Ghost of Tsushima: Search the Camp for Signs of Tomoe, The Terror of Otsuna Guide

Need some quick help in the Sensei Ishikawa tale ‘The Terror of Otsuna,’ specifically, searching the camp for clues of Tomoe?

Among the many tales for you to embark upon in Ghost of Tsushima, there are several which see you repeatedly help a main character.

In The Terror of Otsuna, you’re once again joining Sensei Ishikawa in the hunt for his protégée, Tomoe, as she continues to serve the Mongols and train bloodthirsty archers.

As you would assume, the mission involves taking down several Mongol archers. However, the most frustrating part may be the segment which asks you to ‘Search the Camp for Signs of Tomoe.’

Without any spoilers beyond The Terror of Otsuna section of searching for signs of Tomoe, here’s a quick guide to helping you continue the search for Tomoe.

How to trigger The Terror of Otsuna tale

As the seventh part of the nine-part Ishikawa Tales, you’ll need to join Sensei Ishikawa for the first six missions of tracking down Tomoe before unlocking The Terror of Otsuna.

You may also need to progress along the main story of Ghost of Tsushima, unlocking the next area to the north by reaching Act II, to trigger The Terror of Otsuna tale.

For completing this reasonably short tale, you’ll receive a minor legend increase, a Minor Ranged Charm, and two Silk.

Ride to Tomoe’s training camp

The Terror of Otsuna has you meet with Sensei Ishikawa, talk to some people, and then ride out to try to find one of the camps where Tomoe has been training Mongols in the Way of the Bow.

When you find the camp filled with Mongols, you’ll survey the scene and then have to decide on your method of attack.

You can sneak around the back and assassinate a few by the structure, before going all-in with your katana. Or, you and Ishikawa can just fire arrows at the many Mongol archers from the survey spot.

Once Tomoe’s archers have been slain, you’ll be tasked with searching the camp for signs of the renegade apprentice.

Search the camp for signs of Tomoe Location

There are many areas in and around the camp that you can search, but you’ll find the signs of Tomoe down the track.

The Terror of Otsuna part to ‘Search the Camp for Signs of Tomoe’ can be completed by looking at the ground in the location marked in the image below.

For further assistance, you’ll see that Sensei Ishikawa stands still in the middle of the camp. If you approach him from the back, turn down the path to his right side and scan the path until you reach the area shown below.

Having located the signs of Tomoe, you can press R2 to examine the clues. Once you’ve completed the search for signs of Tomoe, The Terror of Otsuna tale will progress to its next step.

After completing the next parts, you’ll finish the tale and eventually unlock part eight of the Ishikawa Tale.

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