Gran Turismo 7: How to Get Cars and Credits Fast

Here’s how to quickly amass cars and credits in Gran Turismo 7.

The Gran Turismo series has long been a fan favorite because of the ability to vicariously own and drive cars many can only dream of driving. However, as in real life, one aspect tends to be the main reason why even in a video game, some cars just seem out of reach: their price.

Read below for tips on amassing credits quickly, which will help you obtain an increasing collection of cars.

Streamline the Menu Book tasks from Luca

Remember to look for the orange compass!

In Gran Turismo 7, a new feature is the Café owned by Luca. In what amounts to tutorials, tasks, and, in a nice twist, some education on the history of certain car types and the three in each collection, these must be completed to unlock further aspects of the game, like Sport and Multiplayer Modes.

Because of this, it is recommended to streamline Menu Books until everything on the World Map is unlocked. Some of the added modes will help you in your quest to gain more credits and cars as they provide larger rewards or a wider availability of cars to purchase.

At least with the Menu Books that ask for a collection of cars or to complete a championship, you’re guaranteed credits from finishing – and hopefully winning for maximum effect – races. Another aspect of these specific Menu Books is that they’ll also reward you with a 1-star roulette ticket through the first ten Menu Books.

Amass roulette tickets through Menu Books and Daily Workouts

A tweak to the previously awarded Gift Cars, Gran Turismo 7 has roulette tickets that function as a game of chance. As stated above, you can gain roulette tickets by completing certain Menu Books, with the star rating of the roulette tickets increasing as you complete more and win more challenging races.

Another way to unlock a roulette ticket is by completing your Daily Workout. This is usually to race around 28 miles or 45 kilometers. Instead of receiving a free car as in Gran Turismo Sport, you receive the roulette ticket and rely on chance (or fate).

To redeem a roulette ticket, go the your Garage and select the Gift option. Click on the ticket with X. Then, five items will appear: three different piles of coins, a tuning part, and a car. A light goes in a circle over the five, slowly winding down and landing on your prize. With three of five being in-game credits, this is another quick way to build up your credits as it is 60 percent likely to land on coins. If you’re lucky enough that it lands on a car, great!

For the 1-star ticket, the coins are two thousand, five thousand, and ten thousand credits based on the size of the pile.

Win secondary races should you have cars that qualify – and keep winning

The Group 3 Cup has a maximum reward of 75 thousand credits, many times more than the paltry sums from the Sunday Cup races.

Once you unlock more courses through the Menu Books, you’ll also see that there are some secondary races – those not associated with Menu Book tasks – that don’t reward you with any cars, but will reward you with many more credits than the early Menu Book races.

Should you have cars that qualify for these races, which in the early parts of the game is most likely if you pre-ordered the game or bought the anniversary edition, then win the races! They will be more challenging, especially since Group 3 and Group 4 cars are meant for raceways, but the rewards are worth the challenge.

If you win, then keep winning the same races over and over again to amass even more. The Clean Race Bonus will make the increased rewards even more worth the time spent on these races.

Regardless of if you have cars that qualify for secondary races, replaying races you do qualify for and winning those multiple times will help increase your credits gradually.

Complete each license with at least a bronze, but hopefully gold

A staple of Gran Turismo games, the license exams return! These are particularly handy if you’re a beginner or a bit rusty with racing games, especially one that plays as Gran Turismo. On another note, you have to complete the National B license for an early Menu Book.

In the National B license, the credits for obtaining gold aren’t that impressive, but opening up National A and then all the other ones will reveal tougher challenges for increased rewards. This is also a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with some courses until the Circuit Experience is unlocked.

License exams are also a great way to amass cars quickly, particularly early if you focus solely on them. You will receive Gift Cars as long as you earn all bronze and all gold for each license. For example, the all bronze Gift Car in the National B license during playthrough was a Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy ’16. The Gift Car for all gold in National B was a Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ’91.

If you focus only on the licenses, then you should have enough cars to cover several requirements both for Menu Books and secondary races. You won’t have as many credits as you would by doing all of the other options listed first, but you also won’t have to spend as much to find and potentially purchase cars that fit certain race requirements.

Lastly, when Circuit Experience is unlocked, it is probably the best way to amass both credits and cars simultaneously!

What will you aim for first, credits or cars? Will you go for the license exams or focus on the Menu Books? Regardless, the above tips will help you amass both quickly.

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