzer by cruising around and stealing one. If you are playing GTA 5 Online, then you can buy the Feltzer for $145,000 from Legendary Motorsports. It can be stored as a personal vehicle in any of your garages or driveways.

Take it to Los Santos Customs if you want to customize the Feltzer. You can also go into one of your own properties and use the Vehicle Workshop to customize this vehicle to your liking.

If you do buy it, you can call Agatha Barker and request that the mechanic deliver the vehicle to you.

Options For Customizing the Feltzer GTA 5

If you are playing GTA Online and want to splurge on customizations, you can fully upgrade everything on it for $279,700. You can upgrade the armor up to 100 percent. You can also choose to use the stock brakes or equip street, sport, or race brakes. You can get a stock front bumper, splitter with canards, a stock rear bumper, or a carbon rear diffuser. Four engine upgrade options exist, and you can outfit it with an ignition or remote bomb. There are five suspension upgrade options, four transmission options, turbo tuning, and stock or custom tires.

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Getting the Benefactor Feltzer GTA 5 is a practical but fun purchase. There are a lot of ways to customize it, and it isn’t going to set you back several million dollars. You will definitely want to armor it up if you plan on taking it out on any quests, though, as it cannot sustain much damage.

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