God of War Ragnarök: The Story So Far

A look back at the story so far. If you haven’t played the epic Norse adventure, you might want to stop reading as spoilers are ahead.


The captivating tale begins with Kratos chopping down a tree with a significant yet unknown yellow handprint on the bark. Then you are introduced to his son, Atreus. From then on, a relationship begins to grow between a young man finding his way in the mythological world and a God learning to be a father.

You’ll also learn that the tree which was felled, is for the funeral pyre for his second wife Faye and Atreus’ mother. The story then tells you about Faye’s wishes to have her ashes spread at the highest peak in the nine realms.

Before beginning their long journey, a heavily tattooed bearded stranger arrives at the door and then a colossal battle between the father and stranger ensues. The stranger has godly powers showing immense speed, strength and regenerative abilities. The battle concludes with the stranger falling down a crevasse and disappearing from view.

Kratos and Atreus soon meet a kind Witch of the Wood who recognises Kratos as a God as well as the Huldra Brothers Brok and Sindri who are skilled blacksmiths. They recognise Kratos’ mighty Levithan axe as their own creation and offer to upgrade it as well as the father and son’s armour.

After the protagonists receive their upgrades, they arrive at the Lake of the Nine and are greeted by the astounding World Serpent, Jörmungandr, who they think is the last living giant. Upon venturing around the lake they discover that their paths are blocked by a black mist preventing them from continuing on their journey. Kratos and Atreus speak to the Witch who advises the duo to use the Bifröst to travel to Alfheim to secure its magical light to clear their path.

In Alfheim, they successfully collect the light and head to the highest peak where they overhear a conversation between the Stranger, who we discover is called Baldur, and his nephews – Magni and Modi as well as an imprisoned Mímir.

The trio take their leave and Kratos and Atreus ascend to the top to find Mímir trapped in a tree as a form of torture by Odin. He informs the adventurers that the highest mountain, in fact, is in Jötunheim, the land of the giants, but the path is blocked to prevent Odin and Thor from travelling there.

Mímir is aware of another path and tells Kratos to behead him and take his head to the Witch of the Woods. She revives Mímir who reveals that she is in fact the goddess Freya. Kratos does not trust Gods due to his previous torment but Mímir and Freya implore the father to tell his son the truth.

Mímir now a talking head, accompanies the duo on their quest to acquire the components needed to open Jötunheim’s portal. As the adventure continues Modi and Magni cross the trio’s path and another battle ensues. Kratos kills Magni in battle which causes Modi to flee but he later returns to seek vengeance. Kratos is able to fend him off but Atreus collapses believing he is mortal contradicting the actual truth.

They return to Freya and she tells Kratos he must go to Helheim to obtain the heart of The Bridge Keeper to cure Atreus. Kratos returns to their home realising that his Levithan Axe will be of no use in Helheim to collect his old weapons, the Blades of Chaos where his past haunts him. After successfully killing the Bridge Keeper and obtaining its heart, he is once again haunted by his past which allows Mímir to piece together Kratos’ backstory.

Kratos and Atreus in God of War Ragnarök

Using the heart Freya is able to heal Atreus. Upon doing so Kratos tells his son that they are in fact Gods. This makes Atreus arrogant and against his father’s orders, he murders a weakened Modi, after he was beaten by his father Thor for not avenging his brother Magni.

Kratos and Atreus are then ambushed by Baldur at Midgard’s peak destroying the portal to Jötunheim. The battle continues and they descend to Týr’s temple. Kratos then opens the Bifröst taking the group to Helheim. Father and son then make amends, and they then learn that Freya is Baldur’s mother and she has cast an invulnerability spell on her son to protect him and give him eternal life.

Mímir then remembers another way to Jötunheim but it will require his other eye which was in the Thor statue on the Lake of the Nine and now resides in the stomach of Jörmungandr. They decide to venture into the World Serpent and manage to retrieve Mímir’s eye.

Baldur then attacks the group once again but this time Freya intervenes to prevent her son from harm. During that sequence, Baldur is pierced by Atreus’ mistletoe arrow which breaks Freya’s spell rendering Baldur mortal. Kratos and Atreus defeat Baldur and allow him to retreat but in his rage he strangles his mother and Kratos fills him.

Freya swears vengeance on Kratos after saving her life. Kratos reveals his past to Atreus and how he killed his own father Zeus. The pair then vow to learn from their experiences and not fall foul of the errors of their predecessors.

Father and son then leave Mímir with Brok and Sindri before heading to Jötunheim to spread Faye’s ashes. The journey up the mountain boards depict the story of the pair’s adventure, including their battles with Baldur who was trying to steal Faye all along on the orders of Odin who was unaware that she had passed away.

You’ll also learn that Faye was a giant. It is then revealed that Atreus has another given name by his mother and the giants, Loki. Kratos then is aware of a mural showing himself dying whilst being held by Atreus but chooses to ignore it. They then reach the summit of the mountain and fulfil the wishes of Faye by spreading her ashes which is a very poignant moment between father and son.

When they return to collect Mímir they are warned by him that, as a result of Baldur’s death, a three-year-long Fimbulwinter has begun and the prophesized Ragnarök will soon be upon them.

After completing the story if you visit the home of Kratos and Atreus, a cut scene begins showing a vision the boy has of the ending of Fimbulwinter and the arrival of Thor to confront the father and son.

So that about wraps up the story from the last game which leads us nicely into Ragnarök where the new tale begins. What was your favourite part from the last game? Did you brave the challenge of the Valkyrie?

Hopefully, this was a helpful recap of the previous game’s storyline and you are looking forward to the new adventure.

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