4 Facts About the GTA 5 PS5 Upgrade

Changing characters won’t interrupt the game you have going, so no reset for everything which means you can keep dominating your opponent. 

Facts About the GTA 5 PS5 Upgrade Complete Guide

Did you know that there are some changes to GTA 5 PS5 upgrade? Every gaming fan of GTA has been waiting for this moment, especially those who are using the PS5. There are some phenomenal enhancements that have been made to GTA. Keep reading to learn more about the four latest facts about the recent upgrades designed for PS5.

New Graphics Modes

One of the latest enhancements to the GTA 5 PS5 upgrade is new graphics modes. The new mode is now 4K resolution. The frame rate on this is now 60 frames per second. This is often utilized for the recording of films and then utilized for showing frames in slow motion as well. This rate means that images look smooth to gamers, and no stalling.

Ray-Tracing and HDR Options

Gamers are in love with the HDR options. The HDR mode will always have a bigger impact overall and bring the game more to life for all gamers. When playing,you’ll have the feeling of being fully immersed in the game. Gamers love the feeling that they are truly behind the wheel and in full control of what’s happening on the road.

Is this a better feature than ray-tracing? While some may try to argue this point, they are fairly equal. Buildings seem to have an outlined appearance, and it brings the city of Los Santos to life better than ever. Stunning visuals are present and every gamer will be enthralled every session.

Faster Load Times

Who doesn’t appreciate faster load times? When an internet connection drags, it can be annoying. Faster load times are optimal with the GTA 5 PS5 upgrade, which means you can play within seconds instead of waiting for everything to load for minutes on end. Heavy graphics typically cause longer load times. This is when GTA5 coupled with the PS5 upgrade improves your gaming experience.

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Character Switching

Gamers love their characters, and with the GTA 5 PS5 upgrade you can step into even more characters. You can switch between three characters easily. This allows gamers to be whoever they want to be. Easily hold down the character menu button and easily select the character of your choice. Typically on PC it’s the ALT button. On gaming consoles choose the down button on the D-pad. Changing characters won’t interrupt the game you have going, so no reset for everything which means you can keep dominating your opponent.

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