God of War New Game Plus Mode

Experience God of War New Game Plus: Take Kratos to new heights with enhanced gear and tougher foes. Relive the journey with added intensity!

Dive back into the action with God of War New Game Plus.

Do you remember that emptiness after finishing God of War? The yearning for more battles, more stories, and more of Kratos? Well, Santa Monica Studios heard you loud and clear!

Introducing the God of War New Game Plus – a mode where the journey continues, but this time with more power, more challenges, and more surprises.


  • Carry over your armors, talismans, and abilities from the previous playthrough.
  • Fresh enemy attack patterns for added challenges.
  • Revisit the game with enhanced features and surprises.
  • Comment from Aaron Kaufman about the studio’s excitement for New Game Plus.

About God of War new Game Plus mode

After the PC release in January 2022, ‘God of War’ burst back into the limelight. The game had already carved its place as one of the finest in PlayStation’s library. And now with the New Game Plus mode, you can relive Kratos’ journey in Midgard with a sprinkle of new features!

Like most modern action-adventure games, God of War’s New Game Plus lets you restart the campaign but with your previously earned upgrades and armor intact.

But here’s the twist: the difficulty level has been revamped, making your enemies tougher and more unpredictable.

Is the battle more challenging?

Absolutely! Not only do the enemies scale up in difficulty, but they also adopt new attack patterns. The game offers four different difficulty options to choose from. And if you’re up for a real challenge, some foes will even appear as Elite variants in the tougher settings.

Special features of new Game Plus mode

Thankfully, when you embark on this new challenge, you won’t be starting from scratch:

  • Carry Overs: Keep your skills, Hacksilver, armor, accessories, and Runic Attacks. The same applies to Atreus.
  • New Content: Craft more powerful armor, access new enchantments, talismans, and armor sets. Use the Skap Slag resource exclusive to New Game Plus.
  • Timed Realm Tears: Encounter these in-game to face off against powerful enemies, ensuring adrenaline-pumping action.
  • Revisiting the Story: You can choose to skip cutscenes, but trust Jack Miller, our insider tip suggests watching them again; some dialogues might have a different resonance this time around!
Elevate the God of War experience with New Game Plus

Final words

The God of War new Game Plus mode isn’t just a mere addition. It reshapes the game, offering both newbies and veterans a chance to experience the world of Kratos in an entirely new light. The journey is familiar, yet the challenges are new. Are you ready to embark on this epic quest once more?


What is the New Game Plus mode in God of War?

It’s a mode that lets players restart the game with previously earned upgrades and armor, but with increased difficulty and new features.

Do I need to complete the game to access New Game Plus?

Yes, you need to complete the main campaign to unlock this mode.

What is the Skap Slag resource?

It’s a unique resource to the New Game Plus mode, allowing players to craft and upgrade equipment.

Are there any new enemies in the New Game Plus mode?

While the enemies remain the same, their attack patterns change, making them more challenging to combat.

Can I skip cutscenes in the New Game Plus mode?

Yes, you can, but watching them might give you a different perspective on the storyline.

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