How to Get the Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Guide: Getting the fire arrows in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Unlock this powerful ammunition to conquer challenges with fire.

Master the flames: Learn how to obtain the fire arrows in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and add a fiery touch to your arsenal.

It’s a burning question for many: just how do you light up your quiver with those elusive Fire Arrows in Ocarina of Time? Dive in with us as we reveal the mystery!


  • Fire Arrows: A blazing tool in Link’s repertoire!
  • Unlock after completing the Water Temple and owning the Longshot.
  • Head to Lake Hylia, shoot the sun, claim your prize!
  • They do more than just scorch foes: light torches and melt icy barriers too.

Unboxing Fire Arrows

The Fire Arrows are the first magical arrow type for the Fairy Bow. Upon equipping, they engulf arrows in roaring flames, consuming a bit of Link’s magic meter.

While they bolster your offensive power, these blazing projectiles also possess the practical ability to light torches and melt icy obstructions. Handy, right?

The Adventure Begins: How to Secure the Fire Arrows

After battling your way through the Forest Temple, acquired the Fairy Bow, and then tackled the challenges of the Water Temple. However, now you’re craving that extra firepower. We’ve got you!

Step 1: To Lake Hylia!

The Fire Arrows lie hidden at Lake Hylia. Yet, don’t rush! They’re only accessible once you’ve filled the lake after the Water Temple escapades. With the lake brimming, either warp there or stroll across the bridge to the small island sporting a warp tile. There, a stone tablet whispers a riddle: When water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light.

Step 2: Dawn’s First Light

Patience is a virtue. Either let the in-game clock naturally welcome the morning or play the Sun’s Song for a quicker dawn. Ready your Fairy Bow, gaze at the horizon, and loose an arrow towards the rising sun. Done right, a cinematic will play, revealing a prize plummeting onto a nearby island.

"Ignite your adventure: Discover how to acquire the fire arrows in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Step 3: Dive and Claim

The Fire Arrows won’t just walk into your hands! Leap into the lake and swim over to that island. There, amidst the morning’s glow, the Fire Arrows await their new master.

Understanding the Power of Fire

One might ponder, why the fuss over these scorching arrows? To the uninitiated, it might just seem like a mere weapon upgrade. Their very existence weaves seamlessly into the overarching lore and spirit of “Ocarina of Time”.

The Fire Element has always been a testament to both creation and destruction in many cultures, including the Hyrulian. A single spark can both breathe warmth into a cold night and level entire forests to ash. Similarly, the Fire Arrows in Link’s quiver are a testament to his journey and growth. 

Moreover, in a world brimming with puzzles and obstacles, the Fire Arrows serve as a beacon, literally and metaphorically. They can unveil hidden pathways, trigger mechanisms, and change the very environment. 


As players, when we finally obtain the Fire Arrows, it’s not just about adding another item to our inventory. It’s about embracing the spirit of adventure, understanding the nuanced tapestry of Hyrule’s history, and, most importantly, moving one step closer to thwarting the dark forces threatening the land.

Embarking on this fiery quest not only arms you with potent arrows but also deepens your connection with the game’s intricate world. 


Can I get the Fire Arrows before the Water Temple?

No, you’ll need to complete the Water Temple first to access them.

Is there any other use for Fire Arrows besides combat?

Absolutely! They can light torches and melt ice-encrusted switches.

Do Fire Arrows consume more magic than regular arrows?

Each Fire Arrow does consume a small portion of Link’s magic meter.

What if I miss shooting the sun at dawn?

You can either wait for another dawn or play the Sun’s Song to reset the day.

Are there other magical arrows in the game?

Yes, as you progress, you’ll encounter other enchanted arrows like Ice and Light Arrows.

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