GTA 5 Hydraulics: Everything You Need to Know

Discover the world of hydraulics in GTA 5! Elevate your driving experience to a new level with customized hydraulic systems.

Get ready to pimp your ride with GTA 5 hydraulics!

In the world of GTA 5, American muscle cars bouncing their way to glory while waiting at a traffic light are an iconic sight. Players of GTA 5 can achieve a similar effect by adding hydraulics to their cars. 

This article delves into the following topics:

  • Overview of GTA 5 hydraulics
  • How to utilize GTA 5 hydraulics
  • How to operate GTA 5 hydraulics

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GTA 5 hydraulics are not restricted to lowriders

While hydraulics are often associated with lowriders, they can be installed in other vehicle types as well. Whether you’re into drag racing, drifting, or just cruising around town, the hydraulics in GTA 5 can elevate your driving experience to a whole new level. The hydraulic systems can be customized according to your preferences and style.

How to use GTA 5 hydraulics

To use hydraulics in GTA 5, you need to take a custom version of your chosen vehicle to Benny’s Original Motor Works. Note that hydraulic systems can only be installed on custom versions of pre-existing vehicles. Low-powered hydraulics are already installed in custom cars, but they can be upgraded to become more potent. The price range for these hydraulic systems is from $125,000 to $290,000. Once the hydraulic system is installed, you can immediately start bouncing around the streets of Los Santos.

How to control GTA 5 hydraulics

Now that you have the hydraulics installed, let’s dive into how to control them on PlayStation and Xbox:

  • Hold X or A to extend the height of the car
  • Press X or A again to hop
  • Tap X or A to do a quick hop
  • Hold X or A and move the left stick to raise the front or back of the car
  • Flick or double-tap the left stick while holding X or A to bounce the front or back of the car
  • Try experimenting on your own to see what you can pull off. With a little bit of practice, you can create your own unique hydraulics dance moves in GTA 5.


Hydraulics in GTA 5 offers an exciting and imaginative avenue for modifying your ride. Despite their pricy nature, they provide your car with an abundance of individuality and flair. With a touch of practice, you can master the art of utilizing hydraulics and astound your comrades online. Embrace your creativity and dare to innovate. Who knows, your experimentation could set off the next groundbreaking hydraulics fad in GTA 5!

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