Godfall: Tips for Mastering Combat, Looting, Skills, and more

Starting a new game in Godfall and don’t quite get how it all works? Here’re some tips to help you master the basics of the game.

Godfall: Tips for Mastering Combat, Looting, Skills, and more guide

Godfall describes itself as a next-gen looter-slasher that’s completely new to the scene, so it makes sense that some of its concepts and mechanics represent quite a different experience for many gamers.

With a storyline running through, Godfall leans heavily on offering players the chance to gain loot for their customisable load-out, upgrade it, and then go into the different realms to battle enemies for better loot.

So, with that being the bare essentials of what you need to know about Godfall, here are some other top tips to help you get to grips with the new PC and PlayStation 5 title.

Utilise Spirit Vision to get the best loot in Godfall

Godfall tip: Utilise Spirit Vision to get the best loot in Godfall

Godfall features many adventure, action, and RPG elements, but the focus of the game is getting loot to improve your character. As such, the best way to play Godfall is to attempt to get as much loot as possible whenever you enter an area.

You’ll want to smash every jar and breakable object that you see to try to get the all-important upgrade currency known as Electrum, as well as find other valuable resources.

Godfall tip: currency known as Electrum explained

The best way to go about finding more valuable loot, chests containing high-quality loot, and hidden quests that lead to treasures is by pressing Left/G to enter Spirit Vision.

Godfall tip: Spirit Vision explained

In this black-and-white view, the orange beams indicate the locations of Motherlodes (which contain rare elemental materials) and what look to be deceased warriors of the realm. Finding these defeated soldiers is essential for getting Valorplates as searching them will give you Valorplate Cores.

Godfall tip: Valorplate Cores explained

The red aura shown in Spirit Vision will lead you to hidden objectives, when available, which usually involve finding high-value chests. Most of the time, you’ll need to defeat several enemies in the area as well as possibly solve the puzzle that locks the chest.

Godfall tip: red aura shown in Spirit Vision explained

Spirit Vision will also show you green-lit objects that are usually hovering out of reach or in obscure places. When you get close enough to these green lights, stand still, activate Spirit Vision, hold L1/Q to aim your shield, and then press R2/Right-Click to throw it at the item.

Your primary mission is essential for story progression and levelling-up, but you’ll want to use your time en route to your objectives to get as many resources and items as possible.

Unleash the power of Soulshatter in Godfall

Godfall tip: unleash the power of Soulshatter in Godfall

When you’re introduced to Soulshatter in Godfall, you’re not given a particularly good explanation of what it is or how it works. Soulshatter is one of the best gameplay features for you to use when fighting enemies in the open areas and in boss battles, making it one of the key Godfall controls to learn.

Here’s how the combat mechanic Soulshatter works:

  • Every time you hit an enemy with a light attack (R1/Right-Click), you reduce their red bar of health but also add a white overlay bar.
  • The white segment on the enemy’s health bar is called Soulshatter Buildup, which increases with every light attack that hits.
  • When you next strike the opponent with a heavy attack (R2/Left-Click), all of the Soulshatter Buildup will be transformed into one hit of real damage – which is referred to as Soulshatter Damage.
  • So, if you chip away at your foe until their health bar is almost all white, you’ll be able to finish them with one heavy attack.

Using the Soulshatter mechanics allows you to defeat enemies much faster than trying to grind down their health with a random mix of light and heavy attacks.

Killing a foe via Soulshatter also offers a more explosive defeat sequence for your enemy who, instead of just collapsing, will explode – unless they’re a boss and require a cinematic takedown finish.

After you’ve completed the prologue of Godfall and have access to the Sanctum, Valorplates, and Skill upgrade, you can maximise your Soulshatter Buildup to make the method even more efficient.

Godfall tip: Soulshatter Buildup

By equipping the Greyhawk Valorplate (which costs five Valorplate Core and 50 Infused Jasper) and unlocking the initial Soulshatter skill, you can significantly enhance the amount of Soulshatter Buildup that each light attack deals.

How to evade effectively in Godfall

Godfall tip: evade effectively in Godfall

Unless you’re playing on hard difficulty, losing all of your health in Godfall doesn’t matter too much until you’re in the colossal boss fights. Regardless, it’s always better to make your way out of an encounter without getting killed.

To survive many battles, you’ll need to learn how to evade effectively, as well as how to heal in Godfall. When you’re up against much larger foes with big, heavy attacks, the best way to evade is to press X/Space and move forwards.

Sidestep and backwards evasion manoeuvres are relatively slow, and they don’t cover a lot of distance. The forwards evasion, however, sees your character spin forwards to make up a fair bit of ground. If you are against a much larger foe, it should also see you swivel to their blind side just as they unload their hefty attacks in the wrong direction.

Godfall tip: finesse, hard difficulty

One of the best of the Skills upgrades that you can get early on in the game is Finesse, which you can unlock as soon as you have a skill point. Upgrading to Finesse just once allows you to perform the Evasive Slide, which greatly extends the distance between you and your target by double-tapping X/Space.

Parry surging attackers to mount a comeback

Godfall tip: Parry surging attackers to mount a comeback

Being a hack-and-slash game, many Godfall players opt to attack and evade rather than use the shield in combat – outside of bouncing it around a few grunts. However, timing your shield draw to initiate a parry can turn the tide of a fight.

Many enemy attackers in the areas of Godfall will show an indicator when they’re about to fly in with a powerful attack. Provided that the attack doesn’t turn their weapons red, you’ll be able to parry it and stun the opponent.

To perform a parry, you need to tap L1/Q just before the enemy’s attack is about to land. If you’re successful, the parry will release a shockwave which stuns your opponents. You can often follow this up with a takedown (R3/F) for an easy kill or get several free light attacks in to build-up a Soulshatter.

You can also get a quick knockdown against most foes by throwing your shield (L1, R2/Q, Right-Click) at their upper-body, leaving them on the ground and ready for a takedown.

Working the Skills tree and unlocking the best Godfall skills

Godfall tip: Skills tree and unlocking the best skills explained

Every time you level-up in Godfall or complete missions that detail skill points as a reward, you’ll gain skill points to use in the Skills section of your character’s Menu.

After you open the Menu by pressing TouchPad on PS5 or I on PC, go across the tabs to ‘Skills’ to find the grid of abilities that you can unlock. At the start, you can only purchase the skills situated in each of the four corners.

Whenever you unlock a skill, it’ll build a branch to the skills sitting adjacent to it, allowing them to be unlocked. As such, it’s a good idea to review each of the skills on the grid, find your favourite, plot your route, and then start spending skill points.

Two of the best skills to unlock early in Godfall are Finesse, which is instantly available in the bottom-right – and Soulshatter, for which, you’ll need to unlock Weapon Techniques in the top left, and then go down one position.

Along with branching out the skills tree to unlock all of the best Godfall skills on the grid, you can also further upgrade each skill to get new abilities and perks. By returning to an unlocked skill, you can select to purchase its next upgrade, which is previewed on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to change the difficulty in Godfall

Godfall tip: change the difficulty explained

Once you’ve made it to the Sanctum in Godfall, many new options become available to you, such as unlocking new Valorplates and taking on missions in new realms. It is also in the Sanctum that you can change the difficulty of Godfall.

To change the Godfall difficulty settings, you need to:

  1. Go to the Sanctum and then press O/C on the portal in the middle of the room;
  2. In the bottom right of the world overview, you will see a button prompt for ‘Difficulty’ (Square on PS5);
  3. On the next page, select one of the three Godfall difficulty settings.

The three difficulties are ‘Easy,’ ‘Normal,’ and ‘Hard,’ with ‘Normal’ being the default setting for Godfall.

On ‘Easy’ mode, the enemies deal less damage, have less health, and are less aggressive. The ‘Hard’ difficulty setting for Godfall introduces several aspects that make the game more challenging and rewarding.

‘Hard’ mode on Godfall sees enemies deal more damage, be more aggressive, and have more health, but defeating enemies also results in them dropping more loot. The highest difficulty setting also gives more purpose to your health bar and your ability to avoid being hit, as you fail missions after three respawns.

Using these Godfall tips, you should be able to transform from a beginner into a master of the game.

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