GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners

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Lost Santos Tuners in Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos Tuners is a category of luxury. Find out more about GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners in this article.

In this article, you will find the following topics:

  • Introduction to 17 GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners cars
  • Names of GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners
  • Trade prices

This update brings a selection of new cars to the game that were sure to get players’ motors revving. From classic models to modern street racers, there was something for everyone in the Los Santos Tuners category. Read on to find out what was available in this update and how players could unlock their Trade Prices.

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17 new GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners cars

Players of GTA Online could explore 17 new tuner cars that were added in the GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners update. Each car had its own unique style and look, ranging from sleek and sporty to detailed and luxurious. There were ten cars that were available right away, while the remaining seven were released gradually over time, with the Karin Previon being the last one added.

Trade Prices for the GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners cars

All 17 of the Los Santos Tuners cars had Trade Prices that could be unlocked via the LS Car Meet’s reputation system. At level one, players had access to the Euros Trade Price; at five levels, they had access to all of the other vehicles (starting from level five). All of the Calico GTF, Dominator GTT, Futo GTX, Jester RR, Remus, RT3000, Warrener HKR, and ZR350 Trade Prices could be found between Levels 5 and 40. There were Comet S2 Trade Prices, Cypher Trade Prices, Dominator ASP Trade Prices, Growler Trade Prices, Sultan RS Classic Trade Prices, and Vectre Trade Prices available at Levels 45–75.

List of Prices for Tuners

In case you’re wondering what the prices for each Tuner car was, the list of some tuner cars is as follows.

  • Dominator GTT costs $1,220,000 ($915,000 at Trade Price)
  • Euros costs $1,800,000 ($1,350,000 at Trade Price)
  • Comet S2 costs $1,878,000 ($1,408,500 at Trade Price)
  • Jester RR costs $1,990,000 ($1,447,000 at Trade Price)
  • Previon costs $1,490,000 ($1,117,500 at Trade Price)
  • Remus costs $1,370,000 ($1,027,500 at Trade Price)
  • Calico GTF costs $1,995,000 ($1,496,250 at Trade Price)
  • Cypher costs $1,550,000 ($1,162,500 at Trade Price)
  • Dominator ASP costs $1,775,000 ($1,331,250 at Trade Price)
  • Growler costs $1,627,000 ($1,220,250 at Trade Price)

Bottom line

Overall, GTA 5 Los Santos Tuner Cars can be summarized as the category of cars which are more enhanced and luxurious than other GTA 5 cars. They are a bit expensive when it comes to their pricing. However, their abilities and experience of the riding make every GTA penny worth.

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